Things to do in Los Cabos

When you’re vacationing in Cabo, you’ll have a variety of fun experiences to explore! Here you can start with a dolphin tour right out in the open water; swim with wild dolphins for a breath taking experience that you’ll never forget. Go on a zip line across the open canyon or over the tree lines and feel the wind breeze by you. Ride a camel along the scenic Pacific coast for a taste of the Middle East right in your backyard. If you’ve ever wanted to go in a little yellow submarine, you’ll be able to sink three to ten feet below the sea to get a view of manta rays and all kinds of fantastical sea creatures. Go on a cruise in the open water, dining as the sun slips below the horizon or on a party boat where the party keeps going all night long.

Play in the Desert

You’ll have access to a beautiful desert with canyons and shady trees! Here you can go on a zip line right over the canyon or off a platform over the tree line; there’s a weight limit of about 250lbs for zip lining, but it’s a great way to see Cabo from above. If danger isn’t your thing, you can go along the beach for a camel ride! If you’ve never been on a camel ride before, it’s a fun and easy; one word of caution, they can bite so keep your hands away from their mouths.

Play in the Water

Cabo has some of the best beaches on earth; enjoy white sandy beaches and private resorts that cater to your every whim. Go swimming along the beautiful coast, and then get under the water with scuba diving and snorkeling. If you’re new to scuba, you can find instructors literally EVERYWHERE in Cabo; the best place to look for them is at your resort hotel where you can get a good deal. Snorkeling is great beginners, and the warm clear waters give you plenty of sunlight to see the coral reefs. If you’re coming in the right season, you’ll be able to go whale watching too!

Boats and Cruises

If you want to see the water without getting wet, a glass bottomed boat tour of the coral reefs is a good idea. You can see fish and coral reefs but you wouldn’t want to approach whales in one! Go out on a party boat for the night for a few hours with a rum cruise; enjoy reggae music, colorful drinks and beautiful people that will make the night fly by. Go deep sea fishing in a charter boat and catch your dinner for the day, or just get out there and relax under the sun all day.

There’s a lot to enjoy in Cabo; pristine beaches, coral reefs, horizons that go on forever. If you want adventure go whale watching or zip lining over a canyon, scuba diving down the depths of the sea floor. Have your vacation your way with a resort vacation in Cabo!