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Cool azure waters, immaculately white sandy beaches and balmy and hot Caribbean nights. That’s the signature of the Dominican’s Republic Samana Peninsula. But that’s not all. The As the coconut-covered mountains march down to the sea below, they are intercepted by the vibrant coral reefs that teem with dozens upon dozens of brightly-colored fish. Besides the fish, you’re likely also to encounter spiny lobsters in the crystal-clear waters. As if that’s not enough beauty, remember that the streams merge to form playful waterfalls as they tumble down the verdant hills. As a result, the shrill chatter of the bright green, Dominican parrots is muted by the beautiful incessant roar.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Samana. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Samana is always special as will be your time spent there.


Cool azure waters, immaculately white sandy beaches and balmy and hot Caribbean nights. That’s the signature of the Dominican’s Republic Samana Peninsula. But that’s not all. The As the coconut-covered mountains march down to the sea below, they are intercepted by the vibrant coral reefs that teem with dozens upon dozens of brightly-colored fish. Besides the fish, you’re likely also to encounter spiny lobsters in the crystal-clear waters. As if that’s not enough beauty, remember that the streams merge to form playful waterfalls as they tumble down the verdant hills. As a result, the shrill chatter of the bright green, Dominican parrots is muted by the beautiful incessant roar.

At night, the cool oceanic breeze murmurs through the coconut palm trees and cicadas dance to their own rhythm. On the same note, the melodic and soothing strains of the Bachata, Salsa and Merengue serve as the backdrop to the sight and sounds of the otherwise starry night.

There’s no denying that Samana is one of the few paradisal places on earth. Even the great explorer – Christopher Columbus – confirmed it by saying that it was, “one of the few fairest places on earth.” The Dominicans and the visiting guests alike also term it as one of the prettiest sections of the Hispaniola island. Recently, National Geographic quoted it as the crown jewel of the Republica Dominicana. In other words, it’s still the most natural, unpolluted and untouched places you can find in the Caribbean.

Speaking of pristine, the Samana Peninsula sparse population, mountainous terrain and of course, virgin beaches stand in an astounding juxtapose to the already developed Caribbean. If anything, the abundance of the tropical forests here is almost unreal if not just fantastic. It’s hard, for instance, to come across a mop of natural vegetation side by side a pearl-sandy beach, especially in a world obsessed with developing artificially every acre of land man can lay his hands on.

But unlike all other privately developed coastlines, Samana can easily be said to be the ‘real’ Caribbean. The Caribbean you would have come across had you visited this place more than that 30 years ago. The kind of Caribbean that evokes the dark memories of the tropical shore that welcomed the captured slaves from Africa. The roads leading to here are still the same weather-beaten dirt roads that carry with them the mystery of the unexplored Caribbean.

Every adventure in Samana is worth savoring. Spending a day or two here is worth every second of the day and, of course, every cent spent. There’s this queer way in which this tropical island helps smoothen the rough and jagged edges that have become a characteristic of modern-day life. It awakens the memories of the long past era where tropical beaches were meant to be relaxing, inspiring and revitalizing places. That’s the splendor and beauty of the unspoiled tropical beaches of Samana Peninsula.

However, perhaps the best thing about Samana is how you can seamlessly and quickly book a spot at a resort based here online and the comfort of your home/office. And this goes to show just how easy and pleasurable taking a break from that stressful job can be.


Peninsula de Samana Activities

Boasting numerous cozy alcove beaches and waterfalls, turquoise clear waters coconut groves, tropical forests and protected national parks, the culturally and geographically diverse Peninsula de Samana has it all – celebrated cultural and historic attractions, awe-inspiring scenery and modern, deluxe conveniences provided by the many all-inclusive resorts in the area. One of the most picturesque areas of the Dominic Republic, Samana generously offers visitors an eclectic mix of activities to suit all ages, tastes and preferences and enchant all their senses, whether you have a penchant for adventure or you are looking for a relaxing experience.

