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Located in the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea, Curacao is an interesting mix of the old and the new. Its capital, Willemstad, is a busy city with interesting architecture and museums. The coastal areas and the countryside are full of beautiful beaches and large parks. Booking your Curacao vacation is made easy by Traveloni, who can get you great deals and discounted rates.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Curacao. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Curacao is always special as will be your time spent there.


Located in the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea, Curacao is an interesting mix of the old and the new. Its capital, Willemstad, is a busy city with interesting architecture and museums. The coastal areas and the countryside are full of beautiful beaches and large parks. Booking your Curacao vacation is made easy by Traveloni, who can get you great deals and discounted rates.


One of the popular plantations turned into parks is the Christoffel National Park. Erected in the 1970s, the park boasts of stands of mahogany, Amerindian petroglyph and limestone terraces. You can climb the top of Mt. Christoffel, offering a view of Bonaire provided the weather is clear. The land houses are of Baroque architecture. One of the land houses has the Savonet Museum. Visit it to learn more about Curacao’s history.

Visit the Museums in Curacao

While on vacation in Curacao, visit Museum Kura Hulanda, which is one of the best museums in the Caribbean. Located inside a quarters used by slaves in the 19th century, its exhibits record the slave trade from the Americas to West Africa. There are also exhibits on voodoo, mankind’s origin and Mesopotamia. The Jewish Cultural and Historical Museum houses artifacts from the oldest Jewish congregation in the western hemisphere continuously operating since 1651. You can also visit the Mikvé Israel Emanuel Synagogue adjacent to the museum.

Explore all the island has to offer

While taking a vacation in Curacao, view the island from a different perspective. Ride a jeep and enjoy Curacao’s safari. See the island’s unique landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and breathtaking views. Take pictures of the fascinating flora and fauna along the way. Take a day trip and see the islands other interesting spots. See the Blue Curacao Liquor Factory, the Queen Juliana Bridge, the Shete Boca National Park and more. Take your kids to a family friendly and educational adventure. Ride an ostrich at the Ostrich Farm and explore the HATO caves. The guides will educate you of how ostriches live and reproduce. They will also provide knowledge on how the caves were formed.

Curacao is rich in history and natural beauty and is a great place to get away for a vacation. Call us today at (800) 510-5642 so we can help plan and book your all inclusive vacation to Curacao when you are ready.

The main rainy season is from October to December. The hottest months are August thru November (90°F, 32°C); the year round average is 77°F, 25°C.




This spectacular complex has a unique ‘open-water’ system, allowing fresh seawater to be continuously pumped in. Take in the sea lion show, but don’t expect to just observe the animals at this Aquarium! Interaction is available with dolphin encounters, shark and turtle feeding and snorkeling with stingrays. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

African Nights Dinner Tour

Explore Curacao in the style of an African Safari! Your safari guide will take you in your Jeep to the CurAloe plantation, where you can learn about the curative qualities of the aloe vera plants, so abundant on Curacao. Then it’s off to the Ostrich Farm to see how these amazing animals go from egg to the biggest birds on earth! Your safari ends with a sunset cocktail and a 3-course dinner by campfire.

City and East Highlight Tour

The best way to get your first glimpse of Curacao! Drive through colorful, historic Willenstad and take in the beautiful architecture. Stop to shoot a spectacular photo on the Queen Juliana Bridge, 165 feet above the city. Learn about how the original Curacao liquor is made at the Chobolobo Liqueur Factory and stop at a local market to shop for souvenirs!

Bounty Pirate Sail and Snorkel

Set sail for adventure! If it’s the Pirate’s life for you, join the friendly crew of a real pirate ship on a sail along the breathtaking south coast. Stop to snorkel at Curacao’s most beautiful shallow reef and take a plunge off the Wild and Wicked Rope Swing!


The Blue Bay Golf Course is almost certain to be ranked among the top 50 in the world. Opened in 2000, Curacao’s new 18-hole championship golf course at Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort has drawn much attention, and quickly made golf the island’s fastest rising activity. The course, designed by Rocky Roquemor, stretches along a scenic area of the island’s coast, just a few miles from historic Willemstad and major hotels. Magnificent views abound, and excellent soils and wonderful native vegetation provide superb playability and beauty. The course wanders through rolling land that stretches to and from the sea, and is nestled alongside newly constructed lakes and a large restored lagoon. A bit of advice: bring not only a sound game, but a good camera as well!

The Curacao Golf and Squash Club offers a 9-hole course that is open to non-members in the mornings and early afternoons.


Dining in Curacao

Few countries in the Caribbean boast as rich a cultural heritage mix as Curacao, a sunny tropical island located north of Venezuela. From indigenous South American peoples to Dutch colonists, British and French occupiers, to Portuguese and Indonesian immigrants, the island’s cuisine has a vast array of ethnicities upon which it draws inspiration. Subsequently, the food of Curacao is a savory mixture of Caribbean staples with an international flavoring bringing together the best of European and Pacific Rim styles. Few places are as welcoming to newcomers as Curacao, and a dining experience there will please any palate.

