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Dominican Republic’s third largest city, La Romana boasts some of the most beautiful beaches that can compete with other Caribbean islands beaches. 120 miles away from Dominican Republic’s capital of Santo Domingo, La Romana draws tourists from around the world with its charm and breathtaking views. Your La Romana vacation can cost a lot less if you plan wisely and book an all-inclusive vacation.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in La Romana. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, La Romana is always special as will be your time spent there.


Dominican Republic’s third largest city, La Romana boasts some of the most beautiful beaches that can compete with other Caribbean islands beaches. 120 miles away from Dominican Republic’s capital of Santo Domingo, La Romana draws tourists from around the world with its charm and breathtaking views. Your La Romana vacation can cost a lot less if you plan wisely and book an all-inclusive vacation.

Enjoy The Beaches of La Romana

While on vacation in La Romana, one thing that you need to checkout are the powdery white sand beaches that match the clear blue waters perfectly. The waters in La Romana are also perfect spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. Ryanna Sun is a quiet, secluded beach resort surrounded by palm trees. Guests love the warm and friendly staff.

Play a round of golf with a view

Teeth of the Dog is one of the most popular golf courses in La Romana. The golf courses offer a view of the Caribbean to its side making the experience breathtaking and one that you will never forget. If you are someone that enjoys playing a round of golf in a beautiful setting, you should consider checking out this course.

Explore the caves

One activity that you may want to consider doing while on a La Romana vacation is Cueva de las Maravillas. The well lit cave offers a great view of what is inside. You can clearly see the more than 500 drawings on the walls that are from the pre-Columbian era. Used by the Tainos some 1,000 years ago, the cave offers a peek to La Romana’s history and culture. It is a great trip to make especially if you’re traveling with your family.

Walk around a medieval village

When you enter the Altos de Chavon Village, you will feel like you have exited La Romana and entered a European village. The village is picturesque, filled with beautiful architecture and quaint little shops and cafes. The village overlooks the Chavon river. Some favorite spots are the church, the amphitheater that can seat 500 people, and the museum. The shops and mini market offer souvenirs for tourists, and the restaurants are great to dine in.

Go off road

Enjoy a dirt ride in the Crazy Wheels tour. Ride a buggy and see parts of La Romana other than its beaches. See the sugar cane fields, and the village where the workers live, the river, and other roads leading to interesting places in La Romana. The trip will definitely get dirty, but it is worth it!

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Summer temperatures range from 89-95°F, winter from 75-90°F. The main rainy season is between June and October, when it is hottest.



Zip Lines Altos De Chavon

Feel the wind through your hair as you soar from platform to platform on this amazing excursion. Set against the lush mountains of Bavaro, this will be a trip you will never forget.

Saona Island

Stretch out on the deck of a catamaran as you sail to Saona, where white sand and palm studded beaches await you! Swim in shallow turquoise waters. After lunch, speedboats will take you to the natural sandbanks, home of huge orange starfish!

Outback Safari

Discover exotic tropical forests, rivers, mountains, secluded beaches, and villages where time has stood still. Enjoy an open bar on the truck and a delicious lunch served at a mountain ranch. Then cool off by swimming and boogie boarding at a secluded beach.

Santo Domingo City Tour

Be transported to the 16th century and walk in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus in historic Santo Domingo. Discover the oldest court of law, cathedral and hospital in the Western Hemisphere. Stroll through the old city – still partially enclosed in its original walls- and shop at the charming open-air bazaars, including El Conde Street, the first commercial street in the New World.


Dining in La Romana

La Romana is an old seaside resort town in the Dominican Republic, nestled among the beautiful Atlantic coastline. A hub for tourists and locals alike, this historic town is close to a variety of other villages and cities and, as a result, offers a wide variety of dining options. Visitors to the Dominican Republic will be surprised at the facilities afforded to them, and legendary Dominican hospitality will not disappoint. Whether you are seeking to sample local dishes or are after something with a bit more international flair, La Romana will serve up whatever your taste buds are craving.

Like all of the Dominican Republic and most of the Caribbean, La Romana cuisine is heavily influenced by a combination of Spanish colonial, African and West Indies menu choices. Historically, seafood was the main source of protein, reflecting the seaside nature of La Romana. However, locally-raised meats are now becoming more popular. Meat, seafood, and vegetables are staples of the local diet, and can be served with a multitude of flourishes at fine restaurants. A favorite basis for many meals is Sofrito, a mix of local herbs and spices sautéed to perfection before added to the mix. Cheese and dairy products are also prevalent throughout the cooking in this seaside town. Locally-grown fruits are delectable, featuring bananas, and mangoes and permeate many dishes. Starches such as rice are also widely used, and deliciously-prepared rice dishes cooked in delectable spice and herb mixes are divine.

