Things to do in St. Lucia

St Lucia gives you everything you want from an island vacation, without any of the hassles you might have to deal with when staying on a more trafficked island. Enjoy the modern city of Castries with its many restaurants, shops and local adventure companies. Charter a yacht and go out on the open water for the day in the lap of luxury. Hit the rum plantations, or relax on a white powdery beach with those signature bent Caribbean palm trees. Hike through the rainforest on easy trails like the Barre De L’isle Trail or the hard Enbas Saut. Go golfing in lush green courses, deep sea fishing for big game and delicious meals, or go play cricket and beach volleyball! What you do while on a St Lucia vacation is up to you, and here you’ll find everything from high intensity adventure sports to the most relaxing spas. You’ll be able to create your dream vacation without worrying about having to do anything you don’t want to, all in a beautiful island paradise!

Enjoy the Beach

St Lucia has too many beaches to mention; you’ll find everything here from public beaches with volleyball and fun people to play with, to the private party beaches that surround the resorts as well as relaxing quiet beaches and even a few nude ones! You can explore them all, but a note: if you don’t want to visit nude beaches keep your eyes peeled for the signs which mark them about a mile out and you’ll know not to go there.

The soft white powders will keep you relaxed; you’ll be able to play along pebble beaches and get your feet in the water. Have a drink along the waterfront of a private resort beach on a canopied beach bed, with a butler to bring you snacks and drinks. Go off-roading in the sand and chase the dunes, or just have a game of volleyball. Whatever you do, make sure you see the sea! It’s a shade of blue that rivals the sky.

Play in the Water

One of the best things about St Lucia is the fact that you can get on a yacht and see the Caribbean like never before. If you don’t want to float around on a pleasure cruise, you can take a glass bottomed boat out to the best diving and snorkeling spots; St Lucia has some of the best waters for snorkeling so don’t miss it!

The best places for snorkeling will be Asne Chastanet; here you’ll be able to swim along the coral reefs with rainbow fish and beautiful clear light to give you the best view. Go water skiing and chase the surf, or fly above the bay para sailing on the back of a swift boat!

In St Lucia you’ll be able to explore the beaches and the sea, see a live active volcano that erupts day and night (but it’s a safe distance away from civilization!), and indulge in all kinds of fun that will keep you busy day and night.