Grand Bahama Vacations

Pink, silver and golden beaches are everywhere you turn in Grand Bahama, giving you a postcard perfect destination wedding every time. A romantic chapel right on the sea, bells ringing in air followed by a ballroom reception for all your family and friends; barefoot on the pink sands under palms with your nearest and dearest; eloping quietly and skipping straight to the honeymoon; the beauty of a Grand Bahama destination wedding is that you choose how you celebrate. With all inclusive honeymoon resorts you get the star treatment for a fraction of the price you’d pay to get married back home and you get a celebration and memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Why settle when you can have it all here?

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Grand Bahama. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Grand Bahama is always special as will be your time spent there.


Taking a Bahamas vacations offer natural beauty and a fantastic jumping off point for exploring the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas Island Chain; each island is called a Cay and each has its own charm. Duty free shopping means you’ll find great gifts (jewelry, perfume, liquor and other luxury goods) at a discount and without import taxes. When you’re the guest of an all-inclusive resort you’ll eat, drink and party for free, plus get great deals (often free) on excursions or activities. Go spelunking in the world’s longest limestone cave, go on a snorkel sea safari, take in a rum and dinner cruise and try out a hundred other fun activities that make visiting Grand Bahama special.

Things to Do in Grand Bahama

Don’t let the name fool you: Grand Bahama is a lightly populated paradise island focused more on wildlife, shopping and luxury than action. Here you’ll be able to bask in the sun on sandy white beaches under a palm tree. Go cycling on Doubloon Road and see the Bahamas like no one else has – and may ever again. Hidden waterfalls, lakes and beautiful spots abound, you just have to know where to look for them.

Taste the World

Have a hankering for every cuisine under the sun? You’ve come to the right place. An all-inclusive vacation to the Bahamas offers you something special that other islands can’t match: a taste of the world that’s as authentic as it is delicious. Many of the tiny island restaurants along the seaside will serve up conch, lobster, flying fish and other Caribbean delicacies under thatched roofs and open air grills. Visit the casino and resort hotels for haute cuisine that comes standard as part of your all-inclusive Grand Bahama vacation or as a little treat for yourself when you’re not a guest at that particular resort! French, Italian, REAL Chinese and Japanese food and local flavors like Rastafarian, Fish Fry and anything seafood. June is the best month for fresh catches – don’t be afraid to get out there and explore

Island Hopping Nightlife

Nightlife in Grand Bahama is centered on the glittering casinos (arguably the best in the island chain) down by the waterfront. If you’re looking for the best clubbing experiences, hop over to Paradise Island and see a colorful live can-can dance at Le Cabaret Theatre. The Pure Nightlife Club is a great place to party until the sun comes up, and Dragons on Paradise Island is also another great option for clubbing. You’ll find everything from laid back lounge bars to action packed parties that start inside and spill out onto the beach. Every night can be a new experience… you just have to get out there and explore.

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Trade winds give the Bahamas a warm, pleasant climate throughout the year. Temperatures average from 70°F during the winter, to 86°F in the summer.


5 Things To Do in Grand Bahama Island

Whether you’re a bunch love stricken newlyweds, sports enthusiasts, a family looking to have fun or simply nature lovers who don’t mind a once-in-a-lifetime gulp of pristine beauty, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Grand Bahama Island has something for everyone. From swimming with the dolphins to candle/fire lit romantic dinners to a weekend of lazing around in the casinos, it’s only obvious that it doesn’t get better than this. To put it simply, every day is an adventure on the Bahamas. Speaking of which, here are some of the top 5 things you shouldn’t leave the Bahamas without doing.

