The New Celebrity Flora: Blending Luxury with Sustainability

Celebrity’s new intimate luxury small ship for the Galapagos is now open for the 2020 season. Aboard Celebrity FloraSM, you’ll experience the Galapagos on a vacation like no other. One hundred guests will be indulged with seamlessly intuitive service and every creature comfort possible.

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Leaving the world a better place

In the spirit of continuous improvement and innovation, and to ensure that we protect the islands and the pristine waters that surround them, Celebrity FloraSM was designed with every state-of-the-art option and latest technology—from a dynamic positioning system that enables the ship to stay on station without the use of anchors, helping protect the seas, to solar panels that supplement electricity, helping reduce emissions.

The result is one of the most eco-friendly and environmentally safe ships sailing the planet.

  • Certified Naturalists – Each guide on our Galapagos sailings will be on board during your entire vacation. They’re certified by the Galapagos National Park, recognizing their extensive educational training and commitment to maintaining the pristine nature of these islands. They are the real difference between an ordinary vacation and an extraordinary journey.
  • Environmental Stewardship – We don’t just love visiting here – we are passionate about preserving it. In fact, we’ve done so much to leave these islands virtually untouched that Ecuador’s Secretary of Tourism holds Celebrity Cruises® as the standard of excellence for reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Giving Back – We’re passionately focused on preserving the environment and partner with local organizations to create programs designed to improve the quality of life for the residents of the Galapagos Islands. Since 2014, working in collaboration with the Galapagos National Park and our Naturalists, our guests have planted more than 38,000 Scalesia Trees in support of the Scalesia Restoration Effort.

Stewardship Programs

  • Low-Impact Travel – Your entire Galapagos experience practices the highest levels of environmental stewardship. For example, the chocolate placed on your pillow is from an local company that sources its cacao from small local producers.
  • The “Galapagos Tomato” – We’ve constructed greenhouses and provided additional support for local farmers’ associations through organic agriculture initiatives. One result of this process has been the creation of the hybrid “Galapagos tomato,” which is now served along with other organic, locally sourced produce on all our Galapagos sailings.
  • The “Daily Catch” – We’ve led the effort to create a fishing co-op that allows local fishermen to have a safe, clean processing plant in which to prepare, store, and more efficiently sell their catch. Today, we serve their deliciously fresh, locally sourced “daily catch” on board.
  • The Galapagos Fund – With the creation of The Galapagos Fund, we give our guests the opportunity to have a direct and lasting impact on the preservation of the rare and species-rich marine, wildlife, and plant ecosystem. Since 2006, Celebrity and our guests have contributed over $1.5 million to this fund and other projects in the islands.
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All Suite Luxury Mega Yacht

Celebrity Flora℠ marks an evolutionary turning point in the approach to ship design—creating a sense of being truly immersed in the destination, instead of just visiting it. Indulge in the largest and most luxurious accommodations in the Galapagos Islands, where every stateroom is a suite. Dine on delectable menus, curated by a Michelin-starred chef, and allow your Personal Suite Attendant to help you unpack. We’ve made your Galapagos vacation all-inclusive, making your trip as convenient, relaxing, and memorable as possible. This 100 passenger luxury mega yacht ensures that your visit to these primitive islands is anything but.

Celebrity Flora offers the largest and most luxurious accommodations in the Galapagos Islands. In fact, every stateroom on board is a suite that includes an unrivaled array of indulgent design features, services, and amenities.

Full room automation that lets you control everything with the touch of a button. Premium linens and bathrobes. Personal Suite Attendants. Chocolates and bath products sourced locally from Ecuador. Integrated drinking water filtration systems in every suite. We could go on.

On Celebrity Flora unwinding after a day of adventures in the islands easier than ever.

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