Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica gives you an experience like no other, and with good reason; here you can fly from a zip line across the canopies of the tropical forests by day, and watch a live active volcano at night. Sleep on a bed of perfumed crisp linens, with fresh fruit and champagne delivered every day to your room. Have the finest entertainment, gambling, and dining just footsteps from your room, but the option to go outside the resort to explore wonderful local areas that are rich in history and things to do. Relax in quiet spas and reinvigorate yourself with a massage by the sea, or go paragliding over the mountains to see the island like never before. When you travel to Costa Rica, you’ll have so many options for a good time you might not want to leave!

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Costa Rica. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Costa Rica is always special as will be your time spent there.


Costa Rica is an island paradise where the rich and adventurous come to play. Here you’ll have it all; the ability to hop from island to island in the playground of the Caribbean, vibrant nightlife, delicious food, fun stuff to do all day and night and great accommodations that will make you forget you’re on vacation and long for the island long after you leave. Zip down a line on a harness along the tops of a tropical rainforest for a breathtaking view that can’t be beat. Enjoy the wave and go surfing on the eastern side, and enjoy tranquil seas and the rainbow reefs on the western side. Watch volcanoes erupt at night and feel the earth shake beneath your feet to the beat of music, dancing until dawn under a star lit sky.

Enjoy gourmet meals that are included with the cost of your stay, or go exploring tastes of Europe, America, Mexico and the Caribbean along the beaches in open air grills and gourmet restaurants.


Here you’ll find high mountains that you can climb and repel down, lush green forests that have hidden pools and lagoons that you can go swimming in, and foamy white beaches so soft you’ll never believe it’s sand! Go diving in easy and hard spots, always finding a beautiful and alien landscape to explore that matches your level of difficulty. Get pampered in a spa for a day, learn yoga and go explore the jungles in the eco-parks on a safari too! Get lost on the beautiful beaches for a day, exploring the beautiful private resort beaches as well as the public playas that you can meet new friends on; pebble and white beaches abound so get out there and explore what the day holds for you!


When you’re looking for the best dining experience in the Caribbean, you’ll find it in Costa Rica! Here you can enjoy gourmet dining in the resort hotels, or you can splurge in some of the island’s best restaurants along the waterfront. From fast food favorites that will remind you of home, to Indian, Chinese, Greek, European and Caribbean delights that are blended into fusion cuisine that will beat anything you’ve eaten before! Why just eat a hamburger when you can enjoy real Szechuan chicken and curry locally grown dusted around buttery lobster.


When you’re looking at nightlife in Costa Rica, you’ll find everything from the ordinary to the insane here! Go partying in the clubs on the beach or at the resorts, with colorful drinks and beautiful people that will keep you up all night long. Test your luck in the casinos, and if you’re not into gambling you’ll be able to catch dinner and a show, eat at five star restaurants or party in their nightclubs. Watch the volcano erupt from miles away and shake the earth, while looking up at a velvety blanket of stars that are so clear, so close you can almost touch them.


Activities in Costa Rica

Here you can play in paradise, without worrying about trying something new! Have you ever wanted to go down a zip line over the tropical forest, going so fast all you see is a whirl of green and blue? Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain, and then parasail down the side of it? Go deep see fishing and catch Snapper and the illusive Billfish and eat it right on the beach, where it’s grilled to perfection and served to you with great spices and delicious desserts! Go diving in some of the toughest spots on earth, and snorkel along the coast. Have a relaxing holiday in the spas, on the golf courses or rest along the beautiful white powdery beaches; if you’re a shopaholic or a foodie you’ll find so much to enjoy around the resorts, and special treats that can be had for a steal. All this and more is waiting for you in Costa Rica.

Work Hard, Play Hard

You work hard all year long; you deserve a break from the daily blues with the lush green landscape of Costa Rica! Here you can go on a canopy tour down over the treetops, or just get out at night and explore the jungles and one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Go deep down into the canyons and climb them to get a view of the island that you couldn’t find anywhere else!

Take a Tour

Take a helicopter tour high above the island, watching the volcanoes, seeing nature in its full glory or just to get a better view of the coast and where you should go! White water rafting on the river is also a popular way of getting out, and they have different levels of experience so you can ride your first raft on an easy going river and not fall out of the boat the first time out!

Shady Palms Await You

Shady palms await you on the beach, but sun worshippers rejoice; here you can get the sun kissed tan you’ve been wanting along sugary white beaches that wrap the island like a fine layer of crème. With rainbow reefs at every turn, tranquil seas for wading and big waves for surfing, you’ll be able to find the beach you need! Many of the resort hotels have private beaches where you can play all day, and the public beaches are open to everyone; meet new friends and have a great time with a volleyball game or hacky sack!

Enjoying yourself in Costa Rica is all about following your passion! If you’re into fishing, go on a fishing tour; if you’ve ever wanted to scale a mountain and repel down the side of it, go canyoning! Eat at a different place every night; lay along the powdery beaches and just take a break from the daily grind in a place where time seems to stand still. Costa Rica is something different to everyone, explore it and find out what it means for you!


