Things to do in Maui During the Winter

If you are looking for one of the best spots for a beach vacation, you can look no further than Hawaii. One of the more popular Hawaiian islands that people love visiting is Maui. Maui is a lot more laid back than Oahu and is known for great beaches to checkout as well as amazing resorts to stay at. With Maui being one of the more popular islands in Hawaii, it is also one of the more expensive ones to visit. If are thinking about taking a vacation to Maui during the Winter time and are looking for some fun activities to tryout, here are some that I recommend doing.

With Maui being one of the more expensive islands to visit, you sometimes may want to look for activities that are either cheap or don’t cost a thing. One of my favorite things to do in Maui that is free is checking out the humpback whales that visit Hawaii ever Winter. I think out of all of the islands, Maui has to be the best place see them as they are not far off into the distance and are usually jumping out of the water. If you want to get a closer look at these beautiful animals and don’t mind spending some money, there are a lot of boat tours that you can take that will take you out there to get a closer look.

If you are a sports fan and are visiting Maui during Thanksgiving time, one activity I recommend you doing is checking out the EA Maui Basketball Invitational. Each year around Thanksgiving, you can enjoy some great college basketball with some of the best teams visiting each year. Over the years some of the teams that have played in this tournament include Duke, Kansas, North Carolina and the list goes on and on. I took my boys one year here as we just so happened to be visiting Maui during this time and they had an absolute blast. One of the fun things about this basketball tournament is the fact that the gym is small so you can sit close to the action and experience it like you may not at other arenas.

A third thing that you can enjoy doing in Maui for a vacation is checking out one of the many beaches. For me, I think out of all of the islands in Hawaii, Maui has some of the best. One of my favorite things about the beaches in Maui is the fact that they aren’t as crowded as some of the beaches on Oahu like Waikiki. When I go and visit a beach, I don’t like to feel cramped and with the beaches in Maui, I have never felt this way.

So if you are planning a vacation to Maui sometime during the winter months, these are some things you can consider doing.