Antigua Vacations

Antigua is a fantastic all inclusive destination vacation spot in the Caribbean – they have 365 beaches, a beach for every day of the year. Go snorkeling along pristine coral reefs, get a sun kissed tan on your own personal pink sandbar, and enjoy fantastic food that you just can’t find anywhere else. The Saturday Morning Market here has gifts from around the world, buy something to eat now or something to take home with you later. Climb high up a three-story platform and zip over the tropical treetops on a zip line, or go rock climbing up Hell’s Gate.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path but still want that rustic Old World charm, all inclusive Antigua vacations are the way to go.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Antigua. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Antigua is always special as will be your time spent there.


Antigua is a fantastic all inclusive destination vacation spot in the Caribbean – they have 365 beaches, a beach for every day of the year. Go snorkeling along pristine coral reefs, get a sun kissed tan on your own personal pink sandbar, and enjoy fantastic food that you just can’t find anywhere else.

The Saturday Morning Market here has gifts from around the world, buy something to eat now or something to take home with you later. Climb high up a three-story platform and zip over the tropical treetops on a zip line, or go rock climbing up Hell’s Gate.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path but still want that rustic Old World charm, all inclusive Antigua vacations are the way to go.

Get Last Minute Antigua Vacation Deals

Don’t let spontaneity get in the way of a great vacation – we’ve collected some of the best last minute Antigua vacations deals around. Save time, money and pamper yourself in the lap of luxury in Antigua.

What is an All Inclusive Vacation Anyway?

When you book a room at a resort, you usually are just paying for the room. You might have to kick in more for a pass to their private beaches, there are no honor bars, and you’ll have to cover all of your own drinks and food too. Paying for all that can make a cheap room turn into an expensive nightmare fast… but there’s a better way!

With all inclusive vacation packages in Antigua you get your own place in the sun, a visit to paradise, and you’ll pay a fraction of what you would have to when visiting popular destinations back home. Why spend more for a scenic view of the parking lot or, gasp, a concierge that hands you a pamphlet for a seedy dive bar when you can go somewhere with actual service?

With a last minute Antigua vacation package you get a staff that’s dedicated to making sure you’re having a great time. Your room is always near the ocean and. your meals are always included in the price of your stay. Also with an all inclusive deal you’ll never have to worry about your drinks costing you more and you’ll have your choice of top shelf premium beverages throughout the day; plus enjoy fun activities like zip lining, sea kayaking, snorkeling and even swimming out in the open water with dolphins.

Isn’t it Expensive to Visit Antigua?

Don’t let the luxurious label fool you – your money stretches a long way, even in this sunny paradise. Each resort has to have so many rooms rented to stay solvent – so when you travel at the last minute they’re willing to give you a great deal, especially in the off season!

You’ve worked hard year ‘round to afford a vacation, or maybe you’ve just caught a lucky break and have some time off. Why settle when you can have paradise? Don’t! Choose Antigua!

Temperatures range from the mid-70s in winter to the mid-80s in summer. Annual rainfall averages 45 inches and trade winds are nearly constant. Low humidity year-round.


Things to Do in Antigua for a Spectacular Vacation

Antigua is the perfect place to be if you wish to break-free from the busy lifestyle, coupled with its sister island Barbuda where you can almost wander like Robinson Crusoe. You will totally forget about everything else upon entering a world where boundless activities await you! The island is renowned for its famous beaches with majestic sceneries and beguiling blue waters, but it’s only the beginning of a one-of-a-kind vacation. It entails an unforgettable trip to individuals, families, groups, and people of all ages. There’s so much to do and learn in Antigua with the rich culture, history, man’s works of art, nature’s wonders and exciting explorations:

