St. Kitts Vacations

St. Kitts Vacations

If the Caribbean is calling for you but you don’t want to deal with a lot of tourists and crowded waters, St Kitts is a great choice for your trip! Here you get all the natural beauty of a Caribbean island, but with a little touch of the Mediterranean mixed in. When you arrive you’ll be greeted by tall mountains that rise above the sandy surface. Enjoy some of the best coral reefs on this side of the world; beautiful pink, purple, blues and more that come alive in the sea. Go kite surfing, para-sailing and then come up out of the water and enjoy some island dining. There’s seafood aplenty, but you’ll also have your choice of delicious pork ribs, fried chicken and great locally sourced produce. When the sun sets, it’s time to party. Get out there and explore all of the beautiful clubs in the resorts, but don’t forget to sample local flavor. You’ll find tons of little beach shacks that are just waiting for you, with friendly locals and great food. St Kitts gives you all the ingredients you need to have a great vacation.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in St. Kitts. Be it your first trip to St. Kitts or your hundredth, St. Kitts is always special as will be your time spent there.
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