Where are you vacationing for Spring Break?

With Spring Break just being a month away, a lot of travelers are scrambling to book their last minute vacations they can go somewhere during this time. At Traveloni, we’ve had a lot of people booking their last minute Spring Break trips and the one constant that seems to be showing is that people want to visit some place warm with nice beaches. This makes a lot of sense as winter has been pretty brutal this year with large amounts of snow hitting people on the east coast. I just recently talked to a friend living in Boston and she said that this was probably one of the worst winters she’s ever experienced while living there. With vacationers still in the stages of planning their trips, we wanted to highlight some of the spots where our customers will be visiting this year for Spring Break.

The top destination so far this year for people booking their vacations during this time is the Riviera Maya. One of the best beach destinations in Mexico, the Riviera Maya is home to great all inclusive resorts, amazing beaches and weather you can’t beat. This year it seems like there has been a lot more all inclusive deals to the Riviera Maya, which is one of the reasons why so many people are booking their trips here. I recently talked to someone who will be spending their vacation time here next month and they said they couldn’t think of any other better place to visit with the food being amazing and the ocean water being so clear. There are still some good deals left if you want to visit here, but I recommend booking your trip as soon as possible as the longer you wait, the more likely the prices will go up.

Another popular destination for Spring Break this year has been Punta Cana. Located in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana has become of the more popular spots to visit in the Caribbean. Like the Riviera Maya, this year travelers have been taking advantage of some great all inclusive packages that included things like their airfare, resort stay, meals and more for a discounted price. If you have never had the chance to visit Punta Cana before, I highly recommend you consider staying here. At a recent trip I took here, I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and had an amazing time. I was able to have the beach vacation I wanted with a little Vegas mixed in with the ability to gamble.

When you think about Spring Break destinations, one spot that you have to think about Cancun and this once again is a very popular place for travelers. Over the years Cancun has been known as a spot where college kids go crazy during Spring Break and while there are still college kids that come here, so have a lot of other types of travelers who are looking to visit an amazing beach destination. With Cancun being so popular during this time, packages here have been selling pretty quickly as people want to make sure that they get the best deals possible.

These are some spots that are customers will be visiting this year for Spring Break. If you’re interested in visiting one of the places, make sure you contact us so we can try to help plan your trip.