  1. Explore the caverns and tunnels of the Lucayan National Park – It is one of the most historical and culturally significant vacationing parks in the region. The Lucayan Caverns, for instance, which sprawl over six miles comprise of a complex web of charted tunnels and have the reputation of being the longest and most intricate underwater cave systems in the world. What’s more, beach lovers are treated to rare sights and sounds of the Gold Rock Beach that forms part of the Grand Bahama’s mangrove and papyrus ecosystem. All in all, the Lucayan is just more than your average tropical vegetation outdoor picnic site.
  2. Swim with the dolphins at UNEXSO – Located in Port Lucaya are, the UNEEXSO Dive Center is one of the most famous tourist attraction sites in the Grand Bahama – especially for SCUBA divers. Not only does it provide a rich variety of diving related activities for both non-experienced and experienced divers, but it’s also one of the few locations on earth that allow an unrestricted, ‘swim with the dolphins’ experience. However, it’s worth noting that some of these activities might require an advance registration. So, if you’re really interested then be sure to plan in advance!
  3. Take a meditative walk through the Garden of the Groves – Now, look around. Where do you think you can come across a perfect blend of both native and exotic vegetation against the backdrop of beautiful and paradisal ponds and waterfalls? Yet, this is the exact description of the Garden of the Groves that is found tucked away some miles away from Freeport. In case you’re wondering where it got its unusual name, the labyrinth (because that’s what exactly it is) is a product of Mr. Grove’s inspiration to create an authentic Bahamian quaint and artefact shopping village.
  4. Enjoy a dish of sizzling fried fish at the Smith’s Point Fish Fry joint – Nobody should visit the Grand Bahama and leave without indulging in the weekly Smith’s Point Fish Fry experience. It’s a food tasting event where different dishes ranging from traditional native cookouts to exotic cuisines are whipped up and served side by side equally delicious Bahamian dishes. Whether you’re a foodie or not, this is your one chance to sip punch rum, talk politics and make new friends over a large helping of fried snapper and lobster! And, oh, before I forget, with native Bahamian Afro beats playing in the backdrop.
  5. Shop for souvenirs in Port Lucaya Marketplace – It’s a 12-acre expanse of a complex beachfront located on a peninsula just outside of Freeport. Here, you can shop for something that you can remember years after you have been to the Caribbean.


The Grand Bahama Dining Experience

Dining on Grand Bahama Island presents you with a wide array of restaurants and culinary styles that will satiate any appetite, craving, and the pickiest taste buds! You will find American, Bahamian, Caribbean, European, Asian, Italian Cuisines and more at Lucaya, Freeport, and the Greater Grand Bahama:


On the southern coast of the Grand Bahama rests Lucaya. Churchill’s Steakhouse piano bar with a Mediterranean inspired menu, and the Flying Fish Modern Seafood offering the freshest gourmet Bahamian favorites with an artistic twist both entail a sophisticated atmosphere. Luciano’s specializes in continental and gourmet French cuisine for the ultimate fine dining experience. The Sabor Restaurant and Bar is the best spot for an evening cocktail overlooking the Port Luca Marina amidst a backdrop of twinkling lights and palm trees. Try out the Cappuccinos Italian or Bella Cucina and savor the rich flavors and pleasing aromas and romantic aura of the Italian countryside.

For casual dining, Banana Bay is the perfect place to enjoy a piña colada on hand, whether on the shaded deck or lounging in the sands. Relax by the poolside bar and grill at the Dive-In Marina Bar and Restaurant at the UNEXSO. They offer an American cuisine at the waterfront bar, where you’ll find yourself sipping Bloody Marys and tropical drinks. Have some veggie wraps or a heaping spinach-and-bacon salad, and banana bead French toast for a good weekend brunch! Get cozy with outdoor seating at the Margarita Villa Sand Bar while you have some fish and chips and Philly cheese steaks. China Beach and China Grill will satisfy your cravings of Chinese food and Asian-influenced dishes at the Grand Bahama.


Native restaurants at the Freeport can make an entire vacation worthwhile, such as Senor Frog’s Restaurant Bar & Souvenir Shop with an open-air space with a dance stage. Enjoy the Mexican menu complemented with tequila and fun, loud music! Mary Ann’s Restaurant and Lounge is not your ordinary diner, with authentic home-cooked Bahamian cuisine like cracked or curried lobster, chicken suise, johnnycake, and more.

