Manzanillo Vacations

Manzanillo means “tiny apple” in Spanish, and this little apple wasn’t much of a tourist attraction until recently. If you’re looking for fun in the sun, take a walk along the jaw dropping powdery white beaches, diverse and colorful marine and animal life, and pristine scenery. All-inclusive Manzanillo vacations are more about wildlife than nightlife, and it’s home to a volcano you can peek into. The riptides here can be deadly, so it’s best to stick to pools and ask about conditions before you try to get out and swim. There are many great spots for snorkeling, surfing and para sailing – make sure you work with a guide to get equipment and find the secret out of the way spots.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Manzanillo. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Manzanillo is always special as will be your time spent there.


Manzanillo means “tiny apple” in Spanish, and this little apple wasn’t much of a tourist attraction until recently. If you’re looking for fun in the sun, take a walk along the jaw dropping powdery white beaches, diverse and colorful marine and animal life, and pristine scenery. All-inclusive Manzanillo vacations are more about wildlife than nightlife, and it’s home to a volcano you can peek into. The riptides here can be deadly, so it’s best to stick to pools and ask about conditions before you try to get out and swim. There are many great spots for snorkeling, surfing and para sailing – make sure you work with a guide to get equipment and find the secret out of the way spots.

Explore the Tiny Apple

A vacation in Manzanillo offers much for an active getaway. Ride a bike alongside cerulean waters, palm trees and pristine beaches. You’ll notice Manzanillo is minimally developed because it’s a national eco-refuge zone. You’ll find many hidden waterfalls and inland lakes, tiny villages and welcoming strangers. If you like hiking you’re in for a treat, this part of the Mexican Pacific coastline has a rocky headland of mountains that crash into the sea. While swimming is discouraged, there are plenty of spots great for snorkeling and scuba/free diving. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the crocodile sanctuary and feed a crocodile (from a safe distance of course!) One of the best things to do while on vacation in Manzanillo is sport fishing – even if you’ve never tried your hand at catching marlin, dorado, shark or roosterfish you can charter a boat with an experience captain that will make your next adventure and interesting one!

Finding a Bite to Eat while on Vacation

All of the all-inclusive Manzanillo vacation resorts will have their own restaurant offerings, but don’t be afraid to leave the tourist zone and find something delicious to eat! The best place to eat hands down every day is Café Coral. Here you can get a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a bright, vibrant Mexican atmosphere with a nice buffet selection. La Plaza Esmeralda is open in the evenings Th-Sa and has a great view of the ocean. If you want a greater variety (and to escape buffet fair) it’s better to stick with the all-inclusive resort hotels.

Nightlife in The Tiny Apple

Nightlife in Manzanillo is a little hit and miss – if you’re staying at the Tesoro all-inclusive club you’ll have the best time. You can always buy your way in, but it’s one of the better resorts (if not the only resort) when you’re looking for nightlife. Here you’ll be able to enjoy Nirvana Lounge with delicious drinks or a party that never stops in the 7/24 Lounge. A Manzanillo vacation offers everything you need when you want a postcard picture relaxing time… so why wait?

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The daily temperature ranges from 75° to 82° F, while nights cool off to a comfortable 63° to 75° F.



About Manzanillo

Manzanillo attracts vacationers searching for a less developed, more serene setting. The downtown area (restored and beautified in 1996) is first and foremost a commercial port. A few kilometers up the coastline you enter Manzanillo’s luxurious and pleasantly understated Resort Zone. Two large bays of golden sand and surf are connected by a coastal highway that leads past mini malls, souvenier shops, restaurants and a couple of nightspots. Bahia de Manzanillo (to the south) and Bahia de Santiago (further up the coast) are separated by the Santiago Peninsula. Located directly across from the waterfront, the main square becomes quite lively in the evening. The recently remodeled Malecon (seaside walkway) provides visitors with a relaxed, peaceful setting for leisurely walks. Be sure to visit the Museum of Archeology & History. Opened in 1996, this facility displays the region’s history plus a changing exposition of important Mexican painters.


