Acapulco Vacations

Acapulco is Mexico’s first resort town and it’s known as one of the best places for an all inclusive vacation package in Mexico (and #2 for Spring Break!). If you’re looking for adventure go see the cliff divers dive into the shallow tide pools at La Quebrada. Take a trip out to Isla de la Roqueta and get your feet wet in warm teal waters. Take a trip to CICI – this world famous waterpark has a lot to do and is worth the trip! Senor Frogs, Casanova, Kookaburra and Shu are all great places to get a bit to eat and no night out is complete without a trip to Ibiza and Disco Beach.

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Let us show you the beauty that can be found in Acapulco. Be it your first trip or your hundredth, Acapulco is always special as will be your time spent there.


Acapulco is Mexico’s first resort town and it’s known as one of the best places for an all inclusive vacation package in Mexico (and #2 for Spring Break!). If you’re looking for adventure go see the cliff divers dive into the shallow tide pools at La Quebrada. Take a trip out to Isla de la Roqueta and get your feet wet in warm teal waters. Take a trip to CICI – this world famous waterpark has a lot to do and is worth the trip! Senor Frogs, Casanova, Kookaburra and Shu are all great places to get a bit to eat and no night out is complete without a trip to Ibiza and Disco Beach.

All Inclusive Acapulco Vacation Resorts

There are many hotels in Acapulco to chose from including beach and luxury resorts, but choosing an all inclusive one is always the best way to enjoy your trip. You’ll be able to stay in a colorful casita that opens right out onto the beach or a high rise luxury suite that has a fantastic view of the ocean. Your drinks, meals and many activities will be included as part of the deal; experience the best Acapulco has to offer with all inclusive resort packages!

Explore Acapulco

The first thing you’ll want to do is get out and look at the beaches. You’ll find most in the bay along “La Costera” (the coast, main thoroughfare), but you’ll want to head over to the beach in front of the Princess Resort if you want to do surfing or go at it with a boogey board. Check out the cliff divers and get a bite to eat, go swimming in the calm waters in the bay and go snorkeling alongside colorful marine life.

Catch of the Day

Anywhere you go along the sea is going to have a vibrant seafood culture and Acapulco is no exception. Here you’ll be able to find great places to eat at free with all inclusive Acapulco vacations, but you’ll find other spots worth checking out too. Senor Frog’s is great for the under 30 crowd and has something special for everyone. La Perla has great seafood and you’ll be able to watch the cliff divers all day long, Shu and Nobu are both pricey but well worth the cost.

Spring Break Party Destination

It’s no secret that Acapulco vacations are the destination for tens of thousands of Spring Breakers every year – you’ll always be able to find a club, bar or nightlife experience that fits your style. Looking for a more sophisticated experience? Check out Barbarroja, the bar in the shape of a big old pirate ship with a charming wood interior. Ibiza is a great spot to go clubbing and Disco Beach has the best view in all of Acapulco!

If you’re looking for great deals on Acapulco vacations, give us a call. We’ll be able to help you find all the best places to stay, eat and enjoy yourself while you’re here – give us a call at (800) 510-5642.

An average of 360 days of sunshine yearly, and the average annual temperature is 80°F. Only the humidity varies with about 59 inches of rain annually.



La Perla Cliff Divers

Enjoy a delicious dinner at La Perla Restaurant and the famous cliff divers show at La Quebrada.

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you sail along the coast past celebrity homes and lush tropical beaches on this beautiful sunset cruise featuring Acapulco Bay, live music, and an open bar.

Coyuca Lagoon

Cruise along the beautiful fresh water Coyuca Lagoon, famous for thick vegetation, water hyacinths, over 250 bird species, and having been the setting for many Hollywood productions.

Acapulco City Tour

Take in some of the interesting & historic sites of Acapulco, then stop for photos of beautiful Acapulco bay. Later, witness spectacular leaps by Acapulco’s world-famous, daredevil La Quebrada Cliff Divers.


Dining in Acapulco

Aficionados of fine culinary experiences won’t be disappointed by what Acapulco has to offer. The town has dishes to serve any taste, as the cooking tends to reflect Mexican cuisine as a whole. Seafood in the Guerrero style is especially considered a delicacy, and most of the finest chefs in the city offer it as one of their signature dishes. From tangy rice dishes to flour tortillas to canapes, this part of Mexico has it all. A broad culinary history, local flavors, dining excursions and a rich variety of mouth-watering textures are reflective of this resort town.

Much of Acapulco’s culinary history can be traced to a common colonial connection with the Philippines, and there is distinct Filipino – Spanish influence on Acapulco’s dishes. Being a coastal enclave, the city depends greatly on the fishing industry, and this is reflective in the array of sumptuous seafood dishes on offer. However, as with the other regions of Mexico, flour and corn-based tortillas remain the basis of most dishes, being reflective of the overall culture of the country. This fusion of fish and flour is part of what makes Acapulco’s cuisine distinct and unique.

