Travel Insurance – Is it for Me?






Many travelers usually spend plenty of time planning for the perfect vacation, but they tend to overlook or forget the importance of obtaining travel insurance. One thing you need to know is that travelers are much more vulnerable to accidents and illnesses, especially when they’re traveling to foreign lands. This is the reason why the smart travelers are now turning to travel insurance policies to protect them against unexpected incidences, illnesses, accidents and disasters.

There are 2 main types travel insurance, they include:

  • Trip cancellation insurance – this type of insurance is probably the most common type of travel insurance. It is aimed at protecting the traveler (or policyholder) in case they need to cancel their trip, or miss their cruise or flight, or if they cut short the trip because of mechanical difficulties, weather, or illness. This type of insurance covers the policyholder before they embark on the trip; it protects them in case they booked a trip which requires deposit or a trip that involves something non refundable like a cruise, airfare or hotel room.
  • Travel medical insurance – this type of insurance offers protection should a policyholder get injured or ill while traveling, mostly in the countries which do not accept American Medical insurance. When you are outside the United States, you should know that your medical plan might not cover you everywhere in the world. With travel medical insurance, you will be fully protected, wherever you go.

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