Top Destinations for Sporting Events

With the Super Bowl just being last weekend and the Olympics starting in a couple of days, this is a great time for sports lovers, as there is so much going on. For me, I love watching the Olympics and will be glued to the TV set to see how team USA does and will also be trying to follow the NBA and college basketball season. With this being such a great time for sports lovers, I wanted to do a post of some of the sports destinations that I would love to visit to not only see the games but also get the chance to visit the place as well. When it comes to sporting events, there are certainly a lot to chose from that include the Super Bowl and this past BCS championship game in Pasadena, but these destinations wouldn’t of made my top 3.

One sporting event that I wish I was attending this year is the NBA All Star game in New Orleans. About 10 years ago I got the chance to visit New Orleans as I was able to get tickets to the Sugar Bowl and I have to admit I loved it there. When I visited it was a couple of years of Katrina hit and I know some people were afraid to visit as they thought it might be dangerous as well as the possibility for other problems to happen. On my trip there weren’t any problems, though I did it locked out of my hotel room one night, and I had a great time. Some of my favorite things to do was checking out the French Quarters and tasting all of the great food in the area. If you have never been to New Orleans before, I highly recommend visiting.

The second spot that made my top sporting destination to visit is Brazil for the World Cup. Only recently have I started following soccer closely since my kids have begun playing and must admit that I love the sport. I know there isn’t a lot of scoring in soccer but I just love the play of the game. My husband and I were recently talking about taking our vacation here as Brazil has always been a place we have wanted to visit. From what I know about Brazil, I know they have some great beaches to checkout with also an amazing culture that I would like to know more about. Recently there has been some news out of Brazil that they’ve been having issues building some of the stadiums, which is a concern, but I think everything should work out and the World Cup is definitely an event to checkout.

The third place on my top sporting destinations is the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. Just recently I attended my first golf tournament and must admit I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. If you take away how hot I was and how much walking I had to do, golf is a pretty interesting sport to watch. When it comes to the top golf tournaments in the world, it doesn’t get any better than the Masters. Being able to see golfers like Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson battle it out for the green jacket, I think I would have a lot of fun going to this one year.

With there being so many great sporting events to attend it can sometimes be hard picking the one you most want to visit. There will be a lot of factors that play a role in which place you visit but I recommend trying to go to at least one sporting event that you have always dreamed of going to.