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Lanai is quiet relaxing place – meaning if you’re looking for the hottest nightlife you might want to hop to another Hawaiian island during your stay! Here you’ll find only one gas station, crowd-free beaches and a view of the other islands you can’t see anywhere else. This former pineapple patch is now an oasis for nature lovers; go snorkeling, swim out in the open water with dolphins, see huge families of whales as they pass Hawaii by. Ride on horseback through the surf… do whatever you’ve always wanted but never knew you could with a Lanai vacation package. It’s called the Garden of the Gods for a reason; let’s explore what it has in store for you.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Lanai. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Lanai is always special as will be your time spent there.


Lanai is quiet relaxing place – meaning if you’re looking for the hottest nightlife you might want to hop to another Hawaiian island during your stay! Here you’ll find only one gas station, crowd-free beaches and a view of the other islands you can’t see anywhere else. This former pineapple patch is now an oasis for nature lovers; go snorkeling, swim out in the open water with dolphins, see huge families of whales as they pass Hawaii by. Ride on horseback through the surf… do whatever you’ve always wanted but never knew you could with a Lanai vacation package. It’s called the Garden of the Gods for a reason; let’s explore what it has in store for you.

The Garden of the Gods

Jaw dropping views, beautiful beaches and dolphins that swim with you right out in the open water, what more can you ask for? Here you can bike or hike the trails on this pristine island, taking a day to get away from it all. Even if you don’t want to get out in the water, you HAVE to go sunning on one of the beautiful calm beaches.

Watersports are the best part of any Lana’i vacation so it’s time to get wet! Swimming and snorkeling are great here, with many companies offering snorkeling cruises that take you right out to the best spots. Scuba diving and freediving here are world class, with warm clear waters that make exploring all the hidden and forbidden places easy to find. Parascending (parasailing), sea kayaking, surfing and jet surfing are all things that are fun to try for the first time here – but don’t forget to go fishing! You can charter a boat to take you to the best spots and catch your own Yellowfin tuna and sear it up on a grill. An all-inclusive Lanai vacation is all about experiencing things for the first time.

Feast in Style

When you come to Lanai you’ll be able to enjoy Hawaiian style feasts, a veritable garden of tastes and the best seafood you’ve ever had. Open air grills add to the festive atmosphere, but if you’re looking for something healthy you won’t have to go far. Enjoy Asian and European influences that bring together flavors that just explode in your mouth. Why hold back? You’re on vacation and you can treat yourself to whatever you’d like to eat. When you’re a guest at one of the Lanai resorts, you’ll be able to sample all Hawaii has to offer at a luxury hotel.

Come find your center in Lanai! No traffic, no worries – it’s the perfect place to relax and explore. You’ll find luxury on one side and the beauty and wonder of nature on the other. If you’d like to find out more about what a Lanai vacation has to offer you, give us a call at (800) 510-5642 or fill out our vacation request form. Paradise is just a flight away, why wait?

Summer temperatures range from 85 to 87°F, with night time lows of 70 to 74°F. Winter temperatures range from 70 to 74°F, with night time lows from 65 to 69°F.


5 Exciting Things To Do in Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai is also known as Hawaii’s most exciting and equally enticing Island. It is small enough for you like you’re strolling on a private island, but big enough to hold a host of luxurious resorts and well-manicured golf courses. And let us not forget that it’s only in Lanai where you can rent a 4WD vehicle and explore the vast treasures of the Garden of the Gods also known as Kesahlakawelo. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you could sunbathe and bask on a deserted, magical beach or simply sip your iced fruit vodka as you gaze at the dolphins in Hulopoe Bay. That said, here are the top 5 things you can do in this mini Island:

  1. Book a ‘pet and purr’ session in the Lanai Cat Sanctuary – If you’re an animal lover, more specifically a cat lover, then the Lanai Cat Sanctuary will be a welcome surprise in this subtropical American island. Also known as the Kitty Kamp, the Lanai Cat Sanctuary is an initiative of the ‘Kokua’ (Helping Hands) project that is built on the voluntourism aspect of the locals. It’s one of those places you would want to visit after a long hard day lazing on the nearby beaches.
  2. Admire excellent pieces of art in the Lanai Art Center – The Lanai Art Center is the only (and arguably the best in there is the Hawaii) community arts program center. The center is dedicated and built towards showcasing arts and cultural experiences for both the visitors, tourists and residents of the Hawaii. In other words, the center is a culmination of classes, galleries, workshops, studio accesses with artefacts from all over the world. For those looking for a more native-like experience, then the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center just off Lanai City will be an excellent choice and a welcome distraction.
  3. Enjoy local cuisine at the Lanai Four Season’s Bar and Grille – Apart from snorkeling, sunbathing, and, of course, sightseeing, eating is other biggest activity in Lanai. And, unlike the neighboring island Maui, the food served in Lanai restaurants is not only much more affordable but also features traditional local gourmet and cuisines. A good example is the Four Season’s restaurant that serves main dishes revolving around the main traditional classic – Nobu.
  4. Hiking in the mountainous Lanai – Contrary to what most people think, Lanai is not all about turquoise waters and sun-drenched golf courses. Recently, a new passion has been discovered in the mountainous outskirts of the Island. Hiking is no longer a reserve for the Danakil Alps or the Himalayas. So as you book your room in your favorite resort, you can begin tracing your preferred trail to conquer the mountains. The Koloiki Ridge Trail hike, for instance, can be a good place to start from if you’re clueless.
  5. Hit the dusty open road in a 4 Wheel Drive ATV – Driving is arguably one of the most pleasurable activities you can enjoy in Lanai, mostly because the area is sparsely populated and the off-roading feels like a scene straight from the blockbuster ‘the Fast and Furious.’ The terrain is challenging enough to make it a serious conquest but interesting enough to leave you yearning for more.


