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Saint Martin is a beautiful island northeast of the Caribbean. It has a rich culture which is a mixture of its French and Dutch influences. The average temperature in the island ranges from 78-80F in the winter, and 82-84F in the summer. For vacationers who want to experience beautiful sceneries and crystal clear water, Saint Martin is the best place to go.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in St. Martin. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, St. Martin is always special as will be your time spent there.


Saint Martin is a beautiful island northeast of the Caribbean. It has a rich culture which is a mixture of its French and Dutch influences. The average temperature in the island ranges from 78-80F in the winter, and 82-84F in the summer. For vacationers who want to experience beautiful sceneries and crystal clear water, Saint Martin is the best place to go.

Saint Martin is popular among beach lovers, but there are so much more to experience in this island. Aside from having fun under the sun, there are also many places where you can dine, shop, learn and have fun.

Places You Will Want to Visit

Saint Martin is known for its crystal clear beaches such as Mullet Bay, Pinel Island, Tintamarre Island, Little Bay Beach, Baie Rouge, Happy Bay Beach, Orient Bay Beach, Maho Beach, Prickly Pear and Friar’s Bay. You may also visit their landmarks such as Frontstreet, Wathey Square and Tahuna Marigot. If you want to experience their casinos, you may visit the Hollywood Casino and Atlantis World Casino. You can also learn from their museums by visiting the St. Maarten Museum and Museum of Saint Martin: On the Trail of the Arawaks. The island is also home to world class resorts and hotels which you and your family will surely enjoy. Also there are all inclusive packages that will suit your budget that include things like meal plans, lodging and more. Popular hotels and resorts to consider while on vacation in St. Martin include the Residence Anse des Sables, Hotel La Plantation, Le Centr’Hotel and Hotel Beach Plaza.

Gastronomic Adventures

If you are in for a wonderful eating adventure, you may visit Cafe de Paris, Tropicana, Le Chanteclair, Mario’s Bistro, La Main a la Pate, Sarafina’s and La Petite Auberge Des Isles. All in all. The island has around 300 restaurants.

The place is so wonderful that every vacationer who visits this island will surely have a memorable experience and find something they will enjoy doing. Call (800) 510-5642 to plan your vacation to St Martin today!

The average temperature is 81° F; the average water temperature is 78° F. Constant cooling trade winds ensure a temperate climate.



St Maartin (also known as St Martin) has a lot for anyone looking to relax and maybe enjoy a nude beach while exploring the Caribbean on their vacation. The island is split in half between the French side and the Dutch side, and you’ll be able to enjoy these two diverse cultures all in one spot. First off, it has 37 different beaches to explore, but many of them are private so you might have to pay for a day pass if you want to use a different resort’s (other than the one you’re a guest of) beaches.

Maho beach on the Dutch side gives you an awesome view of planes flying over while they are arriving and departing at the nearby airport and it’s quite a rush! There are Casinos on the Dutch side with glitzy gaming facilities open day and night. You can rent a motorcycle or get a Harley tour through the island, where you can watch the white sands pass you by and find all the secret spots that St Maarten has to offer. Snorkeling, parasailing and diving are also available, for those more adventurous about getting in the water. If you like shopping, you’ll find great excursions, but on the French side of St Maarten you’ll be charged in euros so keep up on the exchange rates or you might be in for a shock!

Enjoy the Beach

With St Maarten’s abundance of beautiful beaches, you’ll find that there’s always a spot for you in the sun here. There are topless beaches, but they’re marked so if you’re not into that you’ll be able to see which ones to avoid pretty quickly. There are 37 to choose from on both the Dutch and French side, but Maho beach can’t be missed! You can lie down on the beach and watch planes fly over you! Some of the beaches are private property of different resorts, so depending on where you stay you may need to buy a day pass to explore all the beaches on the island. Don’t despair though, most are free and there’s always an opportunity to find a secluded spot or meet up with new people for a game of volleyball!

Go on an Adventure

Here you’ll find a variety of excursions on both land and sea that will get you out and about. First, you can go sailing on a charter boat, kite surfing, snorkeling and diving through the sea around the island. Dinner tours are also popular, and you can rest in comfort with great views of the island as the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. There are Harley tours through the island in a sidecar, so you can speed by all the beaches and restaurants; this is great at night when the lights fly by you. Each side of the island has great shopping, from luxury goods, clothing, household furnishings and many other unique buys that can tempt you to take them home.


