June 21, 2019

Northern Lights of Finland

Your next vacation might be written in the stars after discovering destinations where dark skies shimmer, with or without a telescope. These five destinations make for glowing nights spent under the stars.


October 27, 2017

Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights viewing is starting now in Lapland, from one of our favorite wilderness guides in Finnish Lapland; “September is the best time to see the Lights in Finland.” So grab your winter coat and get ready to do your bucket list trip! Here is our list of the top places to see the Lights:


June 14, 2017

Adventure Experience: Finnish Lapland

Lapland, the wild sub-arctic wilderness of Finland, is where pristine nature meets the human spirit of adventure. Unending miles of snow-blanketed landscapes under the midnight sun and the magical aura of the Northern Lights are a perpetual draw in winter.