One of the popular local dishes is mangu, which consists mostly of boiled, mashed and spiced plantain. Guisados, meat or fish mixed with garlic, peppers, and cilantro and flavored with sour citrus are also big with the populace. For the adventurous, lengua picante – spiced cow tongue – can be had at most traditional restaurants.

Desserts are legendary in La Romana, with many traditional after dinner treats available to the sweet-toothed traveler. Almibar de frutas is a popular choice, featuring fruits and plantains cooked in delicious syrup. Dulce de leche cortado are delicious coconut macaroons carefully created with milk, sugar, and coconut.

For a truly local dining experience, Casa de Campo is an indoor/outdoor piazza located next to the marina. Visitors can walk around the square and select their choice of authentic and international restaurants, and most feature a locally-inspired festive setup of communal tables and flickering candles. For a more intimate local food experience, Restaurante Yssamar features a variety of seafood dishes on the beach near Bayahibe. Otherwise, wandering around La Romana, especially at night, will excite the senses with the wide variety of bakeries and restaurants offering an array of culinary options.

For the traveler to La Romana, a host of delicious dishes await. From locally-caught seafood, often served fresh daily, to ripe fruits and vegetables served with the wide mix of traditional herbs and spices, an infinite number of choices exist to please any palate. When your travels bring you to La Romana, take the plunge into the local cuisine and experience for yourself the richness of Dominican culinary marvels.


La Romana Nightlife 

There’s really no denying that the Dominicans enjoy a good a party any time of the year. Music and dance are arguably one of the highlights of the Caribbean life and the La Romana is no exception. The island’s culture is without a doubt a consequence of an exotic mixture of a diverse group of from three equally different continents, i.e., Africa, Latin America and European Spanish. The result is a melting pot of colorful events, beautiful people and a very vibrant nightlife. If anything tourism is Dominica’s largest foreign exchange earner and the reputation of cities such as La Romana as ‘happening’ spots has spread far and wide.

With that in mind, let’s narrow our scopes to the tourist haven of La Romana, which plays hosts to an assortment of luxurious resorts, bars and nightclubs. As usual, a typical night out in La Romana is a mixture of hot bachata, intense Merengue and that delicate touch of Caribbean Rum. Such as a combination can make even the shyest and reserved of dancers come alive. Speaking of which, there are several great spots in this city where you can dance the night away, which include:

  1. The Casa De Campo Complex – Being one of the most renowned dancing avenues in La Romana, the Casa de Campo is your typical merengue and salsa-oriented platform. The complex is home to a number of dancing nightclubs that include the Altos de Chavon and the Genesis Disco. For the musical enthusiasts, you’ll be happy to know that almost all genres known to man are played here – starting from pop to contemporary RnB. Otherwise, in the Casa de Campo Complex, the party starts late at the Genesis Disco, so that means that you should have ample of time before that to visit a few bars and restaurants before the curtains are raised on the stage.
  2. Locura Dancing Disco – Situated at the popular Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach, the Locura is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to dance and jiggle a bit to the latest music. And to complement the tastefully designed décor, there’s always a wide variety of theme nights that are typically held regularly especially during the festive seasons. In general, this hotspot has that modern upbeat mood and is perfect for party animals that enjoy dancing the night away.
  3. The Bachata Rosa – Chances are, you must have had this name before, especially if you’re a Salsa enthusiast. Now, the Bachata Rosa is not only the name of the joint behind the inspiration of the world-renowned song by Juan Luis Guerra but is also the iconic semblance of an eventful night out. The main attraction here is the explosive and reverberating music that is played by deck DJs starting 7 pm every Saturday till dawn. In any case, if dancing for hours is not exactly your cup of coffee, and then you’ll be pleased to know that the Bachata is also divided into three levels. The first one hosts the main restaurant and casino lounge, the second in the live music section complete with a dance floor and finally, there is an array of beautiful terraces where you can sip your beer in peace and hold a smooth conversation with your mates.


These La Romana resorts offer wedding-specific packages:

  • Bahia Principe
  • Be Live
  • Catalonia
  • Dreams
  • Iberostar

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