You expect 5 star service at the best hotels and restaurants, but when you work with us you get the same with our 5 Star Traveloni Guarantee.

1. My Promise to You

In 50 years we’ve helped 200,000 customers find the perfect destination vacation, weddings and honeymoons – let us help you!

If you ever have a problem or just aren’t all that happy with your experience or any aspect of our service, please or call me at (800) 510-5642. I will personally answer the phone and take care of any problems or issues you’re experiencing.

Being happy with your experience is so important to all of us here at Traveloni, and that’s why we stand behind our 5 Star Traveloni Guarantee 100%!

Thank you for considering Traveloni for your vacation!

Lynn Farrell

2. Lowest Price-Match Guarantee

No matter if you book online or call us, you’ll always get the best prices on your vacation, cruise package, tours, weddings and honeymoons around the world when you book with Traveloni. We’ve been in business for over 50 years and we have the best connections with all the major players – bringing you the best prices on each package you book. Every single one of our resident travel experts know their stuff; you’ll never have to worry about buyer’s remorse with our Traveloni Price-Match Lowest Price Guarantee!

3. Professional, Great and Reliable Customer Service

Unlike some of those other travel portals, we’re actually a full service travel agency and we’ve been in the same location in downtown Chicago since 1963. From booking a weekend last minute vacation to finding the best island wedding or destination honeymoon, we can do it all.

Each of our agents are experts in their area and can help you with research, planning and even booking your vacation to match up with everything you expect it to be. After booking we’ll send you a personalized guide so you know everything you need to know about your destination – we’ll even call you to say thanks before and while you travel, and make sure that you have the support you need to have a great time. Once your trip is over we’ll get your feedback to make sure that next time is even better than the last, just our way of making your travel experience the best it can be.

4. The Best of Both Traditional and Online Services

Traveloni offers all the conveniences of an online booking and research vacation portal with all the great customer service and perks a full service traditional travel agency can provide. We offer much more than just a booking and research portal – from tools to plan and research your next trip, tips, special and last minute travel deals you just won’t find anywhere else as well as top notch support, why work with anyone else?

5. We Value Your Privacy and Security

When it comes to protecting your privacy and security online, we take every step possible to protect your information. We will never sell, trade or hand off any personal data (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) to anyone that isn’t involved in your vacation. We use SSL and other security technologies to keep your information safe as it travels across the internet – and we only work with companies that have the same privacy practices that we do.

Our booking engines have extensive fraud protections, making sure that both our valued customers and our company are protected from any unauthorized charges. We use escrow for charges such as despots and tour cash payments to protect against fraud. We’re also licensed in all states with mandatory travel seller certification. Before we use testimonials we’ll ask your permission and strip out any identifying data (last names, etc.). Your information is important and we’re dedicated to protecting it!

We stand behind each of our guarantees, and there just isn’t any other travel agency or booking website that can offer what we can!

When you book your next vacation, honeymoon, wedding, cruise or tour with Traveloni you’ll have a speedy, accurate, stress free and friendly support with only the best prices. If you have questions or need some help, contact us!