My husband and I need a vacation because we have not slept in 7 months since our daughter was born. It doesn’t help that she hates being held by daddy and only wants mommy. Even when I’m pooping she’s screaming for me. Our 4 yr old son wants to play with us every minute of the day, i’ve lost so much hair, I don’t remember the last time I dressed up for an event because I live in my pj’s. My husband deals with people dying in his work field and feels like he’s dying when he catches a cold. Lol. If I see one more sock on the floor, I will need to be restrained from hurting soneone. Lol. I’m so exhausted. I just need to regroup. Especially when no one is around to babysit your kids for a few hours but God forbid you are asked to babysit because you are the one they trust. Can I scream now? Did I win? Can we go now?

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