Manzanillo is renowned for its excellent sailfish catch. An international tournament is held each November. Charters are easily arranged upon arrival and normally depart from the marina at the Las Hadas Resort and the downtown dock.

Hiking Tlacotla

Horseback riding tour in the middle of a tropical jungle with authentic Mexican fare served under a palapa.

Manzanillo Shopping

Most shopping is centered around Manzanillo’s resort hotels. The Plaza Manzanillo Mall is a popular new addition. There is also a traditional “tianguis” market in front of the Club Maeva with crafts from around Mexico. Shell lovers can visit the Palacio de las Conchas y Caracoles in Santiago. Manzanillo’s proximity to Guadalajara (less than a 3 hour drive) offers more shopping opportunities.

Hotel Zone

  • Galeria de Arte Offering a fine selection of Sergio Bustamante works, plus a wide selection of others. Located near the Hotel Sierra Manzanillo.
  • Indigenos The place to go for Silver and Jewelry.
  • Plaza Pacifico Mini Mall Offering an assortment of clothing and handicraft shops, plus a restaurant, two bars and a mini-market.
  • Plaza Manzanillo Plaza Manzanillo features a variety of local favorites.


  • El Dorado Bazaar Excellent selection of fine craft items and jewelry in front of the Zocalo.
  • El Caracol Offering shell jewelry and clothing accessories, located just across from the Zocalo.
  • Pasaje Oscarana Small downtown mall carrying clothing, jewelry and books.


  • Playa Azul – A long and wide stretch of golden sand between the Las Hadas Resort and downtown, with relatively calm seas to the south and waves to the north.
  • Playa La Audiencia – Beautiful cove along the north side of Santiago Peninsula; fine beach for snorkeling and swimming.
  • Playa Miramar – At the north end of Bahia Santiago. This beach is popular with body surfers, windsurfers and boogie boarders. Enjoy calmer waters toward Juluapan Peninsula at La Boquita beach.
  • Olas Altas – Between Playa Santiago and Playa Miramar; area’s best surfing.
  • Playa de Oro – Long golden sand beach with medium waves, near the airport.
  • Costa Alegre – Manzanillo serves as a gateway to the unspoiled and little known Costa Alegre region of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. To the north of Manzanillo, Costa Alegre is one of Mexico’s great undiscovered treasures, sprinkled with some of Mexico’s loveliest beaches and bays.


  • Colima – Colima can be reached in about one hour over a well maintained four lane highway. This quaint and very charming colonial city lies in a fertile valley with two imposing volcanoes towering above. The still active Volcano de Fuego is 25 km to the north, beside the taller (but extinct) Nevado de Colima. There are two recently discovered archaeological sites (El Chanal and La Campana) that are visited as part of a popular day tour to Colima.
  • Comala – The nearby village of Comala (population 8,000) is also worth a visit. This white-washed town is famous for its fine carved wood furniture, handicrafts and relaxed village ambiance. Visit the attractive main square where arched porticoes and cafes surround a gazebo and beautiful church. On the way to the city is a mysterious “inversion hill” where objects appear to defy gravity!


Dining in Manzanillo

Manzanillo, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, is not only the country’s largest port but a prime fishing and leisure destination. The city attracts sport fishers by the thousands, as sailfish and other deep-sea game are plentiful off its shores. It’s a centuries-old enclave, first discovered by the Spanish Armada in 1527, and has served as a bustling seaport for most of the past few centuries. For those looking for a unique culinary dining experience, Manzanillo features some of the world’s premier chefs and offers sumptuous varieties of traditional Mexican, international and locally-inspired dishes.

The city is known as the “sailfish capital of the world”, due to the prevalence of the species. Game fish are frequently served in not only the top dining establishments but in local favorite spots as well. The “national dish” of Manzanillo is known as Colima ceviche, a dish featuring fresh sailfish or grouper, citrus flavors, onions, and spices. Pez Vala (sailfish) by itself is also a delicacy, as are lobster fried in garlic, as well as a host of other varieties of seafood. A popular soup broth made from fish and vegetables called caldo michi can be found on many a menu. For those seeking a non-seafood meal, another go-to dish is a pork, tomato and chili concoction called chilayo. Tatemado, or pork cooked in chili spices, is another favorite. To finish off the meal, the local spirit tejuino is the perfect way to watch the sun go down.