Dining in Lanai

Lanai is one of the smallest of the Hawaiian islands and one of the hidden gems of the chain. Known as the “Pineapple Island” for its historical pineapple production, Lanai embodies some of the best examples of traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Visitors to Lanai City, the island’s only town, can experience a wide variety of dishes while sampling the rich history of Polynesian culture. This tropical paradise with its gentle, breezy air and rolling surf, compliments its natural beauty with a cuisine that is second to none.

Despite being less-developed than the other islands, Lanai has much to offer the visitor, especially in the way of dining. Without the hustle and bustle of the larger islands, sampling food in Lanai means dining at an oceanfront restaurant while gazing out over a perfectly blue sea. It’s a true culinary experience bathed in peace and tranquility.

Historically, plantations pervaded the islands of Hawaii, and Lanai was no exception. With these plantations came an influx of immigrants from all over the Pacific Rim, which only served to enhance the local flavors. Korea has a big influence on local dining, with kimchi and barbecue pits commonplace. Korean spices are often used in Lanai cuisine, especially with dishes made with the ubiquitous pineapples. Portugal is also responsible for a large ethnic influx, and the Portuguese influence on Lanai cooking features chilies, tomatoes, and pork. Salted fish is another staple, a traditional European favorite which has carried over into Hawaiian and Lanai dishes.

Poi is the traditional favorite on Lanai. It’s made from mashing the root of the taro plant with a mortar, then adding water to create either a puddling-like or doughy constitution. Poi has a significant cultural significance on Lanai and in Hawaii in general, as the traditional Polynesian settlers felt it was sacred; disagreements or arguments could not take place while poi was on the table.

Roasted pig is another indigenous favorite. Both domesticated and wild pigs are used in celebrations and for giant feasts. Like many places, traditional Lanai meals are often social occasions and the presence of friends and family is revered.

Lanai has a host of restaurants, both of the fine dining variety as well as casual and relaxed establishments. Traditional Lanai cuisine can be experienced at the Lodge at Koele’s Formal Dining Room as well as the Ihilani Restaurant. They are both five-star restaurants and are considered by Gourmet Magazine as being some of the finest establishments in the islands. Meanwhile, for a more festive and traditional atmosphere, the Four Seasons Lanai offers its famous Luau, allowing visitors to experience the best of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture in a cordial, friendly and relaxed environment.

Any trip to Hawaii should include an excursion to the island of Lanai. Dining in the quiet, tranquil setting of this quiet island is an experience to behold. From traditional and sacred poi to the Korean and Portuguese-influenced local favorites, all infused with an eclectic mix of spices and the sweet aroma of pineapple, Lanai has something to suit any appetite.


Lanai Nightlife

In Lanai, the Four Seasons Resorts and the Executive Hotel Lanai are some of the main nightlife gems on this Pacific Island. Granted, you won’t find a ton of vibrant nightlife in Lanai, especially considering that this is more relaxation getaway than a happening spot. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time on this tropical island. Yes, it might be more of a snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing center, but there are a few excellent spots where you can grab a drink after sunset, kick back and listen to some good music. Here are our top picks on this Hawaiian Island:

  1. The Four Seasons Resort Lanai – Located just past Manele Bay is a fully fledged villa that houses an equally sophisticated Sports Bar. This is actually good news to the many sports enthusiasts who throng this island in search of a peaceful haven. In here, you can catch the latest football action on the lounge’s 90-inch TV set in the company of beautiful people and live music.  If not that, you can enjoy the setting sun while situated on the terraces of the Nobu Bar, like nibble on the cookery on Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. These light bites combined with a fruity Vodka can make for a great night experience especially for the lone traveler or the couple who just need a private atmosphere. However, the best thing about the Four Seasons resort is that they offer discounted room rates during the festivities season. These include;
    • In February: During the annual Lanai Hawaiian Culture Film & Festival Season, the Four Seasons at times acts as a screening location. During these days, apart from the discounted accommodation rates, you can also look forward to cultural workshops and live music all through the weekend.
    • The first week of September every year sees the commemoration of the Jazz festival. These festivities are typically also accompanied with lots of partying and merry making on this island.
    • The Aloha Festival, which is usually held in the last week of October each year, also heralds the beginning of the holiday season in Lanai. In fact, it is considered one of the best times of the year when you can visit Lanai.
  2. The Lodge at Koele – It might be an extension of the Four Seasons Bar, but it still offers different entertainment options including a private bar in the lobby in the company of a light menu. The creative cocktail plus a wide selection of music also makes for a typically memorable night experience. However, bear in mind that the place sits about two dozen people, and so, you might want to arrive there early enough to book your spot.
  3. The Kaliani Poolside Restaurant – Who said that you can’t throw a pool party in Lanai? But that’s exactly what the Kaliani Poolside Bar and Restaurant in Eastern Lanai is all about. To complement this great ambiance is live Jazz performance by a local band.
  4. Just a few miles from the Kaliani Poolside, is another good joint – The Lanai City Grille. Here you can expect to bump into lots of action especially during local festivities.


These Lanai resorts offer wedding-specific packages:

  • Four Seasons

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