Barbados Vacations

Taking a vacation the 34 km-long island of Barbados is the perfect getaway spot. The island, like many other Caribbean islands, is known for its pristine beaches, clear waters, and powdery soft sands. At the same time, Barbados is a well-developed community, so travelers will not be challenged in finding comforts that they are used to, especially in cities such as Bridgetown. Plan an all inclusive Barbados vacation and see why it is becoming one of the more popular islands in the Caribbean.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Barbados. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Barbados is always special as will be your time spent there.


The white sands of Barbados’ beaches are soft as talcum. Visit the Enterprise beach and spend the long afternoon lounging under the sun. Get your much-needed tan while reading a book or having a drink under a tree.

Traditional Village to Visit

While in Barbados, learn more about the local culture and its people. See the Tyrol Cot Heritage Village, a customary Bajan village originally owned by the island’s first primier’s. The village showcases traditional housing models, and arts for sale from local artists. You will also find a blacksmith and the stables-turned-restaurant offering local sandwiches.

Walk Through the Forest

One of the more popular activities while taking a Barbados vacation is going on a walk through one of the many lush forests. See Barbados’ flora and fauna in the thick woods of Welchman Hall Gully. This area was not cultivated by local farmers, and is a vital remainder of Barbados’ old forests.

Visit a local museum in Barbados

The Barbados Museum has many stories to tell. Rich with historical artifacts covering slavery, military history and the island’s colonization, the museum is sure to engage adults and children alike. The building itself used to be a prison in the 19th century. You can also find a gallery on African culture.

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Temperatures range between 75-85°F, with gentle trade winds, a balmy climate and 3,000 hrs of sunshine each year. Rainy season is July-Nov, though showers tend to be brief. Hurricanes do not usually affect Barbados.



When you choose Barbados for your destination wedding, you’ll find that there is so much to do, you might have to come back again! Barbados has a beach for every day of the year, craft centers where you can buy beautiful gifts and an abundance of ecotourism, you’ll find something to enjoy every day. If you’re into gambling or want a dinner and a show, you’ll find two great casinos on the island that have just about every game under the sun to enjoy. There’s also rum distilleries and little scenic towns and villages that you might want to visit, along with horseback riding and and rum and music cruises where you can enjoy a night out in the water! One of the more unique excursions available during a Barbados destination wedding is a submarine tour where you can go down deep and see the sea like never before, not to be missed! Whatever way you choose to spend your time in Barbados, you’ll have a great time and a beautiful destination wedding.

Get in the Water

Barbados is a beautiful island nation, and you will have many opportunities to explore the ocean here. First, you can go snorkeling along the shore and see the many colorful fish, dolphins and manta rays that play in the open waters. Take in a submarine ride to see the ocean without getting wet, but you’ll find that the ride is cool and comfortable and a great way to explore. If you’re going to go diving, it’s a good idea to go and get a guide so you can rent your equipment and know where all the best spots are for your skill level.

Play in the Sand

You can have just as much fun on land as you can on the sea! First off, you should try an Eco tour; here you will be introduced to the wildlife on the island, some of the most scenic areas where you can take great photos, and of course get out in the open and explore what lush beauty that Barbados has to offer. Take a horseback ride here through the jungle, through the villages and right on the beach at sunrise, sunset or just during the day; remember to have some water with you because it can get hot under the Barbadian sun.

Take a Tour

Tours are available at sunset on a catamaran, in glass bottom boats along the shore, and even as a live music cruise where the liquor flows freely. How you want to see the island will affect which cruise you will want to try. The catamaran cruises are more intimate affairs where you can lounge in luxury and eat a meal with wine. Music cruises will be packed with people and has more of a party atmosphere, these are great for bachelorette parties or just a fun night out. Glass bottom boats allow you to see the beauty of the ocean without getting wet.

No matter what you choose, you’ll have plenty of fun around the island and won’t ever be stuck wondering how you picked this awful place. A Barbados vacation gives you luxury, fun and most of all great value for your money.


