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If there is one thing that Puerto Plata is famous for it has to be its beach resorts. So famous that it is said that there are 100,000 hotel beds in this city. There are many famous and interesting attractions you can do as well while on vacation in Puerto Plata. Puerto Plata is also famous for its all-inclusive vacation deals that allow you to have a luxury vacation while staying within your budget.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Puerto Plata. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Puerto Plata is always special as will be your time spent there.


If there is one thing that Puerto Plata is famous for it has to be its beach resorts. So famous that it is said that there are 100,000 hotel beds in this city. There are many famous and interesting attractions you can do as well while on vacation in Puerto Plata. Puerto Plata is also famous for its all-inclusive vacation deals that allow you to have a luxury vacation while staying within your budget.

Ride the only aerial tramway in the Caribbean

Teleferico is the only cable car in the Caribbean. The tram travels up Pico Isabel de Torres or Mt. Isabel. The mountain is 793 meters in height and offers a great view of a botanical garden with walkways you can explore.

Go horseback riding

The Rancho Lorilar is one of the most popular places to go to while vacationing in Puerto Plata. The stables have a great selection of horses, and the guides are well experienced. You can opt between an all-day riding adventure and a half day The guides will take you to small villages and hidden rivers with breathtaking mountain views.

Experience the Twenty seven waterfalls

The Damajaqua Cascades is home to twenty seven waterfalls. The adventure here includes hiking up a mountain where you will be treated to an incredible view of the waterfalls. Then, you have to work your way down by sliding and jumping through falls and pools of water. A visitor center is provided with bathrooms, a gift shop and a bar/cafe. This is definitely a place to visit on your Puerto Plata vacations.

Don’t forget the beaches

While on vacation in Puerto Plata, make sure you spend some time on some of the many beaches. Paradise Island is one of the most popular beaches in the area. The turquoise water is picture perfect, and the white sand beach is soft to the touch. There are many activities to choose from: go snorkeling, ride a speedboat, go swimming, or take an interesting trip to the mangroves. Cabarete Beach on the other hand has a very relaxed ambiance in the morning, and is a party place at night. It is famous for windsurfing, but there are a lot of other activities you can choose from.

Ocean World

One thing your family will enjoy while visiting is Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina and Casino. A perfect spot to visit while on a Puerto Plata family vacation, your kids can swim with the dolphins while you enjoying other activities. They can pet and feed all the other animals as well. The marina is complete and elegantly made. There are restaurants, bars, a theater, a disco lounge and a casino too.

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The average daytime temperature is 83 degrees F, with August being the warmest month and December the coolest. Summer temperatures range from 89-95°F, winter from 75-90°F.



Sea Lion Encounter

Thrill your family by taking them on an unforgettable experience, the “Sea Lion Encounter.” Play with the clowns of the sea. More than entertaining, it is fun and educational. Let the trainers show you why sea lions are so special as you hug and pet them in the water.

Outback Safari

Head out to the countryside through lush tropical vegetation, visit coffee and chocolate plantations, schools, typical houses, rivers, and streams. The Outback Safari guides are happy to share their knowledge of the charm and beauty of the Dominican Republic.

151 Fiesta

Start your journey through the back street nooks and crannies of this 500 year old port town in the mid-afternoon. Then as the sun sets, travel to 151 ranch to enjoy a five course Dominican feast while dancing girls entertain with carnival and folkloric dancers.

Freestyle Catamaran

Be welcomed aboard these 53 & 57′ luxury sailing vessels by a cheerful and attentive crew. Sit back, relax and soak up the sun – that’s the only agenda of the day. Feel like a celebrity jet setter as you glide through the water, cocktail in hand, heading toward the breathtaking bay of Sosua. Marvel at the tropical marine life as you snorkel on a breathtaking reef under the tropical sun. Enjoy lunch and an open bar as the ocean breezes carry you along.


Dining in Puerto Plata

Rising majestically from the Atlantic Ocean, the port city of Puerto Plata is one of the largest in the Dominican Republic. The 500-year-old town is a vital tourist and economic hub for the island nation and is home to many culinary delights. The eclectic heritage of the country is entirely reflected in the local cuisine, which is a strong fusion of international foods mixed with traditional Spanish and Caribbean fare. However, Dominicans enjoy adding their own unique spin to their foods, and sampling the dishes the city has to offer is an exciting adventure in culinary exploration.