  1. Beach Fun. Spend your entire day in utter relaxation soaking under the sun, sunbathing, getting a goddess-like golden tan, sitting under the coconut tree, and whatever your idea of unwinding is on the sands and pristine waters. There are hundreds of these bodies of water, 365 to be exact, giving you one beach to set foot on each day of the year! The Half Moon Bay, Valley Church, Galley Bay, Darkwood, Dickenson Bay, Ffryes, Pigeon, Turner, and Long Bay Beaches are the most gorgeous beaches ranking the top spots.
  2. Outdoor Adventures. Nurture your most adventurous side an venture on an off-road forest and safari journey, trek the tracks on a buggy or jeep, or an inflatable reef rider on the water from WCT – West Coast Tours. Visitors highly recommend exploring the island on an Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour, which offers tree houses, vertical descents, thrilling zip lines, and a rope 9 elements challenge course for you to overcome! Go for a nature walk to truly savor the outdoors, head on over to witnessing an unparalleled view from the Boggy Peak, Shekerley Mountains, or Devil’s Bridge.
  3. Go Up-Close. Explore Antigua through sightseeing Popular spots include Betty’s Hope former sugar plantation, the thrice-built Cathedral of St. John the Divine, La Merced Church, Admiral’s House Museum, Art at the Ridge, Nelson’s Dockyard National Park and Dockyard Museum. Walk through the island’s small villages, smell the flowers, and go people watching at the Plaza Central Park. Have firsthand experience of the Antigua life as you visit the St. John’s Saturday Morning Market and buy local produce, crafts, and more!
  4. Water Fun. Scuba Dive or snorkel on coral reefs that hold colorful fish and diverse marine life, or go eco kayaking in the mangroves inhabited by turtles, ballyhoo and starfish. How about you try parasailing, kitesurfing, or wind-surfing too? Paddles Snorkel and Kayak Eco adventure is a top choice by tourists, along with DiveCarib LTD – Day Dives, Indigo and Dockyard Divers, and Antigua Chiama Italia where you can swim with stingrays! Catch fish the Antigua way with the guidance of a knowledgeable captain including saltwater fly fishing.
  5. Cruise in Style. Have a grand vacation by sailing aboard luxury yachts or sleek and comfortable catamarans throughout the Caribbean. The Adventure Caribbean Yacht Charter, Tropical Catamaran Sailing Day Tours, Creole Cruises, Catch the Cat – Private Sailing Charters and Wadildi Cats provide the best experiences, and you’ll want to go for another round!


Dining in Antigua

Antigua is a sun-drenched island in the West Indies and offers any foodie a vast treasure trove of traditional dishes. Antiguan cuisine is centered around seafood, although the rich variety of tropical fruits and vegetables serve as the basis of savory culinary concoctions that will delight any palate. From beef, chicken, goat and fish marinated with a host of curries, spices and native herbs, dining in Antigua is an adventure in alimentary delight.

Located where it is, Antiguan cuisine is a mixture of local dishes yet is heavily influenced by neighboring islands. Jamaican jerk spices pervade Antiguan cooking, as does Arabian and Mediterranean fare. The national dish of Antigua is fungee, a cornmeal and okra dumpling preparation very similar to Italian polenta. Rice is a staple dish, and local chefs prepare it with their signature seasoning mixes. Pepperpot is a vegetable stew generally served as a side dish to fungee. Ducana is made from grated sweet potatoes and spices served steamed in a banana leaf. Meanwhile, Jamaican specialties such as Roti (curried beef or chicken and potato patties) are very popular, although served with a unique Antiguan spicy slant.

The dining experience in Antigua starts with breakfast. A typical Antiguan breakfast will include saltfish, eggs, lettuce, and eggplant. The saltfish is heavily spiced and will induce anybody not used to it to wake up quickly. Lunch will usually feature a meat dish of either fish or chicken, as well as starchy foods such as rice or pasta, and salad. Popular national dishes are the usual choice for dinners; however, fish in a variety of sauces along with rice and vegetables is a regular choice for many.

