The iPhone – My Travel Companion

On this blog, we’ve talked a lot about planning trips and even recently on how you can take better photos while on vacation. With that, I thought we should do a post about how technology can help you while on vacation. If there is one piece of technology that I must have while on vacation, it has to be my iPhone. When I think back to vacations I used to take before the iPhone was created, I don’t know how I did it. I have my iPhone set to be a traveler’s best friend and when I’m on vacation, I am constantly using it. If you have an iPhone and are looking for ways to make it more travel friendly and other ways you can use it, here are some things that you can do that will help.

With it being a phone, one of the main uses for it is the be able to communicate with people back home. With the iPhone, there are so many different ways you can do this from simply calling someone, texting them or using the email app. One of my more favorite ways to communicate back home is to use the FaceTime app. This allows you to video chat with someone right from your phone. I really wish though that you didn’t need to have WIFI to use this, as I would like to show some of the attractions we visit back home, but there isn’t any WIFI to connect to.

One of the most popular apps that I use while on vacation is the maps app. I know Apple has their own maps app, but I downloaded the Google Maps app, as I feel it offers more features. When you are visiting a destination you have never visited before, it can sometimes be hard to get around, as you don’t know your way around. With a maps app, it can easily help you get to from point A to point B, whether it be by walking to a place or by driving.

Another app that I have downloaded into my phone that helps with the storage and sorting of the photos I take on my trip is Dropbox. If you have never heard of Dropbox before, basically it is a popular cloud storage app that allows you to save things in the cloud. One cool feature that they have in their app is the ability to automatically send all videos and pictures you take from your iPhone straight to your Dropbox account so you don’t have to do a thing.

If you are looking for an app that can help you manage your trips itinerary, than one I recommend that I use is Tripit. This app allows you to easily upload your travel itinerary so you are able to see everything from what time your plane leaves to when you can pickup your car rental. This can come in very handy as usually you have to carry around a bunch of papers to see what it going on in regards to your trip.

Some other apps that I recommend that can help with the activities you do while on your trip are GoGobot, Yelp and Opentable. Gogobot is a pretty cool app that can give you recommendations from other travelers on things you should do while visiting a destination. When I am on a trip, I like to use this app when we have free days to see search for things that might interest us. Yelp is another app that allows you to search for places in the area and get reviews on them and Opentable allows you to make reservations at restaurants you may want to eat at.

Without my iPhone, I would be lost on a trip and these apps allow me to enjoy my trips even more.