South Korea – Part 1: Tips for First Time Visitors

South Korea is an exciting and unique travel destination, with many things to offer all types of travelers. This country is perfect for: those who love to explore culture, history and would like a sense of comfort with their stay. Couples, singles and families (with children ages 12+). Foodies! South Korea offers many modern, Michelin Star and traditional cuisine-fare (check out the Night Markets). Many great areas to shop and explore: Gangnam & Myeongdong. On a recent trip we experienced 3 of the top South Korean destinations: SeoulGyeongju & Busan.

Top Tips for Traveling in South Korea

  1. South Korea has an amazingly rich history where the ancient meets modern.
  2. For those interested in Hallyu there is so much to experience!
  3. Try exploring a few of the cities while there; Seoul, Busan and Jeju are recommended for first time travelers to South Korea
  4. Korea has 4 distinct seasons with many festivals during the year. You can go anytime of year and experience amazing seasonal activities; (Cherry Blossoms ~ Spring; Skiing ~ winter…etc).
  5. It’s very easy to get from city to city by train; both the SRT (regional) and KTX (high-speed “bullet train”) are convenient to use.
  6. Get a guide!! Either a private guide or group guide will enhance your experience 1000%! There are so many little things that guides can teach you that you may over-look if you are on your own. You can do half-day, full-day tour guides or a private full-itinerary guide depending on how you’d like to experience South Korea.

Tips for First Time Visitors

  1. Try learning a little bit of Korean before you go! Or at least learn some along the way. The locals will be flattered and impressed!
  2. Read up a bit on Korean History ~ things will be more exciting when you go to museums & cultural activities.
  3. Brush up on some Korean Dramas, movies or K-pop videos! It will be popping up where you travel around the country. May spark a conversation or two while in destination!
  4. Try something that you’d normally participate in at home! (i.e. Yoga, baseball, festival, cooking class). It’s always refreshing to see how things we do at home may have a slightly different perspective in another destination!

What are your favorite spots in South Korea?


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