Things to do While on Vacation in Italy

If you’re looking for an amazing spot for a vacation that offers everything from history, amazing sites to see and so much more, one destination to consider is Rome, Italy. Rome is home to many of the things that all great vacation spots need: culture, history, great food, and amazing people.  Italy’s charismatic capital was the hub of the ancient Roman Empire, the start of the Olympic Games, and overflows with great Renaissance and Baroque art that comes to life in original settings. Rome is also a living, breathing painting by itself, where people can go to just wind down or party up a storm. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Rome, these are some must see activities and sights that we recommend:

The Coliseum

When one thinks of Rome, chances are that this is iconic sight is what comes to mind immediately. The circular, three-tiered archaeological landmark is amazingly still intact after and is still a sight to behold. This was the sight where 50,000 Romans would watch bloody gladiatorial contest and wild-animal hunts. When visiting here, make sure you go on a tour of the entire Coliseum so you can see everything.

Vatican City

Vatican City might not seem like a fun trip for those who aren’t religious, but it can actually be quite enlightening. It is the world’s smallest state and has a general population of just over 800 people — few of whom actually live there year-round. The most important resident, the Pope, gives an audience and a blessing on Wednesday mornings in St. Peter’s Square, dominated by the famous basilica of the same name. In the Sistine Chapel, an art lover’s paradise, is part of the Vatican Museum; see Michelangelo’s 16th-century biblical frescoes. You will never forget visiting here and seeing the art, the people, and the feeling the overall serenity. If you love to see amazing history, the Vatican City is a must stop while visiting.

Trevi Fountain

Another site that you will want to see while in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. Nicola Salvi’s 85-foot-high, 18th-century fountain, composed of sea gods and horses, is the Roman symbol of passion and romance. According to local legend, if you throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, a wish for a return visit to Rome will come true. Another legend says that if you throw the coin over your shoulder, your greatest wish will come true.

Campo de’ Fiori

If there is one place on this list you might not have heard of but you should definitely see, this is it. This centro ‘storico (or historic center to tourists) piazza dates from the Renaissance, but is as popular as ever. It is busy in the morning with locals, and has been in operation since the 19th century. Find anything from some wine for dinner or spices to send home. Trattorias with outdoor tables and chairs surrounding the piazza are lively places to people-watch or sit down to read a book.

Italy is an amazing spot to visit for a vacation as it offers so many different places you can see as well as so much more. If you are interested in planning a trip here, give us a call so we can help plan your vacation.