September 28, 2018

Joon Air France launched a boutique airline last summer targeted at a slightly younger clientele (18 to 35) – and Joon certainly has a number of millennial-friendly perks, including its selection of alcoholic drinks.…more

June 29, 2018

United Bans Many Pets From Cargo Holds United Bans Many Popular Dog And Cat Breeds From Cargo Holds After Pet Deaths…more

May 11, 2018

Dubai is Building a Floating Replica of Venice Dubai, home to some of the world’s biggest attractions, including the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest indoor theme park, has unveiled plans to build its own miniature floating replica of Venice.…more

April 20, 2018

New Legislation in Honolulu to Stop ‘Sombies’ Talking on your phone while driving was just the beginning; then came texting and driving, now we have evolved into Sombies. Smartphone Zombies - walking while being glued to your phone.…more

February 23, 2018

passport-prices-going-up On April 2, 2018 there will be an additional cost for getting a USA passport. Just a small increase of $10. is A ten-year passport currently costs $135, or less than $14 a year for you to have the option to see the world.…more

September 8, 2017

Ritz-Carlton Becomes First Luxury Hotel Brand to Offer Yacht Cruises The Ritz Carlton company which operates over 90 luxury hotels, recently announced that it'll become the first luxury hotelier to enter the cruising and yachting industry, with plans to actually launch three lavish yachts.…more

August 18, 2017

EatWith: The Airbnb of Food EatWith, which is found online at, is a new company whose aim is to provide people all around the world the ability to find authentic home cooked meals, set in an intimate and social environment.…more