What are all inclusive vacations and where are the best places to take them?

If you were to look at popular trends in regards to vacations, you would notice the increase in popularity of all inclusive vacations. An all inclusive vacation is a travel package that includes usually includes things like your resort stay, meals, drinks and sometimes more at a discounted price. For some all inclusive packages they could include other things as well such as your airfare, spa days, entertainment and activities. One of the main reasons why all inclusive vacations are becoming so much popular with travelers is due to the fact that it makes it more affordable. I’m sure you notice that when you go on a vacation that one of the things you usually spend a lot on is food and drinks. With all inclusive packages you never have to worry about opening your wallet while at the resort you are staying at as everything is covered.

So when it comes to booking an all inclusive trip, which destinations are the best to visit? Most of the time the best all inclusive deals are at beach destinations. One of my more favorite spots for an all inclusive trip is in the Caribbean. Almost all of the islands in the Caribbean offer really great deals at all inclusive resorts. Some of the destinations where you can find better deals are Punta Cana and Jamaica. Both places have some of the nicest all inclusive Caribbean resorts that offer really great package deals. The last time I took a vacation to the Caribbean I visited Punta Cana as at the time they offered some of the best deals that included everything from air, resort stay, meal plans, activities and more.

Another spot that is known for having great all inclusive vacation deals is Mexico. While some may still be weary of visiting Mexico, it hasn’t stopped others from taking advantage of these great package deals as international visitors to Mexico is up. In Mexico, you’ll find some of the best beach destinations that have a plethora of all inclusive resorts fighting for your business. Some of the better spots for an all inclusive trip in Mexico are Cancun and Los Cabos. Both are great spots for a beach vacation and offer great rates on these types of deals. With there being so many resorts in the area, you can usually find discounted rates as each hotel tries to out do the other to hopefully get more travelers to stay with them.

A third beach spot where people look for all inclusive packages is in Hawaii. While there may some resorts in Hawaii advertising all inclusive packages, they are nothing like the ones you will find in the Caribbean and Mexico. Hawaii is a very popular vacation destination to visit not only among US travelers but also Asia and with there being such a high demand, the packages aren’t as discounted and don’t include as much. In Hawaii you might find these types of deals at some of the more moderate resorts with them offering basic things like breakfast. While Hawaii is a great spot for a vacation, it isn’t the place you want to visit if you want to book a luxury all inclusive package.

The thing to remember when trying to book an all inclusive package is to make sure that everything included in it is what you want as all deals aren’t created equally. Some may be a little more expensive than others but offer everything you want out of your vacation.