The Best Spots to Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany

Oktoberfest is definitely the biggest festival in the world with over 6 million participants. The scale is overwhelming and lasts for 16 days straight. Beer and pretzel lovers as well as those who are looking to enjoy other festive dishes will feel right at home. In 2017, this festival will start from September 16th to 3rd October. Countless tents are erected to host the guests who flock the festival. These festivities have always taken place in Munich, Germany at the ‘festwiese’ also known as ‘Theresienwiese’. There are many people who occupy the tents daily during the festival. As a visitor, there are other spots that you can visit to celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany.

You may choose to tour the tents during the day in Munich and extend the celebrations to other locations. Some people may actually miss a spot in the tents and this does not mean that Oktoberfest is over. Below is a list of excellent spots to celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany. The first spot is Hippodrom. The owners of this spot actually used to have a tent in the Oktoberfest venue. The Hippodrom is now a great alternative that is actually open every single day. It is found at the Arnulfstrasse which is very close to the Oktoberfest venue. Revelers can prolong their party here or choose to enjoy the whole celebration duration as they desire.

At the Hippodrom, guests will enjoy Bavarian delicacies with a very wide selection of dishes to choose from. They also serve the Wiesn beer not forgetting exquisite champagne, wine and a host of other beverages. Live music will also be served to your taste with a promising flirt factor. This is actually a tent that seats 2000 people. It gives you Oktoberfest in a really relaxed atmosphere. Another exciting spot that will give you the Oktoberfest mood is the Martini Club by Rilano Hotels & Resorts. Making reservations in advance will make it easier for you.

Another great spot to enjoy the festivities in Germany is the Das Wiesnzelt. Here, the venue is a beer tent and you can only imagine what the offerings will be. From great food and drinks, the waitresses will be in dirndls to your delight. This is where the party continues to give you that charged atmosphere. Another great spot to mention is Kultfabrik which is an expansive party area. Here, there are many clubs that give guests very special offers during the festival. There is no question that all the spots above will set the right mood for the occasion. You are guaranteed to have fun.