Monograms is best described as a travel company that personalizes your vacation to fit in with your own particular needs and desires in order to make sure that you have the best time possible. Their strength is in doing everything from the planning, to the arranging, and even the coordinating of your trip instantly removing the stress associated with trying to do it all yourself. Their aim is to make you feel like a local and they also hand check the hotels that they then book you into, so there is no need to worry about where you are staying at any point.

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Monograms is a company that takes things further than ever before by employing a range of local hosts so that your trip will take you away from the heart of the tourist scene and instead introduce you to those hidden gems that you would have otherwise missed during your stay. Wonder where the best coffee is? Well, they can help you out with that. That hidden restaurant where the locals simply cannot do without? Well, only a local host would be able to help you and that is where Monograms makes a difference.

Furthermore, they are also able to provide you with VIP access to various sights allowing you to skip past those long queues and get special treatment simply by being one of their own esteemed guests. This in itself is a major advantage especially when you are on vacation in one of the major cities in the world, but perhaps the best part is the way in which you are able to personalize your trip and then sit back and allow them to organize everything on your behalf.

In order to do this, you simply select from key categories that are of interest to you and their local hosts and travel experts then take those categories and begin to formulate your travel plan to make sure that you get as much exposure to things of interest to you as is humanly possible during your stay. In addition, they also arrange your transport, so there is no need to hail a cab in a strange city as that is all taken care of.

The number of locations that they cover is also impressive with over 40 countries covered as well as a number of individual cities within those countries. All of the main tourist hotspots are included and that means you will be able to see the world in all of its glory, but without the stress of arranging it all yourself.

Their Packages

Their packages are extensive to say the least with them being suitable for individuals, couples, groups, and families. What you will discover is that you can explore a number of cities during your stay including your accommodation, but their number of packages is so high that we simply cannot even begin to cover them here and have to leave it to you to explore it yourself via their website.

Finally, Monograms does often have a number of special discounts and deals that can reduce the price quite substantially. Also, you will not have to worry about insurance as you are completely covered and as they have been involved in this industry for quite some time and have a long list of happy clients, it does mean you can rest and just look forward to a wonderful vacation in a host of spectacular locations around the world.

Wedding Packages

Romantic Island Settings and Special Room Rates

Getting married in paradise? Hawaii destination weddings deserve special accommodations, where stunning natural scenery and pampering amenities create picture perfect memories. We offer ideal Hawaii hotel accommodations and exclusive No Commitments wedding rates for your entire wedding party and your guests.

Monogram Hotels offer intimate and unique settings that promise to be the highlight of your Hawaii celebration. Contact us today to begin planning your special event on Oahu or Hawaii Island.

Please call us at (800) 510-5643 or email for details on wedding packages from our specialists! For the quickest and most thorough service, please fill out our No hassle, No fee planner. Package prices and availability may change without notice.

Travel Planning

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Our travel specialists have stayed at or visited most of the vacations we recommend (unlike most online agencies). In order to best match your requirements with the array of resorts, packages and options available, we believe it is best for us to speak with you personally by phone about your vacation.

If you can’t call us now or our office is currently closed, please schedule a personal one on one consultation below with one of our travel specialists when it is convenient for you and let us take all the stress out of planning your vacation. Thank you for considering Traveloni!

Lynn Farrell, President

Lynn Farrell