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While lying on a beach chair with a cocktail in your hand may sound relaxing, it’s well worth booking a few excursions while you’re on vacation. Not only will this allow you to get out and explore the area, excursions help you make memories which will last a lifetime. If you need a little inspiration, continue reading to discover some adventurous excursions that will add value to your next vacation.

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Adventurous Excursions

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Snorkeling Trips

Unlike scuba diving, which requires a PADI certificate to dive in open water, anyone who can swim can snorkel without any previous experience. So next time you book a beach vacation, seriously consider booking an escorted snorkeling tour as whilst it may be tempting to rent a snorkel mask and flippers at your resort’s watersports kiosk, an expert guide is more likely to take you to spots where you’re likely to spot schools of rare and exotic fish.

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Soak in the Culture with some History Excursions

If you’re a bit of a history buff you may be interested in visiting historical sites of significance. As examples, if you were to visit sunny Mexico, you might want to visit the Yucatan Peninsula as it boasts a plethora of culturally significant Mayan ruins. Alternatively, if you visit the island of Oahu, in Hawaii you might want to book a day tour to Pearl Harbor.

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Fly through the trees by Zip-lining!

If you’re lucky enough to visit a destination which boasts a jungle or a rainforest, you may be able to book a zip-lining tour through the canopies of the trees. Not only is zooming through tree canopies fun but you’ll also get a chance to spot wildlife up close and personal.

So next time you book a vacation, seriously consider booking at least one excursion as you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime and will have no regrets!

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