The Stresses of Traveling

Remembering back to when I was a kid, I used to love going on vacation with my family. I loved the fact that I wasn’t at school and had the opportunity to visit some place fun. When you are a kid and go on a vacation, you don’t have a care in the world but as a parent now of two kids, I sometimes get anxiety thinking about our next family trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting away with the family and have a lot of fun on vacation, but with a trip like this there can be a lot of stress that happens. I’m sure other mom’s out there tend to agree with this as there are so many different parts to worry about that it can sometimes be overwhelming.

When it comes to the stress of going on vacation, for me it starts before I even get on the plane. One of the bigger things on my to do list before we leave is not only pack for myself but also my kids. It always seems to be a challenge for me as I need to make sure that I pack the right things as well as making sure I don’t forget anything. For my kids I usually do a good job but when it comes to packing for myself, it seems like I always forget to bring something as my main focus is on packing for my kids that sometimes some of my things get forgotten.

Another leading cause of stress for travelers is the whole check-in process at the airport. If you are traveling during a peak travel time, you can expect some long lines at the airport and waiting in this line with your kids can definitely raise the stress level. Just recently my family and I were in San Francisco for a vacation and on our flight way, we experienced one of the worst security check-in lines ever. We got to the airport about two and a half hours before our flight left and we were in line for two hours. It seemed to me that every person was leaving out of this one terminal and they only had a couple of security lines open. Just thinking about this experience gets me stressed as I was not only worried that I might miss my flight but I also had two kids who were tired of waiting in line. I had to keep telling them that this was like Disneyland but they weren’t buying it.

While on your vacation, another thing that can lead to stress is your day to day schedule. If you family vacations are anything like mines, you most likely try to do a lot of different activities as well as eating at different places. With this you need to make sure that you stick to your schedule so you are on time for your reservations. I know with my kids, especially in the morning, it can be hard to get them going and I end up watching the clock and stressing about whether we will be on time.

When you go on a vacation, yes it can be a little stressful but you need to make sure that you enjoy yourself as it’s your time to recharge from work and have a good time with your family.