Thanksgiving Travel Tips

If you are looking to getaway this Thanksgiving and haven’t booked your travel package yet, you better start getting on this quickly. Thanksgiving is one of the most busiest times for travel, as kids are out of school and families are looking to getaway to some place tropical destination like the Caribbean or looking to spend the holidays with loved ones. This year for me I won’t be going anywhere and will be at home cooking for my family. Thanksgiving has always been a fun time to travel for me as I love visiting some place new for the holidays. Even though it is late in the game for booking your Thanksgiving travel, you can still do it and possibly find yourself a last minute deal.

When it comes to holiday travel and trying to find last minute deals, I have always felt that it is best to work with a travel agent. Yeah I know you can go online and search for prices, but with a travel agent they can do all of the work and make sure they book you the package that is not only the best priced but also includes all of the things you want. I know during the Thanksgiving travel season, travel agents are pretty busy, as a lot of people like to use their services, but I recommend contacting them as they can make things easier for you.

With it being so last minute to book your Thanksgiving vacation, prices are a lot more higher than they usually are. If you want to getaway for Thanksgiving and you don’t have a large budget, you can try to consider places that aren’t as popular as some of the other destinations. For instance, if you are looking to get away from the cold and hit a beach destination for a trip, you might consider not going to a spot like Hawaii, as it is expensive to get there and instead might consider places like Aruba or Cancun. What you need to do when trying to do this is finding destinations that are similar to the place you would like to visit and seeing if the prices are lower.

Another thing that you can consider doing that can help you possibly save on your travel package is to avoid flying out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and return home after Sunday. These are usually the most popular days of travel during this time, which means the demand for seats is much higher, which in return increases the prices. If you can fly out on less popular days and maybe even taking some bad flight times like red eyes, there is the chance that you can find a decent price.

Thanksgiving is definitely one of the more expensive times to travel but if you are able to afford, I recommend getting away for the holidays with your family.