Dining in Costa Rica

When you’re choosing your destination wedding location, you want to make sure you’re not locked into limited restaurant choices; but dining in Costa Rica is as adventurous as it is delicious! From the Italian food at Bacchus in Santa Ana, to Ginger’s Asian-South American fusion of Ginger Tapas, you’ll find a healthy blend of just about any food you have ever wanted to try! The Dragonfly Grill has Tex-Mex and Pacific Rim fusion foods with generous portions and Nectar has grilled lobster and other delicious seafood treats that you watch cook right before your eyes. Sofia has Latin fusion food that has to be tasted to be believed. In Costa Rica, you’ll have a hard time finding a steak, but you won’t have a hard time finding fresh locally sourced ingredients that are made with love that creates a dining experience that you won’t soon forget!

Costa Rica Local Favorites

Every area has its local favorites, where the food is affordable and delicious, the portions are generous and you don’t have to worry about wasting your time on a meal that just isn’t worth your time. Le Pecora Nera in Puerto Viejo has some of the best Italian fusion food that has created one of the best dining experiences on the island. Jade Luna blends creative cuisine with a beautiful atmosphere that really brings the best of Costa Rica right to your plate. Tin Jo in San Jose gives you all the best of the orient in one spot, with spicy Szechuan food, fresh sushi on little wooden trays, and even authentic Indian curries that you just can’t miss!

Splurge in Costa Rica!

When you’re planning your beach wedding, or maybe just when you’re on your honeymoon, you should splurge a little! Many all-inclusive resorts have meals included, and many different restaurants on their premises. You can check out which ones have the best food with reviews; here though we’ll be talking about high end dining outside of the resorts. The Grano de Oro Restaurant has a charming little restaurant inside, where you can eat many European and American meals and rich deserts that are a real treat. The El Patio Bistro Latino lends Quepos an air of elegance, with delicious dishes from just about everywhere and creative desert plates that change often. Nectar in Guanacaste is set right on the beach, with fantastic seafood and even American food if you’re craving a taste of home.

There are many other restaurants, and the best way to find them is to get out there and explore. From buttery delicious lobster tails that are grilled in front of you, to sweet delicious desserts that will delight your taste buds and might even delight your waistline if you’re not careful! When choosing catering for your beach wedding, be sure to get adventurous and try something new! Destination weddings in Costa Rica cost a fraction of what you would spend elsewhere, so it leaves a large budget to enjoy your inner foodie


Nightlife in Costa Rica

Nightlife in Costa Rica offers gambling, volcanoes, dinner shows and tours, nightclubs and more! Here you can find many ways to entertain yourself, and aren’t limited to a handful of bars where you’ll see the same faces every night; nightlife in Costa Rica takes on a life all its own and it really isn’t the same island after dark. Enjoy a dinner show with live entertainment like cabaret, or take a tour of museums at night or through the tropical forests of Costa Rica that will amaze you. Another option is, of course, seeing the great volcano. One of the most romantic sites on the island, the active volcano lights up the dark Costa Rican nights; you can watch it from a safe distance and revel in its destructive beauty. If you like clubbing, there are many clubs that range from Salsa to Merengue, where you can dance until dawn and mingle with both tourists and locals alike. When you choose a Costa Rican destination wedding, you’ll never want for a lack of nightlife!

Live Entertainment in Costa Rica

Most bars and dance clubs here in Costa Rica have live entertainment so you can dance the night away; if you don’t know how to dance, don’t despair! Dance lessons are everywhere can be held at night and are extremely affordable. Learn to do the mambo, meringue, salsa and more in just a couple lessons. There are also live bands and concerts that are going on every week, where you can see flamenco dancers do their thing (great photo opportunity) or even New Orleans jazz bands; Costa Rica has a lot of variety with its live music and it’s changing all the time.

Costa Rica Night Tours

Night tours are a mainstay of Costa Rican nightlife; here you can watch the active volcano erupt from a safe distance, but feel the heat and the movement of the earth beneath you; it’s really a sight you have to see when you’re on the island. Some companies even offer zip line tours above the canopies where you can move over the tops of the trees at night in style; another tour to see is the Wildlife Nightlife Tours where you wander around (with a guide of course) in the jungle at night with high powered flashlight seeing some of the beautiful nocturnal wildlife inhabitants of the island.

Test Your Luck

You HAVE to visit the casino when you’re in Costa Rica! If you’ve ever wanted to try gambling, you’ll find a good selection of them near all of the all-inclusive resort communities. Here you can play a myriad of games like slots, craps, blackjack (sometimes it is Caribbean Black Jack, so watch out) and many other games of chance. Many casinos in the Caribbean will vary with their drinking rules; some allow you to drink at the table, while others will not allow you to do so. It is different in every place; be sure to check so there aren’t any problems and you can enjoy your evening!


These Costa Rica resorts offer wedding-specific packages:

  • Barcelo
  • Decameron
  • Dreams
  • Four Seasons
  • Hilton
  • Occidental
  • Riu
  • Westin

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