Grand Bahama Vacations

Grand Bahama Overview

Jet Set Luxury and Island Hopping Await in Grand Bahama

Taking a Bahamas vacations offer natural beauty and a fantastic jumping off point for exploring the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas Island Chain; each island is called a Cay and each has its own charm. Duty free shopping means you’ll find great gifts (jewelry, perfume, liquor and other luxury goods) at a discount and without import taxes. When you’re the guest of an all inclusive resort you’ll eat, drink and party for free, plus get great deals (often free) on excursions or activities. Go spelunking in the world’s longest limestone cave, go on a snorkel sea safari, take in a rum and dinner cruise and try out a hundred other fun activities that make visiting Grand Bahama special.

Things to Do in Grand Bahama

Don’t let the name fool you: Grand Bahama is a lightly populated paradise island focused more on wildlife, shopping and luxury than action. Here you’ll be able to bask in the sun on sandy white beaches under a palm tree. Go cycling on Doubloon Road and see the Bahamas like no one else has – and may ever again. Hidden waterfalls, lakes and beautiful spots abound, you just have to know where to look for them.

Taste the World

Have a hankering for every cuisine under the sun? You’ve come to the right place. An all inclusive vacation to the Bahamas offers you something special that other islands can’t match: a taste of the world that’s as authentic as it is delicious. Many of the tiny island restaurants along the seaside will serve up conch, lobster, flying fish and other Caribbean delicacies under thatched roofs and open air grills. Visit the casino and resort hotels for haute cuisine that comes standard as part of your all inclusive Grand Bahama vacation or as a little treat for yourself when you’re not a guest at that particular resort! French, Italian, REAL Chinese and Japanese food and local flavors like Rastafarian, Fish Fry and anything seafood. June is the best month for fresh catches – don’t be afraid to get out there and explore

Island Hopping Nightlife

Nightlife in Grand Bahama is centered on the glittering casinos (arguably the best in the island chain) down by the waterfront. If you’re looking for the best clubbing experiences, hop over to Paradise Island and see a colorful live can-can dance at Le Cabaret Theatre. The Pure Nightlife Club is a great place to party until the sun comes up, and Dragons on Paradise Island is also another great option for clubbing. You’ll find everything from laid back lounge bars to action packed parties that start inside and spill out onto the beach. Every night can be a new experience… you just have to get out there and explore.

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Trade winds give the Bahamas a warm, pleasant climate throughout the year. Temperatures average from 70°F during the winter, to 86°F in the summer.

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