Spring Break: Maui

While destinations like Cancun have become synonymous with Spring Break, their outright popularity during the season results in larger crowds, longer waits and less of the authentic experience that many are looking for. Into this niche comes a holiday location that offers the same – if not better – gorgeous wide expanses of pearly beach and pure, crystalline waters without the body crush.


Long known for its excellent beach weather, this Hawaiian island boasts over thirty beaches and bays which make it ideally suited to a Spring Break vacation. Over two million holiday makers visit Maui every year – compared to over fifteen million for Cancun – through air travel and cruises.

Maui promotes itself as the Grown-Up Spring Break specialist and has therefore become more popular with families looking to vacation the spring break away with kids.

While the party scene is never quite that far away on Maui, especially during Spring Break, the island caters to a more diverse range of entertainment for vacationers. Up for grabs are activities on terra firma, be it on flat ground or in the mountains, high up in the air, on the sea or beneath the waves. The unique thing about Maui – you get to do be in any one of sea, air or on land while within sight of the other two.

One of the most amazing Maui experiences is a zipline down the mountains. As you soar through the air over terrain both craggy and lush green, the sight of the flawless blue of the ocean merging with the azure sky in the distance will literally take your breath away.

Another idea that is gaining increasing popularity in Maui is the private boat charter. There is something about partying while out at sea that is inherently thrilling; perhaps it’s the view that does it. In Maui, you don’t even have to shell out that large an amount, especially if you book as a group. Party the morning, afternoon and evening away with friends new and old away from the ordinary party locations jam-packed with crowds.

While out at sea, you just might be lucky enough to catch a sight of whales breaching. There are tours that take tourists along the migration channels to maximize your viewing chances.

There would be little point to go all the way to Hawaii and not take a peek under the foaming sea. The waters are crystal clear, perfectly suited to diving and snorkeling. Besides the beautiful, shimmering hues of coral, the colorful fish and, if you are fortunate enough, giant turtles promise a mesmerizing experience in the silence of the ocean.

A Maui Spring Break offers a much more layered experience than that of Cancun or Miami; if you are looking for a unique holiday, Maui is the way to go.