Top 10 Healthy Vacation Destinations

There comes a time when a person needs a well-earned rest from the vagaries of the world. And at times such as this, a short trip to a wellness retreat can help bring on the magic of unravelling a myriad of anti-ageing and detoxifying benefits. Here are the top ten locations to visit:

  1. The Philippines – Detoxifying – The Batangas region in the Philippines is arguably of few places on earth with the greatest concentration of wellness retreats in the world. And this stems from a variety of detox treatments ranging from emotional guidance to nutritious and wholesome raw foods.
  2. Ireland – Horseback Riding – If you’re an animal lover and coastal breeze junkie, then Ireland will be one of the most fulfilling places you can head this summer. Well, that is if you don’t mind some bit of galloping and horseback riding.
  3. Yellowstone – Kayaking – You can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by kayaking in Yellowstone National Park, especially those of us who are not fans of International travel.
  4. Costa Rica – Surfing – Also known as the tropical paradise, Costa Rica doesn’t disappoint as far as colorful wildlife, endless coastlines, and lush rainforests go.
  5. Alaska – Biking and Hiking – For the terrain and endurance-testing lovers, Alaska presents a breathtaking opportunity to push your limits and gain complete control of your mind and body via a series of high-strength biking and hiking.
  6. Oregon – Snowboarding and Skiing – In case you want to escape the current sweltering summer heat and still enjoy a deep rejuvenating vacation, Oregon presents you with a skiing arena that is open 12 months a year. Yes, even in the middle of the July heat.
  7. Caribbean – Tropical Ocean Cruising – Take advantage of the numerous offers by many cruise lines this summer to take off the pressure off your back. And not forgetting the fact that surf simulators and funky fitness classes are always available in such luxury cruise lines.
  8. Vermont – Spa Retreat – You have had a harsh year. It is now time to destress, detoxify and shed some unnecessary pounds. Vermont provides the perfect impetus for this with its top-of-the-class spa and retreat packages.
  9. The Bahamas – Yoga Retreat – In case you didn’t know, the Bahamas has more to offer than just azure skies and blue seas. It is also home to countless yoga and fitness centers that are run professionally and also priced very affordably.
  10. India – Ayurveda Spa Holidays – India is synonymous to optimum mental, physical and spiritual well being. And the Ayurveda Spa resorts here sums all that up in one attractive package.