It should be noticed that Antiguans like their food very spicy. Dishes are not for the faint of heart, or, at least, those not used to it. In fact, many will add hot sauce to their already-spicy dishes, and hot sauce is one of the most commonly used condiments.

For an Antiguan, dining is as much a social experience as it is an eating one. Meals typically last for hours, as sharing communal meals is seen primarily as a gathering to talk and socialize. The North American concept of the power meal is a foreign idea to most on the island. While Antiguans tend to be very relaxed and informal, it’s important to ensure you take the time to get to know your fellow diners. Formal dress for dining is rare, as they generally prefer to feel as comfortable as possible. Important occasions have always centered around food in Antigua, as it is generally seen as a way to share in each other’s bounty.

Antigua has a rich variety of dishes, both of the traditional variety and those heavily influenced by other countries. Seafood and spices are the norms, as is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. So the next time your travels take you to Antigua, ensure that you sample everything the local cuisine has to offer. Your taste buds will be glad you did.


Glamorous Nightlife in Antigua

Travelers may not find a full-blast clubbing hotspot in Antigua, and the nightlife may not be as bright as Puerto Rico or Aruba. Still, it never fails to keep visitors entertained, in such a way that will keep you up all night not wanting to skip a beat of the beauty of the Antigua nightlife! After a day at the beach, engaging in water sports, going on excursions and explorations, or cruisin’ the waters, the fun just never stops. Most of the happenings and evening events are centered within resorts rather than in town. Steel bands, calypso singers, limbo dancers, folkloric groups, there’s always something going on. There are a handful of dance clubs, nightclubs and discos, and a few casinos to try your luck in the island! Here are reliable hot spots and the best places to be at night:

  1. Grand Princess Casino. The most elaborate gambling joint on the island which offers so much more. Located in Jolly Harbor Marina, this chic and luxurious suite-resort infused with style and international accolade has both a bar and nightclub within its premises, an internet cafe and a fitness center too at the rooftop.
  2. King’s Casino. St Johns features the largest casino, “King’s” that’s fit for a king with a myriad of entertainment options! You can conveniently and comfortably play within a No Smoking facility. Choose from 16 different table games including Roulette, Blackjack, and Texas Hold’em Poker. They also have the latest slot machines, 300 of them that envelop the room with excitement! They also simulcast live horse racing and accept wagers on just about every sporting event in the world.
  3. Abracadabra Restaurant and Disco Bar. Bestows a personalized night out experience for anyone who sets foot in Antigua, right on the English Harbor where you will find Abracadabra and experience its magic!
  4. Shirley Heights. The main party of the week is often held at Shirley Heights on Sunday nights, especially during the yachting season. All people who just want to have fun and indulge in life’s luxuries gather for an afternoon steel band and BBQ that’s been the fete du jour for local, tourists, and famous celebrities alike, while listening to beautiful music from local bands and dancing all night!
  5. Rush Nightclub & Connors Sports Bar. Fun, drinks, and music. Be entertained by resident DJs with hip-hop, soca, reggae, and R&B music.
  6. Splash Antigua. The ideal venue for all occasions, whether parties, dinners, wedding, corporate event, or a major concerts, which entails the best waterfront setting to leave guests in awe.
  7. The Falmouth and English harbors hold nighttime venues as well, like Bar-B’s Restaurant and Bar, Cloggy’s Cafe and Hothothotspot for a nice dinner and lovely view. Most restaurants, bars & clubs feature Live Music from local and international artists. The Snug holds an atmosphere of an authentic Irish bar in Antigua. There are also cozy spots for a cup of coffee or Whiskey Drink like the Whiskey Den & Coffee Bar, and Tabacos y Vinos. Once you enter the Antiguan nightlife, you can easily lose track of time while having fun and shining your way through the darkness. It’s best to arrange to have a taxi pick you up so you won’t be left stranded anywhere, and fully enjoy your escapade!


These Antigua resorts offer wedding-specific packages:

  • Grand Pineapple
  • Sandals

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