Cheese is very popular in Curacao, a holdover from its Dutch colonial past. One of the main traditional dishes is called keshi yena, which means “stuffed cheese” in the common Papiamentu language. This dish features a block of hollowed out cheese, typically Gouda, and is stuffed with vegetables and seasoned chicken. While it’s difficult to find in restaurants, some establishments will serve it in a highly ornamental fashion. This type of local food is called Krioyo, and a wide variety of succulent dishes are on offer. Stews such as stoba, made of papaya and either goat or beef, are also very popular.

Restaurants on this tiny island offer a huge variety of ethnic styles. For traditional Dutch cuisine inspired by Indonesian traders, many offer rijstafel, which literally means rice table. This culinary experience features a long buffet with as many as two dozen different entrees, all accompanied by rice. Biterbal, another Dutch specialty, is fried, balled sausages and is one of the local delicacies. Portuguese-style bread is a treat, and many bakeries make it based on traditional recipes. Other culinary dishes are inspired by African immigrants, such as funchi, a cornmeal mixture served in different molds by fine dining establishments. And of course, the eponymous Curacao liqueur finds its origins here and is a delicious aperitif to accompany any meal or social occasion.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, another favorite island dish is sopi di yuana, which is a stew made with iguana! While it may not be to everyone’s liking, legend has it that it can heal the sick.

One of the best ways to experience the local cuisine is to take the Culinary Walking Tour Curacao. Run by Angela’s Kitchen Curacao, and takes you on a journey of alimentary discovery in the markets and restaurants surrounding St. Anna Bay. The capital of Willemstad, meanwhile, has a rich selection of restaurants, from fine dining to casual. Traditional Dutch- and Indonesian-inspired fare is everywhere, and most other ethnic cuisines from Chinese to Jewish dishes can easily be found.

Curacao is the perfect blend of cultures, and this fact reflects in its wide variety of dishes. The island has a proud culinary tradition, and a traveler to Curacao will have no problem getting a sample of it in any restaurant or kitchen. Whether your tastes skew toward sweet delicacies or savory entrees, The cuisine of Curacao’s epic mix of ethnic inspirations will have you coming back for more.


Curacao’s Vibrant Nightlife

A significant part of Curacao’s nightlife stems from the youthful population that throngs the town’s resorts and hotels mostly on weekends and national and international festivities. There are more bars and nightclubs here that anyone would care to count while the hippest nightspots are always affordably priced all year round. What’s more, the town’s local paper has a special editorial section where it analyses and dissects the hottest “happening” joints in the entire city and its environs. The combination of the beach parties and elegantly styled bars easily makes Curacao one of the most impressive night time getaways of all the ABC islands. That said, here is an assortment of what you can expect in Curacao:

  1. Bars – Beach and lounge bars are without a doubt one of the typical hangout joints for vacationers and locals alike in Curacao. And this is mostly because it allows them the flexibility and convenience of the beach even as the music thunders in the backdrop. If this sounds like something that you would wish to try, then the Baya Beach Lounge is one of the hottest spots that you shouldn’t leave Curacao without trying out. On the decks of this joint, patrons can throng together, dance the night away or just soak up the salty sea breeze as they while the time away.  On the other hand, if visiting a traditional Dutch joint sounds like an interesting thing to do to you, then make sure you do check out the Café Old Dutch paradise where grilled barbecue is served in the company of strikingly beautiful Salsa-dancing girls. Additionally, as much as there are many standalone bars in Curacao’s party district, they are more which exists in conjunction with classy restaurants and bars. A good example includes Asia de Cuba, The Blues, Avalon Social Club, Mambo Beach and, of course, the Ole Ole Jazz Club.
  2. The Nightclubs – Although nightclubs in Curacao aren’t exactly known for their solace, there are a few great places you can enjoy a relaxed evening without having to shout over a deafening din. Such is the Bermuda, which also have a dance floor should you change your mind in the course of the night.  Another good alternative is the Club X-Clusive, where the neon lighting effects and the Manhattan-based DJ make it have the same flair you would find in New York or Las Vegas. Otherwise, if you’re looking to mingle with a much younger crop, then the Club Zen is one of the places you shouldn’t jet home without popping into. The place is mostly frequented by youngsters in their late teens and early 20s and is one of the places where the party doesn’t stop.
  3. Other After Dark & Nightlife Entertainment Spots – As much as the booze flows in gallons in Curacao, you don’t have to spend your entire vacation drinking to appreciate the beauty of this island. Movies too can be an excellent alternative to those who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary while in Curacao. In this regard, make an effort of visiting the Teatro Luna Blou in the eastern part of Curacao.


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