  1. Head to Playa Rincon, the Second-Best Beach in the World – Although not fully developed, this remote stretch of crystal white sand is one of the world’s finest beaches. Featuring a small stream fed by the freshwater Cano Frio river, excellent for a quick dip, a secluded slice of paradise with plenty of cliffs, a small sheltered area with shallow waters, perfect for snorkeling and a luxuriant palm forest as the backdrop, Playa Rincon is the deal spot to immerse into all kinds of beach activities. Facilities on this superb beach include several restaurants serving mostly seafood dishes, umbrellas and beach loungers for rent, as well as toilets. During the roughly 15-minute boat trip from the small, quaint fishing village of Las Galeras to this remote beach, you will enjoy splendid views of the coastline and other Samana beaches along the way.
  2. Whale-Watching in the Open Waters of Samana Bay – The capital of Samana Province, located on Samana Bay is known as the main spot for whale-watching tours in the Caribbean. Visitors who choose to book their all-inclusive vacation during the whale observation season, running from mid-January to mid-March, can look forward to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Home to one of the largest humpback whale breeding sanctuaries on the globe, Samana is the perfect place to see and photograph more than 4,000 of these majestic marine creatures singing, mating, giving birth and playing. A typical whale-watching excursion from Punta Cana also includes a trip to the lush Cayo Levantado island and its famous white sandy beach where you can relax sipping an exotic, refreshing cocktail and delight your taste buds with delicious dishes.
  3. Horseback Riding to El Limon Waterfall – Nature and adventure enthusiasts can choose an eco-adventure to one of the most spectacular drops of fresh water in the Dominic Republic. Located right in the heart of the jungle, the scenic 165-foot waterfall features moss-covered walls and numerous, breathtaking lagoons with refreshing waters at its base, perfect for splashing around and taking memorable photos. Make your way through the luxuriant vegetation of the tropical forest along a riverside on an enchanting 40-minute horseback ride, while feasting your eyes on magnificent orchards of coffee, cocoa, mango, coconut and other tropical trees, as well as on colorful local homes built from Royal Palm wood.
  4. Explore the Luxuriant Beauty and Famous Caves of Los Haitises National Park – With an impressive abundance of biodiversity and spectacular landscapes such as San Lorenzo Bay with its large population of mangrove swamps, this protected virgin tropical forest is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in the Caribbean. Following a 45-minute speedboat ride across Samana Bay, you will enter a magical, unspoiled oasis teeming with an impressive variety of trees and more than 110 species of birds, including brown pelicans, barn owls and magnificent frigate birds. Here you will also discover multiple caves featuring rock art from the Pre-Columbian era, done by Taino natives. The most famous cave is called San Gabriel, where a drop of water is believed to have eventually formed a stalagmite shaped like the archangel Gabriel. You can also swim in the natural pools located around the Caño Hondo Ecolodge.



Dining in Samana

Samana is an idyllic coastal town situated on the peninsula of the same name on the north shore of the Dominican Republic. Tropical sun, gentle breezes, and luscious vegetation await the traveler to this popular vacation spot. Embracing the best of everything Dominican cuisine has to offer, from its unique blend of Spanish colonial and Caribbean, African and Asian influences, a trip to Samana is an opportunity to embrace the distinct culinary marvels of this island nation. Samana has everything needed to make your vacation dreams come true, and its mouth-watering delights are waiting to be explored.

Situated in the Caribbean, it’s natural that the other islands of this part of the world would play a significant part in the country’s dietary preferences. Caribbean staples such as rice, corn, beans and meats such as beef and chicken are complemented by fresh seafood catches which abound in the Dominican Republic. The seasonings particular to geographical region come into play, and Dominicans enjoy being creative with their entrees.

Perhaps one of the largest influences of Dominican cuisine found in Samana is Spanish. Indeed, Samana was the last stop made by Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the New World in 1493. The city’s rich history and diverse ethnic mix has never forgotten its Spanish colonial roots, and it’s readily reflected in their culinary offerings. Arroz con leche o arroz con dulce is a delicious rice pudding favored by the Spanish immigrants of five centuries past, and it is still revered throughout the country. Another hugely Spanish influenced-dish is creme de caramel, a sweet egg custard that is a favorite dessert.

