Spring Break – Cancun

Cancun. What is about that name that immediately introduces the word ‘party’ to your head?

Cancun’s reputation as a party destination is not new, nor is it transient – it is based on the experiences of millions of vacationers over many years and entrenched in our minds through innumerable images of white sand beaches running along water that ranges in hue from the deepest blue to the shades of green, and throngs of party-goers flaunting sun-kissed flesh in skimpy swimwear.

Set almost on the very easternmost tip of Mexico just north of the Riviera Maya and overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Cancun could very likely have earned its nickname ‘The Glistening City’ from the way the sun glimmers off the shimmering waves along its coastline. This favorite destination for Spring Breakers has an immense draw, with its international airport serving almost fifteen million passengers every year. With the airport situated just 20 km (12 miles) from the city, the party can start just a short twenty minute ride from your arrival.

Cancun’s reputation as a Spring Break destination is partly due to its weather – the hot, dry season starts in March to coincide perfectly with the start of Spring Break season. Most hotels and resorts are located in close proximity to the ocean where temperatures are generally one or two degrees below the average of 82F.

The beach is the very heart of most Spring Break adventures and that corresponds very well with Cancun’s own beach-centric atmosphere. When the season arrives, the entire beach front and adjoining hotel and resort pools transform into one continuous, seamless party floor. With the best DJs and performers from around the world descending on Cancun to give revelers the music and atmosphere for the best time of their lives, it is these locations that cement the city’s Spring Break reputation.

But it is not just the major solo performers that contribute all the energy, excitement and zest into the Cancun air, an endless parade of innovative performances by dancers, acrobats and other performers keep the buzzed crowds entertained. Of course, there would be no Spring Break without bikini contests and Cancun delivers in this regard over and over with innovative takes on the idea.

Like any vacation destination by the sea, Cancun keeps you entertained both on terra firma and on the water. From boat parties on mega yachts to simply hopping in and out of the water between jet-ski rides and the beach dance floor, Cancun is the ultimate Spring Break destination.