If you are looking for cheap, comfortable, centrally-located accommodation when you travel, Holiday Inn ticks all the boxes. The international hotel chain is renowned for their cheap prices and a wide range of accommodation – with hotels in some of the world’s biggest cities and resorts. Making a booking has never been easier: You can select your hotel via the company’s website or mobile app and save more money when you join their rewards program. Redeem your points and get free hotel stays in locations around the world.
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Holiday Inn is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and operates more than 400,000 rooms in nearly 3,500 hotels around the world. Welcoming millions of guests every year, the hotel chain is one of the largest in the world – and has grown significantly since it was originally a US-based motel chain. Today, the brand has hotels in cities like New York, London, Chicago and Cardiff and offer first-class amenities at a low price tag. Holiday Inn, which has headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, London and Atlanta, has a number of sub-brands including Holiday Inn Resort – holiday properties in some of the most popular tourists resorts in the world. Holiday Inn Garden Court are specialist hotels in South Africa and Europe designed to reflect a country or city’s local culture while Holiday Inn Express are smaller hotels that appeal to business travelers. Holiday Inn was founded in Memphis in 1954.


InterContinental Hotels Group has won countless awards over the years, primarily for its customer service and working environment policies. In February 2015, the company was voted the top employer in the United Kingdom by the Top Employers Institute – an award that recognized the brand’s commitment for developing talent at all levels in the organization. IHG was also voted one of the top 50 “green brands” in the world by Forbes magazine, as well as one of the most reputable companies Although Hotel Inn rooms differ from city-to-city when it comes to decor, guests can expect comfortable beds, WiFi facilities, television, coffee-making facilities and clean rooms.


There are 9 brands under the Holiday Inn umbrella, with hotels in 100 countries and territories around the world. You can find accommodation in large cities like Edinburgh and Madrid, as well as smaller provincial towns and cities in various countries. Hotel Inn accommodation is usually centrally-located and close to public transportation, iconic landmarks and other points of interest.

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Holiday Inn places an emphasis customer service and there are a number of ways a guest can get in touch if they have a query or just need some more information about their booking. The IHG Rewards Club Customer Care Center was set up to resolve any issues or address questions about the hotel chain’s accommodation portfolio. The company also has a Best Price Guarantee where guests can get their first night free if an individual doesn’t get the guaranteed best available prices. Guests return to Holiday Inn time and time again – usually when they visit different cities – because they are familiar with the brand and know what to expect when they book a stay.

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