June 2, 2020


January 25, 2019

The First Cruise to Visit All Seven Continents

140 Days | 62 Ports | 9 Routes | 32 Countries Legend has it that there are those who think and those who act. That there are those who believe they belong to the 1%, and those who actually do. And then there are those who are part of the 1% of the 1%. If you are one of these enquiring few, then read


July 13, 2018

6 European Travel Destinations You Should Avoid In The Summer

Summer is undoubtedly a popular time for Americans to travel. With kids out of school and office environments a little more relaxed, it seems only natural to use your vacation days and get out of town.


September 12, 2017

Destination Museums: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The Post-Impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh, is the most famous Dutch artist by a significant margin. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to the life and work of the man whose genius was not realized until after he had passed in 1890, aged just 37. It opened in June 1973, at Museumple


April 17, 2017

The Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Netherlands might be a relatively small country, but there’s plenty to do and see to keep tourists excited, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Among the top destination landmarks in Netherlands is the Moses Bridge.


March 27, 2017

Destination Museum: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum is the national Dutch museum in Amsterdam, and was built with Dutch Renaissance and Neo-Gothic styles by architect P.J.H. Cuypers. The museum is State owned and was opened in the year 1885.


July 22, 2014

Vacation in Amsterdam

When people think of Amsterdam, all too often what comes to mind is vice. Yet, beyond the red light clichés lies a beautiful European city filled with centuries’ old three and four flats, remnants of a civilization driven by international trade and the Dutch East India Company, as well a spectacular