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Grenada is the largest of six lush, richly beautiful islands in the southern Caribbean. It’s called the Spice Island for a reason – nutmeg is so plentiful in the fertile volcanic soil that it practically permeates the air. The tropical sun provides for a constant sunny climate and the island is kissed by the breezy tradewinds. Grenada’s beaches are legendary, with white sandy strips running miles in any direction. The local culture is fun and outgoing, and residents are known throughout the Caribbean for their warmth and hospitality. As a tourist destination, it has everything to offer, from quiet relaxing solitude to adventurous exploration.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Grenada. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Grenada is always special as will be your time spent there.


Grenada is the largest of six lush, richly beautiful islands in the southern Caribbean. It’s called the Spice Island for a reason – nutmeg is so plentiful in the fertile volcanic soil that it practically permeates the air. The tropical sun provides for a constant sunny climate and the island is kissed by the breezy tradewinds. Grenada’s beaches are legendary, with white sandy strips running miles in any direction. The local culture is fun and outgoing, and residents are known throughout the Caribbean for their warmth and hospitality. As a tourist destination, it has everything to offer, from quiet relaxing solitude to adventurous exploration.

The main island of Grenada is by nature volcanic, bringing with it beautiful crystalline beaches along the coast, and dense vegetation mixed with a mountainous terrain in the interior. The turquoise waters along the shoreline invite any imaginable array of water sports, and its reefs make for a diver’s paradise. The roads into the center of the island provide majestic scenery, the tropical vegetation framing incredible vistas down to and out beyond the ocean. Stunning vistas await the hiker making the climb up to the summits lying hundreds of feet above the sea.

The capital city of St. George’s holds on to its colonial past. Tourists can delight in the local flavor of Grenada mixed with the old-world sensibilities of centuries past. Stroll through the town’s markets, indulge in the Grenadian cuisine and soak in the history.

For a more active experience, the Grand Etang rainforest affords hikers the experience of walking among epic mahogany trees. Or dazzle in nature’s wonders at the La Sagesse Nature Centre, a dazzling preservation of local flora and fauna.

Grenada’s beaches cannot be missed, starting with Grand Anse beach. The other islands in the archipelago also offer staggering hideaways, from Anse La Roche on the island of Carriacou, a hidden beach where swimming with sea turtles is commonplace. Meanwhile, Bathways Beach is a secret gem, where the sand is perfect and the landscape relatively unvisited. Imagine waters the perfect shade of blue, reflecting tropical sunlight, on a private beach off the beaten path.

While English is the official language, Granada is strongly influenced by its African roots as well as its French colonial heritage. Music is everywhere, from calypso bands in the streets to the yearly Carnival drawing thousands every August. Grenadian cuisine is not to be missed, with dishes reflecting the storied history of the nation. Curried goat can be bought from vendors in the street, or for a fine dining experience try a number of the delicious national dishes, including Oil Down.

For a truly tropical experience, there’s no better destination to savor it than Grenada. With some of the world’s purest, most pristine beaches, to incredible hiking opportunities among the interior mountains, Grenada offers something for everyone. Diving, swimming, encounters with nature, an incredibly diverse culture and one of the most pleasant climates anywhere is but a sample of what this lush island chain has to offer. A trip to Grenada is a holiday like no other.


Top 5 Things To Do in Grenada

Grenada. The Sea, the tropical beaches and, as usual, the rum. Just like other Caribbean islands, Grenada boasts the same grandeur and amazing aura that is a characteristic of the typical Atlantic getaway. Starting from the Grand Anse Beach to the smaller islands that congregate to form Carriacou and Petit Martinique; Grenada keeps on reassuring you that it’s not your average cliché offshore Atlantic getaway. And once you land on this paradisal Haven, here are some of the things that you shouldn’t leave without doing:

  1. Wander through the narrow streets of the St. Georges avenue – Almost all travelers who land on Grenada can confess to wandering through the narrow recently paved streets of the St George’s. And the experience is nothing short of walking through an immaculately done oil painting. The brightly and vividly colored street exudes a certain aura of pre-colonialism. If anything, this is also the same reason Grenada is popularly hailed as the most beautiful harbor hamlet in the Caribbean. Other than that, you could also try devoting an hour or two exploring the St. George’s Marina where you can find plenty of meticulously furnished restaurants that serve local cuisines.
  2. Let your tongue tingle for a signature taste of the local libation served up right from River Antoine Distillery – Those who know Grenada well, also know that River Antoine Distillery has been in the lead on churning out dozens upon dozens of bottles of rum since 1785. Something which, by the way, makes it one of the oldest and longest lasting water-powered distilleries in the entire Caribbean. That means as you quench your alcoholic thirst with a shot of libation from this distillery, you’ll be in effect leaving a footprint in the sands of time.
  3. Hike in the Grand Etang National Park – The Grang Etang National Park is arguably any hiker’s paradise any day. The combination of the nutmeg groves and the dense tropical rainforests is simply uniquely different. Not to mention the fact that the park has a rare crater lake to complement its beauty. So remember to carry a compass, a water bottle and a good pair of hiking boots since a multitude of beautifully meandering walking trails awaits for just at the foot of the Seven Sisters Falls and the enormous Mt Qua Qua.
  4. Learn a little bit of history in the Grenada museum – As it is the case with many Caribbean locations, there’s rich history to accustomed to in this island paradisal spot. And all of this culminates in the National Museum that can be found right in the heart of Grenada. And even though the historic building dates back to 1704, it has served numerous times as an army barrack, prison and a hotel. And inside it, you can find a rich collection of Grenada’s best preserved historical secrets on display.
  5. Appreciate the beauty of nature in Lagesse Nature Center – As much as there are some lovely and gorgeous beaches tucked in Grenada’s Lagasse Center, the biggest draw that sets it apart from other holiday maker’s spots is the huge variety of local wild and birdlife that dominates this area. So if you’re a bird watching enthusiast, then this is one joint you wouldn’t wish to meet.


