Wonders of the World Cruise Aboard the Fred Olsen Cruise Line

They say memories and experiences are priceless, and this doesn’t become anymore realistic than with the Wonders of the World Cruise aboard the Fred Olsen Cruise Ships. Thanks to this enthralling cruise, you can visit up to 6 continents and as well have the rare opportunity to encounter world-famous wonders, both from the modern and ancient eras, aboard a luxury ship that is built just for this. And it doesn’t just end here. From mega-cities to centuries-old prehistoric ruins, the sheer display of the breathtaking work of Mother Nature comes alive in an epic global circumnavigation aboard one of the Fred Olsen most intriguing vessels – the Black Watch.

This exciting cruise (Wonders of the World) around the world touches on all the six inhabited continents – leaving out the rather frigid Antartica. Particularly, in the Americas hemisphere, the best highlights that voyagers are exposed to include the once-in-a-lifetime chance to soak up the sun-drenched and glorious beaches of the Caribbean Bermuda. After that, the ship will coast to Havana, where if you’re keen enough, you will have your pick of a sample of authentic Cuban cigars and rums. Past that, the panoramic scenery from the impressive Panama Canal in Central America will usher you to an overland tour that climaxes in the breathtaking Machu Picchu. It is to be noted that Machu Picchu is current the newest addition to the Seven Wonders of the World sequel.

Further on, at Easter Island, you can marvel at the super gorgeous Maoi heads before finally heading to West Oceania to have a fill of the Paradisal South Pacific islandic beauty that is highlighted by Bora Bora and Tahiti. Besides this, if you also wish, you can spend a day or two in Auckland, where you can visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves that are famous for attracting tourists from all over the world. At the same location, the Wonders of the World cruise also offers the option of taking a short trip to the renowned Hobbiton Movie set that is one of the lowdowns of the Wonders in Australia. For those who love outdoor and fitness activities, then a climb a top the iconic superstructure in the name of Harbour Bridge and snorkelling among the stunning corals in Sydney should be among your ‘must-do’ list for the cruise.

  • About the Cruise Line – The Fred Olsen Cruises Lines is one of the four UK-based Cruise Lines owned by the Norwegian Shipping Line. The company, whose headquarters are in Suffolk is part of the greater Fred. Olsen Group owned by Bonheur and Ganger Rolf.
  • The Cruise Amenities – As far as onboard amenities go, expect a cosy, deluxe, traditionally British first-class cruising experience on a Fred Olsen ship. As expected, the accepted onboard currency is the British Sterling Pound. Apart from this, the interior decor is not only comfortable and attractive but also not overly-flashy while the evening entertainment is slightly muted to fairly old-fashioned standards such as dancing, cabaret, and singing. Compared to conventional cruises out there, Fred Olsen cruise vessels are relatively small – just like the traditional cruise ships. And so they appear as traditional cruise ships rather than sophisticated floating hotels. In this sense also, drinks onboard are quite affordable and it remains one of the few cruise lines where passengers change for dinner.
  • The Cruise Atmosphere – The onboard atmosphere is not only friendly, but also the service is efficient and very unobtrusive. Apart from this, the decor is relaxing, familiar and accentuated with ample seating in the backdrop of the public rooms. When in the high seas, passengers aboard the ship will often bask on the deck, and watch the world go by in the company of a good book that can be picked up from the ship’s library. In other words, if you’re into old-style cruising, and actually enjoy quiet, peaceful and gentle-style types of conversations, then the Fred Olsen cruise will come be a welcome relief from the mega-corporation owned cruise lines that seem to dominate the current cruising arena.
  • The Passengers and Best Time to Book – Onboard In general, Fred. Olsen passengers are mostly British with an average age of 67. Unlike other cruise lines, Fred Olsen ships have a tendency to be accommodating to both youngsters and the older generation alike. The best time to board a Fred Olsen cruise ship is during summer when they offer plenty of family-friendly programs geared towards offering an affordable family-friendly package. For this reason, it is not surprising to find generations of families cruising together or even groups of friends who had first met in a Fred Olsen cruise.
  • Accommodation Onboard – Like most other ships, the highlight of the cruise each day is the evening five-course mean that is often served by extremely polite and friendly Filipino staff. The meal is of above average standards and of decent quality and always served on time.

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