Take a Trip to St. Lucia for the Jazz Festival – May 12-14, 2017

Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean, off the coast of Central America. The island lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The island has a rather unique culture which came about as a result of the intermingling of the European heritage, French, British, and Indian Creole. St. Lucia excursions offer visitors a truly unique opportunity for a complete immersion in the beautiful island’s vibrant rainforest life. Cloaked in lush forests, and with a skyline that’s dominated by dramatic twin peaks of the Les Pitons (that is, Petit Piton and Gros Piton), St. Lucia is the true epitome of a Caribbean paradise.

As one of the most spectacular islands in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia is decadently decorated with scenic hills, and circled by beautiful sandy beaches. Here you can get to watch hummingbirds and parrots skim through the lush forests, you can bask on the beautiful sandy beaches, you can visit the charming fishing villages, you can enjoy the stunning volcanic scenery, or even take a stroll through Caribbean’s best botanical gardens. For the more active thrill seekers, there are many other activities both on land and sea, including but not limited to; zip lining, gliding from one platform to another, trekking, riding a sky tram, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, among others. You can also explore the island’s local culture, or partake in the other watersports available.

Events and Festivals

Most of the islands in the Caribbean have their share of seasonal events and festivals, and Saint Lucia is no exception. Saint Lucia is famous for offering top quality entertainment and has been hosting the famous St. Lucia Jazz and Arts festival for about 25 years now. This year, it has been announced that the St. Lucia Jazz Festival will start from May 12 to 14, 2017. The events will actually take place all across the gorgeous island with 3 major concerts at the Pigeon Island Landmark. The Jazz festival will climax on May 14th, 2017 with various top celebrities gracing the occasion. Some of the celebrities who will be at the event include, but not limited to; singer and actress Vanessa Williams, Rachelle Ferrell, Rupert Lay, among others.

Best Time of Year To Visit

Pleasant weather, relaxing beaches and majestic tropical rainforests, give travelers every reason to visit this beautiful island at any time of the year. That said, if you’re trying to decide when is the best time to visit, you need to consider your particular needs and the benefits of visiting during each season. If you want to enjoy the St. Lucia Jazz festival. you should consider visiting the island starting from the month of May.