Top 5 Solo Woman Travel Tips

More and more people are preferring to travel solo and experts predict that the burgeoning trend won’t be dying down any time soon.

According to a 2019 research, over 60% of Americans have either traveled solo already or would consider doing so. And women are leading the charge. A recent survey by reveals that 65% of women in the US are going on a vacation on their own. Meanwhile, another study conducted by Visa highlights that one in five women worldwide have traveled solo, with millennial women outnumbering non-millennial females.

1. Trust Your Instincts

For your first solo trip, maybe head to a place that’s considered an easier destination, where they speak the same language, have a small population or a very tourist-friendly, like Iceland or New Zealand before going to places that can be more challenging, like India or Egypt.



2. Do Your Homework

Before you set off for your trip, do your research about the place you’re planning to visit. Find out what’s the exchange rate, customs restrictions and visa requirements, how’s their public transportation system, what cell phone plan you should buy, which neighborhoods you should avoid, safety precautions to take, local emergency contacts to save on your phone, etc. For more reliable, first-hand details, chat with fellow travelers and locals online via travel forums like TripAdvisor and Facebook travel groups. In addition, look up their local customs and traditions so you can carry yourself accordingly.

3. Pack Light

It’s easier to move around solo if you aren’t lugging a huge suitcase with you. Choose clothes that can be used in multiple ways, such as a dress that can be casual or formal. Sandals that can be casual or formal. A beach towel that can be used as a blanket, pillow or towel. Shirts and shorts/pants that can interchange to make different outfits.

4. Act like you know Where you are and What you’re Doing

Look up your destination before you leave your hotel and have an idea of where you are going instead of looking lost on the street. Some of my favorite apps for this are Citymapper and Unfortunately, Citymapper requires internet, but does not as long as you have already downloaded said country/region.

5. Keep an Eye on your Belongings

Obviously the bellman can take your suitcase, but be wary of others trying to help you with your stuff. Always keep important bags with you in the front of the taxi, never in the trunk. Watch when you pull money out on the street and never in a crowded area. Some people love the under the shirt or pants money and passport holders, I personally hate them because you always seems to need something in it when there’s a ton of people around. I prefer to keep everything in my PacSafe purse, easily accessible to me and super hard for thieves.