Manzanillo is home to many restaurants willing to help you sample the local cuisine. For authentic regional and Manzanillo-specific foods, the Colima Bay Cafe serves excellent seafood and grilled meats. Bigotes offers formal dining overlooking the bay and features a seafood menu that is the envy of the town. For a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, El Tablao is another restaurant offering spectacular views and a regional menu giving a true taste of authentic Manzanillo cuisine.

As one of the busiest cruise ports in the Americas, International cuisine thrives at the many resorts around the city. Several of the larger ones also offer fine dining with a more regional Mexican flair. However, to uncover the true taste of this city, talking a stroll through the historic town, especially along the waterfront is a fantastic way to acquaint yourself with local dishes. As a popular tourist spot, there is a host of walking tours available, and guides are easily hired to help navigate through the plethora of restaurants and cafes available. Or, simply walk around and see which establishment catches your fancy. It’s hard to go wrong when immersed in a city as with as rich an alimentary tradition as Manzanillo.

When visiting this city, it’s important to take the time to experience the local customs and cuisine. Branch out and explore Manzanillo, and discover for yourself the hidden gems of restaurants and cafes which can be found around every corner. Manzanillo’s regional dishes are spectacular, offering up some of the finest seafood recipes you’ll find anywhere. It’s truly a mouth-watering experience that you’ll bring with you wherever your travels take you.


Manzanillo Nightlife

Travelers to Manzanillo on Mexico’s idyllic Pacific coast might think that the town doesn’t have a vibrant nightlife; however, they’d be wrong. Nestled between the resort peninsula and the waterfront, this historic town can be rather sleepy by day, but once the sun goes down undergoes a radical transformation. Many clubs don’t open their doors until 10:00 pm or later, but like many party establishments in Mexico don’t close their doors until the sun rises. But whatever your tastes in nightlife, from clubbing to family fare, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful Mexican town.

Check with your concierge before planning your night out, as the trendy spots in Manzanillo frequently change. The club scene can differ radically based on the season as tourists tend to be the main drivers of nighttime entertainment. The concierge will know the local scene and be able to recommend the best venue for you. Additionally, they can recommend taxi and transportation services for you to and from the club district. Fortunately, the downtown is not usually far from most hotels and resorts, so getting around shouldn’t be a problem. Cabs are plentiful in Manzanillo, are usually painted bright yellow for easy identification, and will display the total fare in pesos on the meter.

Travelers with families will enjoy the fountain show of lights, which takes place every night between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm, happens at the cruise ship pier and is a joy to behold. As well, a host of family-oriented restaurants are available and offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Taking a stroll along the tourist zone is another great way to get acquainted with the available nightlife offerings. Most venues are lively, feature attractive lighting and offer a mix of local and international drinks and cuisine. Bar de Felix is very popular among tourists for a relaxed nighttime feel, with sporting events playing on the TV’s to the sound of Spanish music. For those seeking a disco experience, Colima Bay Bar is the favorite go-to club in Manzanillo and plays a mixture of techno, house, and the latest hits. Another trendy alternative is La Monaster, where tourists can light up the dance floor next to the locals. And salsa aficionados will not want to miss Tropifiesta, where the dance floors are bursting with bodies gyrating to the latest Latino beats.

For a closer-to-home nighttime experience, many of the larger hotels host their own dance parties, depending on the season and day of the week. This is an attractive alternative for those staying at resorts along the beach, and affords the traveler the opportunity to dance and socialize next to the surf on a warm night. Your hotel concierge can advise you which hotels offer these parties and what the cost to attend, if any, is.

Manzanillo has an attractive assortment of nighttime entertainment for the entire family. From trendy clubs offering the latest in dance music hits to fun and relaxed bars and restaurants, don’t let the apparent sleepy nature of this historic town fool you. Adventures await in Manzanillo once the sun sets.


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  • Barcelo

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