July 7, 2017

7 Quirky and Fun Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Much Easier No matter how great your trip was, it could usually always have been slightly (or gigantically) better. Here are seven hacks that might make the difference from the time you step on the plane till you pack for the return home.…more

June 23, 2017

what-is-real-id One of the most significant changes to air travel in recent times is the introduction of REAL ID in the United States. When fully implemented by October 2020, it will the U.S. one of over 100 countries, including those in Europe, that have a national identification document.The REAL ID Act has its o ...…more

June 16, 2017

What to Do If Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen While Traveling We usually carry a lot of personal information on our phones, and no one wants to think about it getting stolen or lost, especially if it happens when you are in a foreign country. Losing your phone when traveling can quickly turn your journey into a nightmare.…more

May 10, 2017

Don't-Go-on-Vacation-'Till-You-Vacation-Proof-Your-Relationship For something that has virtually every positive connotation possible, a vacation can be something of a minefield for a relationship. No matter if we embrace or how we try to deny that we are creatures of habit, we each have a personal routine that we are comfortable with.…more

May 3, 2017

4 Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight Vacations are great; the hard part is getting to that remote slice of paradise thousands of miles away from home. Long haul flights are one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through - at no other time do we force ourselves to sit in a tiny, uncomfortable chair in a narrow tube of metal ...…more

April 28, 2017

9 Ways To Switch Off While On Vacation Sometimes it can be quite difficult to relax when you get some time off and go for a holiday. Well, the whole idea of a vacation is to get away from your daily grind, and de-stress. It is the perfect time for you to get away from it all and recharge, so that when you return, you can be more invigora ...…more

March 17, 2017

Your Go-To Spring Break Packing List Spring break is here with us again and the roads are just lying there waiting for you and your friends to start the adventurous journey. It is also more than likely that you have already picked some sunny destination where you intend to party like never before. Before you take off, it’s important th ...…more

March 10, 2017

Hotel Tips - Do's & Don'ts Tipping can be a minefield even when you are traveling around your own country. When you venture overseas, cultural differences, variances in expectations and a multitude of (sometimes inexplicable) unwritten rules complicate the concept even further.…more

February 10, 2017

5 Creative Ways to Save for Vacation Ahhh, vacation time! Is there any better two-word combination? We don't think so and here are five simple tips to give you a little more spending money that will make that time away from the hustle and bustle just that little sweeter.…more

January 27, 2017

Traveling with Kids How to Plan a Safe and Stress-Free Vacation Vacations can be awesome... once you get there. Traveling is probably the most trying component of any trip and traveling with kids might seem like throwing oil on the fire. It does not have to be difficult - incorporating these five simple tips into your planning can eliminate a large part of the h ...…more