Things to do on your vacation in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you can play in paradise, without worrying about trying something new! Have you ever wanted to go down a zip line over the tropical forest, going so fast all you see is a whirl of green and blue? Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain, and then parasail down the side of it? Go deep see fishing and catch Snapper and the illusive Billfish and eat it right on the beach, where it’s grilled to perfection and served to you with great spices and delicious desserts! Go diving in some of the toughest spots on earth, and snorkel along the coast. Have a relaxing holiday in the spas, on the golf courses or rest along the beautiful white powdery beaches; if you’re a shopaholic or a foodie you’ll find so much to enjoy around the resorts, and special treats that can be had for a steal. All this and more is waiting for you in Costa Rica.

Work Hard, Play Hard

You work hard all year long, you deserve a break from the daily blues with the lush green landscape of Costa Rica! Here you can go on a canopy tour down over the treetops, or just get out at night and explore the jungles and one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Go deep down into the canyons and climb them to get a view of the island that you couldn’t find anywhere else!

Take a Tour

Take a helicopter tour high above the island, watching the volcanoes, seeing nature in its full glory or just to get a better view of the coast and where you should go! White water rafting on the river is also a popular way of getting out, and they have different levels of experience so you can ride your first raft on an easy going river and not fall out of the boat the first time out!

Shady Palms Await You

Shady palms await you on the beach, but sun worshippers rejoice; here you can get the sun kissed tan you’ve been wanting along sugary white beaches that wrap the island like a fine layer of crème. With rainbow reefs at every turn, tranquil seas for wading and big waves for surfing, you’ll be able to find the beach you need! Many of the resort hotels have private beaches where you can play all day, and the public beaches are open to everyone; meet new friends and have a great time with a volleyball game or hacky sack!

Enjoying yourself in Costa Rica is all about following your passion! If you’re into fishing, go on a fishing tour; if you’ve ever wanted to scale a mountain and repel down the side of it, go canyoning! Eat at a different place every night, lay along the powdery beaches and just take a break from the daily grind in a place where time seems to stand still. Costa Rica is something different to everyone, explore it and find out what it means for you!