Over its long history, many ethnic groups settled in and around the area, bringing with them their food traditions and preparation ways. From the founding of nearby La Isabela by Christopher Columbus and Spanish settlers, African slaves, British traders – to other ethnic groups such as indigenous peoples, Asians, Europeans – the city’s rich history brings with it an incredible diversity in culinary dishes. Locally sourced products such as chicken, beef, seafood, rice and beans form a staple of the meals, albeit seasoned to perfection with Dominican herbs and spices. A trip to Puerto Plata would not be complete without sampling some of its unique tastes.

Asopao de pollo is a chicken stew enjoyed by local Dominicans, seasoned and spiced just the right way. It’s thick and hearty, made with distinct Dominican ingredients and is perfectly reflective of how the country’s tastes skew. Another popular dish, arroz con fideos, is commonly served around Puerto Plata and consists of fried rice and noodles. Sancocho, meanwhile, is one of the African-influenced dishes and is another type of stew usually containing beef, goat, or chicken. Any one of these unique, authentic dishes will excite the senses and make you marvel at the delicious simplicity of Dominican cuisine.

A walk around Puerto Plata is an experience like no other. A host of restaurants lie nestled within the centuries-old relics, and the visitor will no doubt have trouble deciding where to dine next. While most will offer traditional Dominican dishes, international cuisine is also readily available for those who would like to taste something closer to home. Los Pinos offers international cuisine with a local flavor. Neptuno is an excellent choice for sampling local seafood while for more formal dining Papillon provides a French-Dominican fusion experience. Italian dining is also very popular in Puerto Plata, with several restaurants such as Roma II offering pizza and other specialties.

For dessert, don’t forget to try some after dinner Dominican creations. Bizcocho Dominicano is considered one of the most delicious cakes in the world, and should not be missed. It’s readily served at restaurants of all varieties.

Puerto Plata is a cosmopolitan city with an ancient history and a rich cultural heritage. This fusion of elements along with delicious local ingredients makes it the perfect choice for exercising your alimentary desires. Taking the opportunity to explore this exciting town’s restaurants will reveal a wide array of culinary delights, and leave the traveler to this Dominican Republic city eager for more.


Puerto Plata Nightlife

As one of the largest resort towns in the world, Puerto Plata has an incredible nightlife with an almost unimaginable amount of things to do once the sun sets. Oceanfront bars, discos, casinos, restaurants – whatever way your tastes skew, there is something for everyone. The nightlife of this city is spectacular and is known throughout the Caribbean as being one of the best party places around. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing meal, a few pints with friends or to dance the night away to driving drum beats; Puerto Plata has the entertainment for you.

The centerpiece of Puerto Plata’s nightlife is the Ocean World complex, and especially the casino. A great way to get acquainted with it is to book the “Ocean World Magical Nights” package. Available at most hotels through the concierge desk, the tour provides round-trip minivan transportation to and from your resort to Ocean World, access to the buffet, entrance to some of the top marine shows and, of course, access to the casino itself. Some of the best cabaret shows in the Caribbean are presented there, and it’s a great chance to gamble, socialize and enjoy a gigantic nightly party. It also features a spectacular terrace bar, where you can sip drinks and look out over the fabulous city while taking in the fragrant sea air. No trip to Puerto Plata would be complete without a visit to the Ocean World Casino.

Dominicans love to unwind after a busy week, and the local nightlife is busiest on weekends. Some dance clubs and discos are open every night of the week, however, the crowds burst to capacity on Fridays and Saturday nights. Many establishments cater primarily to foreign tourists, especially those seeking a beach party. Big Lee’s Beach Bar, for instance, is a popular spot and was awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for guest satisfaction.

For the dance club minded, a wide array is available all over the area. The complex of resorts at Playa Dorado feature many clubs on their properties open to one and all, not just guests. Mangu is the Playa Dorado club most recommended by visitors and features a mix of local residents and foreign tourists. Merengue music is big in the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Plata is no exception. Merengue clubs will usually offer lessons before the crowd hits, usually on Friday and Saturday nights. Coco Bongo is a laid-back drink venue during the week and a bustling disco on weekends. However, if dance clubs aren’t your cup of tea, the city features a staggering number of other types of entertainment venues. Sosua’s Ruby Lounge, located in the city, offers live music and is a local favorite. The Cabarete Beach area features a number of live music spots, including jazz, and is a great place to unwind with friends.

Visiting the bars, restaurants and casinos of Puerto Plata after dark is the perfect way to kick it into high gear after a day spent relaxing in the sun. From clubs at the numerous resorts to downtown establishments, the traveler to Puerto Plata has an incredible diversity of entertainment options right at their fingertips.


These Puerto Plata resorts offer wedding-specific packages:

  • Bahia Principe
  • Barcelo
  • Be Live
  • Iberostar
  • Riu
  • Wyndham

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