Ceviche is especially popular in Acapulco. This delicious appetizer is crafted either from fish, usually red snapper, or shellfish such as scallops and shrimp. What makes this dish so exquisite is the marinade; Acapulco has become famous for its ceviche marinade which usually includes peppers, tomatoes, lime, as well as herbs like oregano and cilantro. When poured over the fish the marinade provides an explosion of flavor and when combined with the pleasant texture of the fish it makes for an incredible taste experience.
More traditional foods such as tamales and enchiladas form a staple of the cuisine; however, the chefs of Acapulco infuse their own taste personality into them. This variety tends to again reflect in the home-made salsas, which each showcasing regional differences and are as mouth-wateringly unique as they are flavorful. Pozole is a local specialty, made from beef broth, hominy, pork, and chicken. And for a pure delicacy, foods served with mole poblano – a sauce featuring no less than 30 ingredients will make any dish sing.

A visit to Acapulco should include a tour of the town’s restaurants, which offer an incredible variety of alimentary treasures. For signature seafood dishes, Mezzanotte offers unrivaled fine dining with a stunning view of the city. For a more authentic Mexican cuisine experience Su Casa & Le Margarita marries ambience, delicious food, an upscale dining experience and sweeping seaside vistas. As Acapulco draws the top chefs from around the country, most of the major hotels offer unparalleled dining and opportunities to savor the culinary creations from some of the world’s top kitchens.

Acapulco’s sun and fun atmosphere belies its exquisite cuisine. From traditional Mexican dishes to everything the sea has to offer, this resort town will never cease to please even the most discriminating palate. Food creations which have been honed by centuries of practice and handed down from chef to chef make Acapulco a true home to culinary masterpieces.



Nightlife Fun in Acapulco

Acapulco, a favorite weekend destination for Mexicans is even more famous to travelers for its nightclubs and its enormous breathtaking sun-drenched beaches. It entails a spectacular view of the bay and partying right after sunset, only to hype up at midnight and last ‘til early morning! The dazzling nightlife is comprised of world-class restaurants, Mexican fiestas and live entertainment, dance clubs and discotheques, and of course, beachside bars. Glamorous, boisterous, spontaneous, are you ready to experience an action-packed vacation and have some real fun in Acapulco?


A food lover’s town, Acapulco has more restaurants than any other resort in Mexico. Gourmet restaurants and talented chefs present American, Italian, Asian, Spanish, Mexican flavors and all styles of food in refined exquisite cuisines. The Pampano Restaurante & Lounge and Zuntra are recommended places to dine. The Bellavista, La Vela, and La Perla provide an elegant dining ambiance, or go casual to any of the plentiful bistros and have endless fun while you eat. There are spots enveloped in romantic settings that never fail to ignite sparks into couples who share their meals in Acapulco, such as the Siboney piano bar.

Dance Clubs and Discos

The city that never sleeps has the best clubs situated within high-rise hotels, but there are equally great off-the-wall karaoke bars. Acapulco’s city center La Costera Miguel Aleman has several bars and clubs. The Mandara nightclub located on Carretera Escenica is one of the most sophisticated places you will encounter, while El Alebrije has the youngest crowd of all discos in the city. The Palladium elicits an electric party atmosphere and the quintessential Baby’O is the place for dancing Acapulco which is one of the best night spots throughout the globe!

For the best experience that’s worth every penny you spend in Acapulco, grab current deals and promos on the spot. You must know that cover charges of clubs vary, but there’s a chance it can be waived or cut down at a fraction of the cost. Some prices include all you can drink to your sheer enjoyment! Be on the lookout for promotional offers at reception areas of hotels, concierge or travel desks, their local publications, and while strolling on the beach.

Beach Zone

The Fiesta Americana and Grand Plaza hotels feature glitzy open-air oceanfront dance clubs that’s mostly infused with techno or alternative rock music. A more casual drinking and dancing zone would be El Sombrero, Disco Beach in Playa Condesa, Tabu, Barbajora with a fun pirate theme, and Paradise which often has live bands on the beachfront stage. Acapulco is renowned for irresistible beach babes and gorgeous hunks. Rates on drinks are typically higher for men, ranging from as little as $5 to $15, while women usually pay less or even drink for free!

The AJ Hackett Bungee Paradise, which coined its name from the kiwi bungee jump inventor, is found amidst the beach bar zone at Costera Aleman. You’ve probably already guessed what you can do here. Dare to jump as many times, as brave as you can be, and have a once in a lifetime Acapulco nightlife party experience!


These Acapulco resorts offer wedding-specific packages:

  • Park Royal
  • Ritz

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