Dining in Grenada

The island nation of Grenada is a treasure trove of sun, music, and exquisite cuisine. A mixture of French, Indian, and indigenous peoples have brought a variety of flavors and sensibilities to the local food. As well, the fact that Grenada is known as the “spice island” should be an indicator of the degree to which such tastes as nutmeg, turmeric, and curry permeate the dietary culture. Dining in Grenada is a totally immersive experience, with food being a part of the social fabric while music plays under a warm tropical sun.

The rich, fertile, volcanic soil of Grenada gives way to a bounty of some of the world’s best herbs, spices, and vegetables. It’s no wonder, then, that this cornucopia of flavors infuses virtually every dish in the country. The lushness of the vegetation also serves to fatten up livestock which makes for delicious meat entrees. However, seafood takes the spotlight in Grenada, and many traditional dishes feature a variety of cods and herrings. A karhkee, essentially a curry pot, is a communal dish and is a mixture of seafood and vegetables, all prepared in a delectable and spicy broth. Fish cakes are also incredibly popular, and can be served either as an appetizer or as a side dish to a larger meal. The traditional dish of the island would be Oil Down, which is based on breadfruit mixed with coconut, plantain and vegetables seasoned with turmeric.

You don’t need to experience local cuisine in a restaurant, although many exist in the capital of St. George’s and beyond. Street vendors will sell such wares as aloo pie, curried goat, and rotis. For an upscale dining experience, a lobster mousse, flying fish and caviar would please the most discerning palate.

Meals in Grenada are very much a social event. Extended families will gather for dinner and large after-church lunches. When dining with local Grenadians, remember that the main purpose of large meals is to socialize rather than just eat. Getting to know your meal mates will help you become one with the culture, rather than just seeing it from the periphery. Some fare you can expect to eat would be callaloo soup, which is made with crab meat, okra, and peppers. For dessert, nutmeg flavored ice cream is the perfect way to cleanse the palate and relax under a tropical sun.

No visit to Grenada would be complete without experiencing Fish Fridays. Every Friday throughout the fishing season the village of Gouyave hosts this popular event, featuring savory seafood dishes and live music.

Grenada is rich in culture and its cuisine is recognized around the world for its distinct mix of spices and flavors. The bounty from the fertile soil delivers some of the freshest, tastiest ingredients imaginable. From nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, turmeric and cloves to the finest curries and exquisite seafood and land animals, Grenada features some of the finest flavors you’ll find anywhere. When your travels take you to the Caribbean, ensure you find time to visit Grenada and experience the culinary treasures this island has to offer for yourself.


Grenada Nightlife

In comparison to other wild Caribbean islands, Grenada has a pretty easy-going nightlife – almost too quiet. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not there at all. If anything, there a few hotspots that any tourist is looking to have some serious fan shouldn’t miss. This applies to both tourists and locals alike; particularly those who would enjoy dancing the night away till dawn. In short, nights in Grenada are always fun-filled, slow but captivating nonetheless. Keeping that at the back of your mind, here are some of the best five chill spots to explore while in Grenada:

  1. The Fantazio Disco Club – Located on the Morne Rouge Beach, the Fantazio is your traditional one-of-a-kind bar and grille center, complete with an old-fashioned platform that makes for a dancing stage. Here, you can dance the night away with Soca, Rumba, Calypso and Reggae playing in the backdrop. The most popular nights start from Thursday, Friday all the way to Saturday, although the real action in Fantazio is seen on traditional carnival seasons such as Christmas and the New Year.
  2. The Dodgy Dock Lounge Bar – It’s only in Grenada where you can dance the night (and day) away to the incredible tune of an authentic fusion of Caribbean and Calypso and the DJs spinning the decks. If not that, be sure to be there at sunset on Fridays to catch the live Jazz action if not the sizzling of the Calypso BBQ or a Mexican Margarita Night.
  3. The Club Bananas – The Bananas Club is an assortment of a Sports-Bar, Night Club and a whisky lounge. The developers behind its creation made sure that this chill spot has something for everyone starting from the most sophisticated reveler to the simple tourist who’s only looking to have fun. Apart from the usual partying, you can always enjoy a quick meal of pizza or a large helping of Black Angus Burgers, Wicked Buffalo wings or simply Cajun fries. These mouthwatering gourmets are typically served side by side a cold bottle of beer or fruit flavored vodka.  And, oh, before I forget – watch out for the daily happy hour which starts at 5 to 7 pm daily. If you’re lucky enough, you can catch a free beer or two.
  4. The Uniquely Styled Clarks Court Cave – A walking distance from the Club Bananas is one of the few unique Bar and Grille centers in Grenada, And this is mostly because it is built inside the ancient Catacombs of the old Fort Matthew. At the same time, it overlooks St George’s and the adjacent Pricky Bay Marina. You surely cannot afford to miss the pleasure of grabbing a cold beer here, plus the fact that it’s not far the already popular Club Bananas makes an excellent location for Club hopping.
  5. The Spicy Basket – It’s one of the large-scale cultural centers with a village-like setting but with the same flair, you would find in New York or Las Vegas. The only difference is that the real party action begins on Friday night when local food is served in the company of live music. What’s more, unlike other party spots in the Caribbean, no cover charges are billed in the Spicy Basket.


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