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Over the years, the trademark Krystal has grown to be a representative of luxury, pure relaxation and unparalleled service at an attractive price-point. Not to mention that this conglomerate of hotels and resorts commands its popularity by offering near-perfect and paradisal ambiance to those looking for a place to spend their well-deserved holidays in the best way possible.
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Krystal Resort Vacations

This group of hotels and resorts has vacation points in almost all popular holiday destinations starting from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta and not to mention Ixtapa and Ciudad Juarez. Among the many characteristics that make the Krystals your ideal vacation haven, here are the main ones:

  • Palatial Accommodation -All spas and resorts under the wing of Krystal Hotels spell ultimate relaxation through elegantly furnished rooms, suites and 5-star lounges. What’s more, whether you’re in New Mexico or Cancun, you’ll be happy to know that the accommodation is designed for every type of traveler. This includes a host of varieties such as presentable guest rooms, lavish master en-suites and ocean view family rooms. So whether you’re travelling alone or with your family, you’re more than likely to feel at home as long as you’re in a Krystal Branded resort.
  • Exotic Cuisines and a Wide Range of Dishes – Unlike other hotels, the Krystal Resorts’ menu is built on the foundation of both local and exotic dishes. So whichever resort you choose to spend your vacations in, be prepared to savor the best of both worlds. Cuisines served at the Krystal Hotel draw their inspiration from all the four corners of the globe and are often complemented with an equally rich variety of exotic drinks from the in-house bars. Speaking of which, all resorts under Krystal’s name have an array of restaurants and tastefully designed watering points where guests can quench their thirst whether in the pleasant company of a tantalizing meal or while sunbathing by the pools.
  • Affordable All-inclusive Plans – Nowadays, as much as there’s no denying that traveling is not a cheap affair, more and more hotels are coming up with ways of making sure that their products/services are a bit pocket-friendly. And the Krystal Hotels and Resorts haven’t been left out either. Thanks to a host of all-inclusive vacation plans, you can go easy on your wallet even when travelling by taking advantage of attractive deals offered in various resorts. At the same time, you can save up on the costs of doing business by letting the staff at Krystals to take care of all the minor details of organizing a conference, corporate party or any other professional-related event.
  • A Variety of Destination Options – The best thing about the Krystal Brand of Luxury Hotels is that you will never miss a Krystal-branded resort whichever your favorite destination is. Those of us who dream of visiting the Caribbean, the Krystal Grand Punta Cancun and the main Krystal Cancun resorts await you. Similarly, Mexican weather lovers can look forward to visiting the magnificent Krystal Acapulco and the Krystal Satellite Maria Barbara.

In short, wherever your globetrotter’s compass points to this festive season, there will be a deluxe Krystal resort waiting to take the weight off your shoulders.

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