Things to do While on Vacation in Panama

When you’re in Panama, you’ll have a hard time choosing what not to do! One thing everyone should try out is a zip line tour over the tropical rainforest; it gives you a rush and a view of Panama that’s hard to beat. You can cross between the Pacific and Atlantic (technically the Gulf of Mexico, but still!) in less than a couple of days by land, and take a boat cruise along the waterway of the Panama canal. You’ll get all the natural beauty of South America with none of the risks, with rolling hills, coral reefs and excellent surfing, all in the same place. Here is just a taste of what is here waiting for you!

Stand Between Two Oceans

How many places in the world can you touch both oceans in a single week? Here you can go on a boat tour of the Panama Canal, or you can go overland and explore everything that this cute country has to offer.  You can fish in the Gulf for different fish like black and blue marlin on the Pacific side; go over to the Atlantic and enjoy red snapper and all kinds of great reef fish that are tender and juicy! In the winter and spring, you’ll find whales migrating up and down the Pacific side of Panama, and you’ll be able to make sure you get great shots of them and watch them crest above the surface. Panama is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where you can stand between the two oceans and enjoy all it has to offer!

But if you don’t want to just watch what’s going on, go ocean kayaking or surfing, then go kite surfing and snorkeling along the reefs. You’ll be able to have an action packed holiday, or just lounge along the white beaches of Central America, however you choose to explore the sea, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet in Panama.

Explore Panama

Panama isn’t just waterways and oceans; you’ll also find a beautiful place to explore by land. There are many places to go hiking and trekking along the land, but one of the most interesting things to see is the Quetzalcoatl bird that was named after an ancient god; they can be hard to find but with a guide you’ll be able to find one and get a picture!

You can also go out there and go on a zip line canopy ride high above the tree tops, getting a unique view of Panama. It’s one of the best ways to see the parts of Panama that can’t be seen on foot, so make sure you try it at least once!

Finding the best activities for your Panama vacation is just a matter of research; we can help you find fun stuff to do, but you can choose from outdoorsy fun to lounging on quiet beaches and catching some sun. You won’t have to look too hard to find the right ways to enjoy yourself in Panama, so get out there and explore!