Activities and Tours

Traveloni Activities

When you’re on vacation, you want things to do – activities, tours and cruises – even if you plan on just lazing about the entire time! No matter where you go with Traveloni, we’ll always help you find activities that you’ll enjoy. But remember, a beach vacation isn’t just about beaches and water, you can have a lot of fun on land too. Go on a jungle safari, ride a zip line zooming through the treetops or ride a horse down ten miles of pristine beach. Indulge yourself with world class gourmet meals, exotic restaurants and little local places that offer hidden gems and a window into local cultures. See a can-can dance, go on pub tours, enjoy nightlife activities and things to do that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to a little pampering on vacation, after all, don’t you deserve it? Relax with hydrotherapy treatments at a spa and health retreat, cleansing your body and renewing your spirit. Take a yoga class right on the beach with some of the world’s best scenery as your backdrop. Take a merengue or salsa dancing class, learn how to cook classic Italian food. Go on a Duty Free shopping trip, take a yacht cruise or go parasailing.

Explore a New Nightlife

Resort nightlife can be as laid back and serene as a rooftop lounge bar, but it can also be wild (some cruises are called “all you can drink”). From the glittering European style casinos in the Caribbean to Mexico’s coastal nightlife that puts its American cousins to shame, you’ll be able to party like a rock star until the sun comes up in the morning. Go out and see live music and Vegas style shows in some of the hottest luxury resorts, wander along winding colonial streets and find tequila tasting bars and can-can dancers. Depending on where you stay, you’ll be able to see volcanoes erupt, go on night safaris, even go on a sunset booze and dinner cruise. You’ll want to research different destination nightlife to make sure you’re going to run into the right activities and things to do that you’re interested in.

Explore the Sea

Almost anywhere you go you’ll find dolphin excursions, glass bottom boats, snorkeling along colorful reefs, but each ocean and sea has its own twist. In the Caribbean you can catch flying fish, see one of the great reefs, you can even walk along pink beaches as the sun sets on the azure seas. In Hawaii you can catch some waves, take a helicopter tour over an active volcano or watch the waves roll in at the Tiki Lounge. Wherever you go, you want to know that the activities and things to do are what YOU want to do! We’ll work with you to make sure that the destination and resort you choose is the best one out there for you. Why settle for second best when you can have a perfect vacation, tailored just to you? Give us a call today at call us at (800) 510-5642 or fill out our No Hassle No Obligation Consultation for a free quote!