What to do if a storm hits while on vacation

A friend of mines is currently on vacation in Hawaii and before she left all she could talk about was how she was just going to relax on a beach and not have a care in the world. Unfortunately for her, she hasn’t had the relaxing trip she envisioned when she booked it a couple of months back as Tropical Storm Flossie was barreling down towards the Hawaiian islands.  A tropical storm isn’t as powerful as a hurricane but can still do some major damage with high wind gusts and a chance for flooding due to an increase in rain. Luckily for her when the storm hit last night it didn’t do much damage. She mentioned it was more windy and there was some lighting but other than that nothing much happened. When people go on vacation, it is important to know what to do just in case a storm or something else hits to make sure they are safe.

When a storm hits while you are on vacation, you should try to regularly check in with the front desk for updates. It can be hard for you to stay up to date with all the happenings of the storm so you need to go to a source that knows what really is going on. The front desk can let you know if the storm is near, how it will most likely affect you and also where to go to make sure you’re safe. If you are visiting an area you don’t frequent often, you most likely won’t know where the shelters are so you will want to check with the front desk.

Another thing that you should think about doing when you know a storm is about to hit is to buy some essential supplies. There are usually stores in the resort you are staying at or ones nearby where you can buy things you will most likely need like bottles of water and flashlights. I know some people might think the resort they are staying at will provide these things but it is always better to be safe than sorry as you don’t know how bad the storm might be.

It is also important that once the storm gets closer to let the people back home know what is going on. You should try to give them updates with how things are going with you and that everything is alright. People at home worry when these types of things happen and if they don’t hear from you, it could cause them to panic.

You should also make sure you use your head and are smart with what you do. My friend who is in Hawaii mentioned to me that even with the storm coming and there being signs on the beach of hazardous conditions, people were still swimming in the ocean. She said that the lifeguards had to jump in to the water many of times to help people who were having problems. When people do things like this and avoid warnings, they not only put themselves in danger but also other people. That is why you have to be smart and if something seems dangerous or not right, don’t do it.

Having to go through a storm while on vacation can be scary but if you are smart and listen to the people in charge, you should be safe.