Travel Seller Registrations- All sellers of travel are required to be registered in the following cities/states. If you reside in one of these locations we suggest that no matter what Travel Agent or Internet Travel Retailer you choose that you check to make sure they have completed the proper registrations. These travel registrations have been placed into law in these states for your, via our parent company H & S Travel Group, Inc. DBA Foremost Travel & Tours, is a registered seller in all cities and states requiring registration as a seller of travel. This includes California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois (City of Chicago), Iowa, Nevada and Washington as follows:

  • California registration number: 2073099-40 *Registration as a seller of travel in California does not constitute the state’s approval.
  • Florida registrationnumber: DTN1003108
  • Hawaii registration number: TAR 6402
  • Chicago, Illinois registration number: 27808
  • Iowa registration number: 779
  • Nevada registration number: 2004-0089
  • Washington registration number: 602419151

If you have any questions about these registrations, please contact us.