Eat the healthiest food on the Grand Bahama island at Livity Vegetarian Juice Bar and Take-Out with fun smoothies such as Pressure Reliever, Flu Shot, and Incredible Hulk! Still, it’s nothing as delightful as the sumptuous veggie fritters, veggie and salmon burgers, soups and salads they offer. Pier One offers an extensive menu inclusive of Japanese favorites miso soup, sushi, tempura, seaweed salads, and the famous Bahama Mama.

Make sure you try out the Gully Wash Bahamian cocktail concocted with gin, fresh coconut water and condensed milk. Also, join the traditional Bahamian Fish Fry in Smith’s Point and enjoy local dishes made only from the freshest ingredients by top restaurants.

Greater Grand Bahama

The greater Grand Bahama holds the Bishop’s place, the long-time favorite of both locals and visitors alike who find their way into the Lucayan National Park. It’s a 30-minute drive from the Freeport International Airport. Fried food and conch fritters, fish fingers, crab salad, and burgers are some of the menu offerings. They serve various beer brands such as the locally brewed Sands and Kalik, and many other cool tropical drinks.


A Grand Vacation with the Grand Bahama Nightlife

Most resorts at the Grand Bahama stage entertainment at night which hold shows that are open to the general public, meaning no extra costs for some added fun on your vacation! Nassau has the nightlife, casinos, and markets to keep you occupied where most of the action takes place, but you can retreat into a much more laid back and quiet Grand Bahama or Freeport for a relaxing ambiance. There’s room for partying as you wish with night activities outweigh the size of the island! Entertain yourself from dusk ‘til dawn with the Bahamas nightlife, where there’s plenty to do no matter what day of the week you visit:

  1. Bars, Clubs, and Discos – Sip a cocktail or your favorite brew at any of the casual hangouts at the Lucayan Harbor and Port Lucaya Marketplace. Sparky’s Bar, Neptunes’ Cocktail Lounge, and the Out Da Sea Bar & Grill are some of the tourist top choices of the greatest local spots. Popular hangouts comprise the Bahama Mama Bar, the Corner Bar, Rum Runners, Dive Inn Bar & Grill, Shenanigans, and Mamadoos which host music periodically too. Club Amnesia is the largest nightclub in the Grand Bahama which yields music that will make your body groove almost involuntarily as you tear up the dance floor! Experience an authentic island bonfire beach party at Taino by the Sea on top of witnessing the beautiful sunset. Just 5 minutes away by taxi from Port Lucaya is the fish fry at Smith’s point, which is something you cannot miss if it’s a Wednesday! It’s where several restaurants including Tony Macaroni’s Conch Experience, Da Bus Stop, and The White Wave hold a native cookout where the fried snapper reigns along with BBQ ribs and chicken, lobster, conch, and Bahamian delicacies. Savor the sumptuous food as Bahamian music lingers in the atmosphere and the Outriggers dance floor goes on all night to your delight!
  2. Native Entertainment – Count Basie Square features a vine-covered bandstand where best live music on the Grand Bahama is performed every night, and you are free to join at no cost. Located in the center of Port Lucaya Marketplace, the beautiful voices and music from steel bands, Junkanoo evening groups, and local church gospel singers waft melodically in the air. On particular nights you may encounter karaoke, fire and limbo dancing, Rake & Scrape, live folk music, cultural performances, and shows by the island’s top bands. There are also concerts and shows held at The Garden of the Groves.
  3. Bahamian Theater – Check out performance schedules at the Regency Theater for tickets to Bahamian and Caribbean playwrights as well as Broadway and London blockbusters. Witness a collection of original and classic musicals, dramas, comedies delivered by talented actors.
  4. Exciting Casinos – Gambling at the Grand Bahama cannot be made grander with big-time excitement and luxurious indulgence at the heart of the island. Take a break from the beaches and enjoy non-stop gaming at Grand Lucayan Resort’s Las Vegas-style casino environment. The Treasure Bay Casino features 25 gambling tables, a high-limit slot area, high-limit room designed for table games, and hundreds of slot machines to play and try your luck!


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