Dining in Barbados

Dining in Barbados is an experience all its own; here you’ll find more fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood that you’ll be beside yourself about what to try. Delicacies like flying fish that are battered in delicious beer batter with a spicy sauce; if you don’t like spice, be sure to ask for it plain without it or you’ll get a mouthful! Festive open air grills abound around the coast, so you can eat lobster and marlin that you catch or just want to watch cooked before your eyes. Other delicacies like Pepper pot soup, carvers and fresh seafood sandwiches will delight your taste buds with new flavors. One thing to note of Barbados is the distinct lack of beef on the island; you will find many different pork, chicken and seafood dishes though that make up for the lack of beef.

Dine by the Sea

Most of the great locally owned restaurants are along the oceanfront, and you’ll get great portions on your plate and just as great prices. Many of these restaurants will offer you pork ribs, chicken plates (fried or grilled), and even lobster tails where you can eat at a slow pace without being rushed. This laid back atmosphere is one of the great things about island life, and you won’t have to worry about someone trying to get you out so the next customer can have your table; equally, the service might be a little slow, but it will still be great!

Dine at the Resort Hotels

When you have an all inclusive resort wedding and/or honeymoon package, you will be able to eat at the restaurants inside the hotel for free! Many of them can be a bit packed, so talk with the concierge to find out if you need to make reservations on certain nights. Beyond this, you’ll find a wide selection of food ranging from gourmet al a carte dining to American comfort food like hamburgers and pizza. Whatever you want to eat, you’ll find it! Different resorts will have different options, and you can also eat at ones that aren’t where you’re staying, you’ll just have to pay menu prices.

Try the Town Centre

In all the towns in Barbados, you’ll find a town centre or market where you can eat different foods ranging from Caribbean, American and many others like Cantonese and local cuisine that are both inventive and creative, giving you a real treat to enjoy no matter what meal you choose.

Dining in Barbados is delicious, adventurous, and always fun! From the open air grills along the beach, to the five star dining options you’ll find in the all inclusive resorts, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of dining options. When you choose Barbados for your destination wedding, you won’t be restricted to just one or two fast food places, and you can enjoy the bounty of the Caribbean and all Barbados has to offer.


Nightlife in Barbados

The sparkling nightlife of Barbados really shines through, and when you choose this beautiful island for your destination wedding you’ll have a great time exploring it as everything comes awake at night. From rest and relaxation to non-stop dance parties that run from dusk until dawn, you’ll find it all here.

One important thing to note is the fact that Barbados is home to several of the best rum vintages in the world, and you should be sure to try the local rums distilled from fresh sweet Bajan sugarcane when you’re clubbing at night. Each part of the island has their own contributions to the nightlife; in the West where many all inclusive resorts are located, you’ll find a lot of bars and restaurants that give you a great experience. Enjoy Scarlet’s where you can mingle with locals and drink local rums. Holetown has all of the bouncing nightlife, and on 2nd street you can get upscale martinis. Either way, when you’re on your destination wedding and honeymoon you’ll find somewhere relaxing to kick back and have a great night out!

Take a Tour of Barbados

Brewery tours here are great, and when you visit Banks brewery you get unlimited beer and learn how the beer gets made. Mount Gary Rum also has a distillery tour where you can watch how their rum is made, and you can get samples of all the rums they make, and even buy some to take home later in the company store at the end of the tour.

Explore the Resort Clubs

Each resort has clubs of its own, so be sure you take full advantage of all the unlimited premium beverages that your all inclusive wedding and honeymoon package has to offer! You’ll find the best and most lively clubs here, and as long as you have your wristband on you won’t have to pay a dime. Enjoy live music, entertainment like dancers and musicians, and of course delicious treats from the grill!

Get Out!

There are many clubs and restaurants that are all over the island, from the Boatyard that serves up pop, calypso and reggae every night, to the Harbour Lights Club where you can get free drinks, enjoy a beach party on Mondays, you’ll find these are great. The Waterfront Caf’ has vocalists and pianists, Latin and even steel pan music on different days! If you’re looking for a more Caribbean feel, check out the Reggae Lounge for live local music that will keep you dancing through the night!

Barbados Casinos

There is a good variety of casinos in Barbados, and can add a little spice to your destination wedding. The Princess Casino is the best and most elegant of the ones you can choose from on the island, with three floors, a Belaggio restaurant and a lounge where you can catch Vegas style acts and enjoy yourself with dinner and a show.

Nightlife in Barbados ranges from the usual American fare you’ve probably already experienced, to hot Reggae and salsa clubs that dot the coastline. With so many options, it makes for a great destination wedding!


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