As with all Caribbean nations, African traditions have also made their way into the local cuisine. Mangu is a dish featuring plantain that has been mashed and is a traditional food which has roots in the African variant, fufu. Mangu is probably closest to what the Dominican Republic would consider to be a national dish, and this pleasant creation is enjoyed throughout the island. Most authentic Dominican restaurants in Samana will have Mangu on their menu, and no trip to the Dominican Republic would be complete without savoring this authentic example of local cuisine.

Other favorite dishes to be found in Samana include yaniqueue – a patois version of johnnycakes – which is a sweet derived from sugarcane. Pasteles en hojas are boiled banana leafs stuffed with meat and enveloped in a paste made of either plantain or tubers. And the Mexican-influenced tostones are prevalent throughout Samana, and can be found from fine dining establishments down to local street carts.

For dining on the beach with a delightful view of the ocean, Las Ballenas Escondidas is an excellent choice to enjoy seafood perfection. For an affordable, fun and authentic dining experience, the Tierra y Mar Restaurant is a great way to sample some incredible local cuisine.

Samana has everything the visiting Dominican Republic tourist could want, and its culinary treasures can’t be beaten. Take a stroll through this beautiful city and uncover hidden dining gems that you will remember wherever in the world your adventures take you.


Samana Nightlife

Samana Province’s nightlife scene encompasses a good selection of tourist-friendly waterfront bars with a distinctive Caribbean vibe, popular nightclubs centered mostly in Las Terrenas and sophisticated gourmet restaurants serving both authentic Dominican and international cuisine. Nightly entertainment is provided by most all-inclusive resorts in the area.

The world-famous and unique Café del Mar, the iconic label behind the mega-successful Café del Mar Ibiza compilations, opened its doors in 2010 at Puerto Bahia Resort & Marina. It is conveniently situated in a privileged location, just 5 km from the town of Samana. Synonymous with top-quality electronic contemporary music, Café del Mar Puerto Bahia combines ultra-modern architecture, sophisticated interior design and spectacular landscape to provide a classy, refined and inviting ambiance where you can revel in the famed beauty of Samana sunsets, while feasting your ears on the finest original music and delighting your senses with select dishes and drinks.

Finding your way around the scenic town of Samana is extremely easy, as Highway 5, the main highway that cuts across Peninsula de Samana turns into the Malecon (Avenida La Marina), running along the waterfront and then taking off east to the quaint fishing village of Las Galeras. The bars, late-night restaurants and nightclubs along the Malecon are the happening spots in Samana town, with several rum shacks blaring bachata and merengue.

If you are looking to dance until dawn in a modern and cool setting, be sure to head to Naomi Disco & Dance Club, the slickest nightclub in Samana, playing merengue and European hits. Cielito disco bar and nightclub is another hot spot in Samana. While in Las Galeras, make your way to Indiana’s the open-air dance club located along the main road Careterra Los Galeras and blasting bachata and merengue for an authentic, unique dancing experience under the stars.

The nightlife scene in the little and laid-back beachfront town of Las Terrenas run mostly by French expats is surprisingly impressive. Featuring fog machines, lasers and cool lights, the three-story high-end disco and nightclub Gaia is one of the hot dance spots in town, going ballistic just after midnight. On each floor, DJs play different styles of music, from tropical, electronic and house on the first floor to pop-dance, merengue and hip-hop on the more exclusive second floor and don-tempo lounge music on the third floor called the Penthouse, which has morphed into a sushi bar.

If you prefer relaxing lounge-style music, another great option is Syroz, one of the best bars in Las Terrenas, located on Calle Liberta and open every night until 4 am. El Mosquito art bar is very popular with art and new jazz enthusiasts who can admire both the artwork and sunset in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The beachfront DJ-fueled dance club El Toro sobre el Techo at Pueblo de los Pescadores is the perfect spot for themed nights and super parties. Mingle with the locals in a friendly ambiance and dance the night away to Latin rhythms such as merengue, salsa and bachata while improving your moves with the aid of the Bailarines de Camelot dancing school members at La Bodega and Xava C Bon Bar & Tapas dance clubs.


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