Sint Maarten/Saint Martin Dining

St. Maarten has over 300 restaurants with just about any kind of cuisine you could ever want to try, all you have to do is go out and explore! From real French dishes on the French side of the island, to the best vegetarian, Chinese, Mexican, Continental (European) and American food. On the Dutch side of the island, you’ll find in all kinds fast food that’s popular in America and Europe. It should be said though that if you eat locally, you’ll be able to get a bigger bang for your buck by eating locally and not spending too much at the overpriced fast food joints on either side of the island. On the Dutch side there are lots of authentic Chinese restaurants that are affordable and delicious! All the local restaurants will have a Caribbean flavor for any of the cuisine, so make sure you try out some of your favorites and see if you can spot the difference! Both sides though have great romantic options where you can dine by candlelight with decadent desserts that will leave you satisfied and tempt you to come back for more. Dining in St. Maarten is a great experience.

Romantic Dinners

Romantic dinners are a great way to spend an evening in St. Maarten, and you’ll have a couple dozen choices to choose from. Daniel’s by the Sea is a great place to eat alongside the sea outside, with contemporary and Italian food. La Vie en Rose is a romantic French restaurant that is quiet with a great wine list and is great for couples on their honeymoon. If you’re looking for something a little funky, try Le Calypso where you can eat fusion cuisine with a beautiful ocean view and a laid back atmosphere geared towards lounging long dinner. Mario’s Bistro has fine dining with a celebrity chef, and Skip Jack’s has Caribbean food right on the beach with surf and turf, great steaks and a grill that creates perfect meals.

Dinner and Dancing

There are some great places here in St. Maarten’s that you can get dinner and go dancing all in the same place! Captain Oliver’s is a great seafood restaurant with buffets, live music and a great dance floor. The Greenhouse has a good happy hour where you can get steaks and American food, and it’s great for wedding parties to wind down for the day. The Greenhouse II in Pelican is a great grill with beautiful views that will remind you you’re in paradise.

A Quick Warning

When you dine in St. Maarten, you’ll sometimes see a tax or service charge of 15% on your bill. This is just a way that some restaurants will try and get extra money out of customers; there are no official service taxes on restaurant meals so if you spot this on the bill, dispute it right away! Also, water here can be more expensive than wine, so if you’re ordering drinks in a restaurant it might be cheaper to just drink something else.


Sint Maarten/Saint Martin Nightlife

Nightlife in St. Maarten is, in one word, fantastic. Here you can enjoy relaxing lounges, high class bars, glitzy casinos, great live entertainment and everything you can expect from a Caribbean nightlife hotspot. When you’re visiting for your destination wedding or St. Maarten honeymoon, you’ll find everything here from the adult clubs in Simpson Bay to singers, dancers and live theater. Nightclubs and bars are all over the place, and you’ll have your choice from plush decorated indoor Salsa and Merengue clubs to outdoor party havens where you can dance until dawn. The last big part of nightlife in St. Maarten is of course the casinos! With over a dozen here, you’ll find a great selection of different gaming experiences and of course a dinner and a show if you want it. Take a departure from the ordinary with a dinner cruise at sunset, or go night diving through the coral reefs and along the shore.

Get Outside

While you might think that all the fun in St. Maarten’s is indoors in the club scene, you can go out and enjoy a really unique and romantic evening. A sunset dinner cruise will get you out onto the water where you can watch the sun dip down low below the horizon and enjoy fresh lobster too! Scuba and snorkeling at night are also a great option for a romantic evening out, and here you’ll get to see all the night creatures like lobster running around the seafloor looking for their next meal, as well as the iridescent sea creatures that call this part of the Caribbean home. If you want to enjoy a movie night out, there are many places where you can watch a movie outside under the beautiful blanket of stars in the sky.

Go Dancing

With all of the Caribbean, Latin and European influences that have touched this island, you can get a great night out dancing to music of all kinds! Salsa is the most popular here, and if you don’t know how to salsa you can get lessons at Tito Salsa. If you just want to dance to great tunes, you’ll find many clubs on the island with world class DJs spinning through the night. Depending on which time of the year you visit, you’ll be able to dance barefoot outside under the stars to bouncing beats that never seem to end.

Roll the Dice

Gambling is great on St. Maarten, and you’ll find a large variety of different casinos to choose from when you visit for your destination wedding or honeymoon. If you want to play in a large room with tons of excited gamers, or if you’re looking for a quiet small space just to enjoy a game of baccarat, you’ll find a place that will suit your tastes. The Casino Royal in Maho has live entertainment like magicians and acrobats; get dinner and a show after you’ve tried your hand at the roulette wheel and slot machines!

Nightlife in St. Maarten is as glitzy as it is glamorous! From quiet lounge bars with colorful drinks to night dives along coral reefs, there’s always something new to explore.


These St. Martin resorts offer wedding-specific packages:

  • Divi
  • Riu
  • Sonesta
  • Westin

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